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Old 27 Sep 15, 07:47 PM  
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I am not a shopaholic
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Thrillin',Chillin',Feet are Killin' Day 6 : Water Park Nark and Gruffalo Tum from food thats Yum

Monday 24 August - the previous day is here

Oh no – clock ticking, we only have a week left to go now

I hadn’t appreciated how being here just less than two weeks really does make it fly by

And by the end of this week it will feel like we are cramming it all in !

Last night we had agreed to go to Aquatica – Andy is not a big waterpark fan so he will come and see where we are sitting and then go off and do his own thing

So I didn’t think to take the tracfone.

We know we cant take food and drink into Aquatica so no need to do a pack up either

Despite being up early, we are not out the door until 0830.

Andy has a grump on declaring “ I will not be rushed this holiday” – the irony, its him we are waiting for – we are all ready

This becomes phrase of the week and anytime anyone is asked to do anything the response is “ I am not being rushed this holiday” – it gets very wearing !

And we have hardly rushed – but its boiling and getting a decent shady spot in a waterpark is like finding rocking horse poop if you pitch up too late.

Never mind, we get there just after 9 which is fine but Andy sails past the car parking as he is insistent he will drop us off as close as possible

So despite the instruction from the CM as to where to drop us off
He sails straight past and we end up on the exit road

Where we do a U turn in front of a perplexed CM and come back the wrong way

And end up in the taxi rank – where we jump out and as we are now blocking the way for the bus I frantically pull out the bag of towels etc and move out of the way.

I am really flustered and cross by now so after some bickering with Andy – as its my fault I didn’t pack the phone or know where to park blah blah, he goes off one way and I stomp off to the park the other

– how he is going to find us I don’t know and right now I don’t particularly care either

This is called “ listening with closed ears” and is a common holiday affliction in the family

We decided we need to find somewhere relatively obvious to sit so he will see us when he returns and opt for the loungers near the main pool.

Its already filling up but we manage to bag a few under the shade ]

Near the Family from Greater Whingeington

Man those kids could whinge for an Olympic Sport – its only 9.30 for Pete’s sake , how much can there be too whinge about

Well, there’s the sand ( it’s a beach), the loungers covered in sand ( its still a beach), the suncream that the sand sticks too ( yep, definitely still a beach) , the sand-that-gets-in-your-eyes-when –you-kick-your-sibling ( it’s a beach for Jeffs Sake ! )

OMG – where are my headphones – I need them NOW

Good thing I have them

Because that’s about all I bleddy got from the car.

I got the towels

And spare clothes

But not my swimsuit

Not either of them

They are both in the boot of the car

In the other bag.

Unhappy cross face:angry:

Unhappy cross hot -really red- about to cry or do screaming mad woman impression

I’m at the jeffing waterpark and no swimsuit

What is the point ?

Oh I am unspeakably cross

But despatch the boys off to go and do some slides while I search the shops – after all there is bound to be something in there

But there isn’t

There are only garments for the opposite ends of the spectrum:

impossibly small that will get you arrested for obscenity with overspill


infeasibly large that will fill up with so much water due to excess material that the weight will eventually drag you down and kill you




Despite the constant muttering I am doing to myself in the store no one comes over to help – or maybe its because of the constant muttering that they avoid me

I am totally ticked off by now

So return to the lounger and try to make the best of it while storing up my best tongue lashing for when Boy Wonder returns from his shopping trip

It is really hot and sticky even though I have a sundress on – and that naffing sand, it really does get everywhere.

I hate it

But settle back and get on with my book and my music and after a while, I mellow out a little, its warm, the boys are having fun and I am having some time on my own. There really is no point in having a stropfest on hols.

The dynamic duo are now back as they require food intake

And already, its busy

We set off for the Mango Market place and get a box of cookies

A shocking $12 !

And we have a couple of drinks and sit people watching for a while

I went over to look at the comerson dolphins

And decide I need to frame this sign for Andy

The boys by now have done pretty much all they want to do –

Taumata Racers are their favourite and they have tried the new slide that is like Bomb Bay at Wet and Wild . Jamie goes off for a round on the Rapids and they both have a spell on the lazy river .

Its about 1130 now and we have pretty much had enough and are just debating what to do and whether to go and get showered when himself arrives – having apparently set the satnav for the wrong place and found himself at home .

No comment

We decide its an opportune time to go, so all trot off to shower and change – with Connor leaving his new socks , grrrr.

Just before 1pm as we are leaving, they announce that there is a storm in the area so everything is closing – so there is park exodus and we narrowly avoid being mown down in the rush to leave.

They announce things are closing, massed hordes are leaving and they have ONE turnstile open – ONE – absolute carnage for your heels with buggies and scooters ramming into you

My feet take a bashing in my light shoes.

So it would be fair to say we were not the happiest of peeps on exiting the park.

Every visit to Aquatica has been accompanied by either rain or disaster – when will we take the hint ?

To cheer ourselves up we opt for lunch at Applebees at 4759 W Irlo Bronson Highway

Lunch here certainly restored our good humour.

