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I am not a shopaholic
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Thrillin,'Chillin'& My Feet Are Killin' Day 2: Walmart ,Wine and Wings-what more could you want?

Day 2: Thursday 19 August

Travel day is here

Ah this bed its super comfy – we do like a comfy bed

And of course being soooooo tired , we slept like the proverbial logs until mid morning.

Oh come on, as if, first morning in Orlando

We did in fact sleep well.

It was spells of really deep sleep – waking around 3.30 ( I think just to check it wasn’t a dream) and then again at 6.30 , dozing until just after 7 at which time I declared I was just too excited to go back to sleep.

So we didn’t feel too bad at all and were hopeful we would click straight into Orlando time.

Absolute First priority is to find the WESH channel.

And those adverts

Drugs that might kill you while making you better ( uh huh)

Car salesmen with dogs which clearly means they are more trustworthy ( uh huh)


Attorneys-at-law ( is there another type of Attorney-Not-at law then?).

Oh its trash tv at its best and its blimmin great.

Benefit of travelling light - the unpacking was done in about half an hour with the boys clothes left outside their doors as they were still fast asleep and unlikely to rise before Sleeping Beauty herself

By now there is glorious sunshine so we decide to nip to Walmart and do the shop while the boys are asleep.

We leave them a note ( yeah, as if they are actually going to get up and read that) and step out into that fantastic wall of heat .


I now suitably admire the ve-hick-cull from last night.

Remember, when it was just the two of us on the last trip Andy went for a nice small number

Yes he picked a mini van – for two of us.

So this time there are four of us and four cases – so its got to be the size of a Hummer right?

Or at least the length of a Disney bendy bus?

Or maybe not

Yes, that’s right , a completely practical Dodge Charger.

We just looked at him last night – he had been so pleased, he said it was the last one there.

Yes that’s because no one else could get their jeffing cases in it
I am unkind, we did get the cases in – the front seat – on the way home.

It did take the 3 cases in the boot – but mainly as one was a squishy holdall.

Anyway, Andy is v v v pleased with the car and all its fancy dancy things. And he absolutely will not be tempted to go fast in it , ever , ever ever. Cos hey , its not the car the Sheriffs use to chase people at all is it ?

So for the car fans, a few more shots

It was lovely and quiet at Walmart and I immediately started to fill up total tat – here is the first few aisle’s worth

Hmmmm, that looks a bit feeble doesnt it ? Rest assured it was way more unhealthy and OTT by the time we finished and added the obligatory honeybuns and Krispy Kremes – hey, root canals in a box !

Oh and the large bottles of wine and boxes of beers – who put those in there ?

I always feel self conscious with the camera in the supermarket so I didn’t get any more pics – is it weird you want pics of the cake section ?

We bought a tracfone and the lady set it up for us.

Yes Of course I checked it did international dialling.

It did.

So we paid our $42 ( around $10 for the phone and $25 for the pre paid card)

As we discovered a few days later international dialling on this model DOES NOT include to UK mobiles.

So we could call the phone from our own, but it couldn’t call back.

Or text.

So not much use at all then really in terms of keeping in touch then.

We kept saying we would go back to get another one so we would have a talking pair but never did – but we will next time.

So that was a bit frustrating – why we didn’t just get a pair to start with I don’t know. Must be holiday head logic.

We finished browsing having successfully avoided any Walmartian episodes and had managed to spend $143. Wonder how long all that lot will last.

We were both getting a bit peckish and had realised that if we wanted to pick up the tickets from the Orlando Attractions office then we needed to get moving as it closed at 1130.


Lots of it.


Almost like being at home.

So 1130 came and went and we reckoned we had missed the closing time but decided to carry on anyway to see where the office was and hurrah– still open so 10 minutes later we had our tickets in our mitts and on the way back to the condo.

Connor is awake and the lure of locusting on the newly unpacked shopping soon tempted the other one out of his pit too.

They do like a good graze through the cupboards when it first arrives home.

We ventured out for what has now become our first meal tradition of Perkins

By now it was lunchtime so there was a split vote on brekky vs lunch

I had classic Eggs with sausage patties

Andy had Big Country Smash - basically served on those tater tots and topped with eggs - Diced ham, pork sausage and applewood smoked bacon topped with country gravy and American cheese.

The boys both had chicken tender sandwiches and fries - minus the ranch dressing

With coffees ( the coffee here is lovely) and cokes.

We had a sign up voucher for 20% off so the bill came to $42 - and we left $50 to include the tip.

There was a micro burst of rain around 1230 – one that left the steam rising off the pavements afterwards. Ah its so good to be here !

I did drool over the pies before we left -

Look at these cinnamon buns – is that amount of frosting even legal !

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I am not a shopaholic
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After a good feed we headed off here because we just hadn’t persecuted the boys anywhere enough today

Kissimmee Clearance Outlet

Ah the Kissimmee clearance outlet – just the best Nike and Tommy Hilfiger bargains . This is at 2553 Old Vineland Road and an absolute fave of ours

In the end all I got though was this

A bargain at $19.99

There were only 2 in the store and the deal with this place is – you see it –you get it - cos no way is it there the next day.