I had potstickers and honey bbq boneless wings from the 2 for $9.99 build your own, with a strawberry lemonade. Both dishes were lovely

Andy went for the triple Hog burger

Jamie had the turkey club sandwich and in the background you can see Connor's choice of 2 lots of the Honey BBQ wings

For dessert I had the small ( $1.99) version of the Salted Caramel Pretzel Bread bites. OMG this is delicious - I repeat THIS IS DELICIOUS. It comes with a pot of hot sweet cream cheese dipping sauce.

A very tasty lunch indeed and everyone enjoyed their choices.

A very reasonable bill too

Along with Longhorn, Applebees was the only other place to put a " hold" on the suggested tip amount on our Fairfx card . We actually paid in cash and had the hold amount released a few days later. This was fine as we knew it might happen but one to consider when you get to the end of the hols ...

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I am not a shopaholic
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While we are eating there is a downpour so we feel vindicated at leaving the waterpark so early and its just light rain as we make our way back to the condo

That threatening gloomy sky

Wait, it’s a hurricane, everything is tilted

Oh maybe not , just kiddin’ ya

Andy drops Jamie and I off around 2.45 – he and Connor head up to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Arsenal-Liverpool match.

So I sort the wet clothes out and do some laundry.

Before tucking up on the sofa with Jamie to watch tv and the storm – which finally seems to clear around 4pm .

The other two return and neither of the boys is very keen on going out for dinner – Connor is not hungry at all and takes himself off to bed early , Jamie says he would like a subway.

So Andy and I decide to try the Outback Steakhouse at Formosa Gardens arriving at 7.30pm

Sadly we didnt feel we had room for the Bloomin onion - we saw it delivered to another table - it looks impressive.

It was loud and chaotic here , perhaps as it was still quite early. We were seated behind a table with , shall we say, a very unhappy toddler, who shrieked and screamed constantly for the first 15 minutes that we were there. Just as we were about to ask to move, that party finished . I was grateful - I know tired toddlers are hard work , but it really was deafening and making me flinch with the degree of decibels being achieved

Not a great start - we had a very enthusiastic server called Blake who was a cheery chappy and doing his best to keep us going !

the lovely bread soon arrived.

Andy chose the 16oz prime rib - he was totally impressed

I had the filet and lobster ( so Andy could have the lobster)
It was nice but just a little overcooked

I then had the key lime pie dessert - this was really sharp and Andy ended up finishing it.

It was a nice meal, and gave Andy a real taste for Prime Rib for the rest of the holiday.

but we still prefer Longhorn's

And the bill ..

We left a $15 tip and then walked off the full tummies with a trip to Subway which was at the other end of the row of stores in order to get something for Jamie .

But there was some drama with the tills and the poor bloke in front of me was watching his sub go cold while they were trying to sort it out.

And then when it was sorted, I was told I couldn’t use my $50 note to pay for it – they don’t accept anything over $20 ( couldn’t see any signs to that effect).

Oh goodness this sandwich is turning into hard work

Fortunately I had the fairfx card on me so was able to finally make the purchase ( and hope the tills didn’t crash again)

20 minutes later ( somewhat defying the definition of fast food me thinks) I had the blessed subway in my mitt and set off for home

We were both quite tired , or if we are truthful, overfull

And had indigestion most of the night

Andy declared it felt like he had a buffalo in his belly

Which we then thought was quite apt that when combined with being grumpy that in fact made him a Gruffalo

And so the name stuck for the rest of the holiday

We were most amused

Tomorrow we are off to the Courthouse to replace our wedding licence (saga)

And then we hit the parks again woo hoo

Today’ spends

$12 Aquatica cookies
$15 (?) Aquatica parking – I cant remember how much this was
$75 Applebees
$9 Subway
$81 Outback Steakhouse

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The Hulk
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Oh dear,bit of a mixed day at least your food looked nice anyway and hopefully stopped it being a total right off. You would think somewhere like aquatica would have a better selection of swimming attire,seems they are missing a trick there.
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What a day! I think a lot of us can relate to days like that. Glad you were all still friend s at the end of the day
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Stuck in the Tower of Terror
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We love aquatica and applebys is definitely on my restaurants to do list, sounds lovely
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Those salted caramel pretzels look amazing...I am so hungry, my overnight oats just have not done it for me today, perhaps a tasty banana will help!
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Haha Gruffalo, love it!

Shame about the swimsuit! Typical isn't it! Good those Applebees pretzel things still look incredible as do the potstickers & the prime rib!
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Pussycat Doll
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A bit of a mixed day for you! Shame about your swimsuit, I'd have been a tad annoyed too! All the food looks fabulous though, we've never had a bad meal at Applebee's or Outback in about 20 years - you just know I'm going to regret saying that don't you! Pussycat
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oh dear no swim suit is

Glad not just us with a saying of the holiday. 2013 ours were stop moaning and humour me
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Disney Dreaming :)
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Oh man, what an annoying start to the day! I would have been sooooo mad! Haha!
Glad you managed to relax though

Applebee’s is so good isn’t it and such great value!

Oh god, Andy’s steak looks like it should still be mooing! Couldn’t cope!

Gruffalo! Hahaha! That’s funnnnny!
A link to all my Trip Reports

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