So I bought this

Allegedly for one of my friends for Christmas

But I’m not sure I want to part with it now !

We did browse some of the other stores but decided to go home and just chill.

In Andy speak this means fall asleep

Jamie and I decided to explore the resort a little.

Once we had run the gauntlet of Lizard alley.

These were kamikaze lizards that waited in the bushes until you started walking and then shot out in front of you

Like a reptilian version of the chicken game I guess – trying not to get squished.

Damn, they were everywhere !

See, this one was stalking us ..


The Clubhouse

The pool/bar area

The Games room

Bit blurry from the other direction

Reception area – you can just see the shop in the background – I don’t think I got a pic of this but its very similar to the sort you find onsite or in the big hotels.

It all looked really good.

We lizard dodged our way back and within half an hour it all started to look ominous

So I went to open the wine and sit on the balcony – I do love the storm watching.

And guess what

It’s not a screw cap

It’s a naffing cork

And there is NO corkscrew

How completely annoying is that.


Instead of this

It was this

So I settled down with a can of Dr Pepper instead – whats the worst that can happen?

Well it already did – I cant open the jeffing wine !

The thunder rolled over and as the wind started to pick up, I did retreat indoors.

At one point there was an almighty crack that had Jamie come running out of the bedroom wondering what had happened and to see if I was ok

Oh Ok, maybe not the last bit – the internet temporarily flipped out , that’s what he came to check on.

A few minutes later, the downpour started – it was around 4pm by now

There was something quite cosy about sitting under the duvet watching the tv and the storm – quite odd for the first day but really nice !

Jamie and I discovered a passion for Blue Bloods that lasted the holiday , couldn’t wait for the next episode

The thunder had woken Connor who came to join us and we passed an hour or so just watching the rain, it was a heavy storm but by 6.30 was easing off.

Just before 7 Andy woke up and we set off in search of dinner – not having to go too far to find Buffalo Wild Wings at Formosa Gardens.

We have not tried here before but I had seen it on other trippies and it was close by

the door sign was re-assuring

The chaps in the party loved the sports theming and got into the spirit of it

My pics arent the best - I think still getting used to the new camera
After much menu perusing – being overwhelmed first night and all that

We had :

Chicken Wrap ( Me)
This was in fact a bad choice - it was ok but way too much ranch dressing that just drowned out the chicken and i left half of it. Based on my meal, I didn’t rate this place at all although the others loved their food. I am glad we went back as with a different choice the next time, I had a lovely meal

Pulled Pork Sandwich ( Connor)

Probably the best choice of all - it was delicious , I know as i sneaked some when he wasnt looking

Wings – after an eternity of deliberation , Andy chose these (Honey BBQ and Garlic )

Sorry pics are so poor - but they were just wings

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Jamie)

I promise on the next visit the pics are much better

The bill

$48 for the food then 2, cokes, a strawberry lemonade and 2 beers taking it to just shy of $71

It was a great place – maybe not as much atmosphere as Millers but the kids loved all the tvs.

I suddenly became inexplicably grumpy.:angry:

Probably just tiredness but I must admit I did have a mardy head on by the end of the meal.

Who says that scowling gives you wrinkles?

So we paid up and set off home around 9. The storm was still rumbling around in the area and some impressive lightning.

I crashed straight into bed around 9.30 and actually slept through till 4.30am which is pretty good for me.

I am not sure what the others did – nor was I very bothered , just too tired to care by that point.

Apparently they all went to bed pretty early too.

Which is good as we are on an early start tomorrow – for SeaWorld

And we all know that last time we had an early start for SeaWorld , Andy and I were locked in the toilet of terror for 30 minutes much the hilarity of the kids.

Lets not go for a re-run tomorrow eh?

Spends today were

$50 at Perkins
$143 at Walmart ( shopping)
$42 tracfone
$78 Buffalo Wild Wings ( we discovered a mistake on the receipt so it was altered later)
$19.99 Tommy Hilfiger

The next day is here

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Excited about Disney
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Great report
We loved buffalo Wild Wing, it was the only place the kids wanted tio go twice
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Gotta love doing Supermarker Sweep in Walmart!
With The Kids...
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I do love a Walmart trolley pic

I took lots of Walmart photos once (they will be knocking about somewhere on the dining reviews section) but DH threatened to disown me if I do it again. Who wouldn't want to take photos of all the boxed cake mixes!
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Lovely relaxing first day! Shopping trolley looks good and Im another that loves watching a storm from the comfort of a warm blanket!

Love your run down of the Wesh news ads! The medicine ones always make me laugh! The anti depressants that can cause suicidal thoughts are always high on my must buy list! ha

Looking forward to tomorrow, I love a SeaWorld day!
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No corkscrew ! It's just not right
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Loving your TR, can't wait to go back next year. I would be happy with your choice of car too looks very nice
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Great read.
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Little Bob
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No corkscrew! 😧. Love your trip reports and looking forward to the rest. 😀
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