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Old 31 Dec 15, 04:26 PM  
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Thrillin',Chillin',Feet are Killin' Day 12: Fultons, Footwear and the case space conundrum

Sunday August 30th

The forecast for today was looking poor – but that didn’t bother us too much. The boys had already opted for a last spell at Disney Quest and we had decided on lunch at Fultons –so the weather wasn’t really going to affect our plans .

We lazed around the apartment for a bit – or more likely I did some packing while others did the lazing.

Yes that’s right , only tomorrow to go and then its travel day.

We were out by 1030 , with no one wanting any breakfast and arrived at cone city, I mean Downtown Disney, Disney Springs – that place with an identity crisis around 1100

It was nice and quiet

These canopies were all new since our last trip

Jamie tried in vain to stop Andy from watching the footy in the soccer store – ah , these pictures, they have their own stories to tell

I stopped at Starbucks and had a coffee and a Danish while we waited for DQ to open.

Teens despatched inside dead on 1130 at opening and we headed off to the Publix at Celebration as I was by now feeling a bit rubbish with a full on cold developing – not in anyway related to the drenching and chill from a couple of days ago.

The completely E free cakes made me smile though

As did finding the Red Lobster cheese biscuit mix, even better on BOGOF so $2.50 for two boxes.

As did the packets of cold remedies with capsules the size of suppositories – eek.

Another quick stop at the Clearance stores and of course more bargains to be had

The polo and socks for me , the jumpers for Connor and Nick , which we put by till Xmas

The jumper was $16. The Polo, $10 and the socks $6
So $48

Then Andy picked up a trenchcoat – not the best pic ever, its in a sort of army green colour,

And was $65

We found some trainers that we thought Connor might like and they kindly put them behind the till in Nike.

And of course Andy couldn’t walk out empty handed

A quick stop at the LBV Factory stores where nothing is purchased but we again get some trainers put by for Connor to look at later today.

I finally got a shot (pun) of this place today – It just freaked me out that this is on the main strip on the 192

We headed back to DTD/DS/Building lot around 2.30

And parked up with no problem, opting to take the boat across to the marketplace as the clouds were looking ominous and this is such a bad place to get caught in a downpour

See, it does have an identity problem

Looking forward to lunch here

These looked such good fun

Off we set for Fultons[/B]

We ate upstairs for the first time, very lovely views, even when there was a torrential downpour ! (and boy did it rain)

Ah, Andy finally comes home !

Andy went for fish and chips $13

I had the burger $17

Both were delicious

We shared the chocolate creme brulee $9

And then I had the Bailey's coffee $9 - it was a bit sickly

total bill was $51 - we had already paid for $11 of drinks at the bar earlier

It was a lovely meal and made very amusing as the table behind us had insisted on ordering from the dinner menu and were getting really cross when told " thats not ready yet, its being prepared for dinner , like the bread or potatoes they wanted" but hey, thats why there is a lunch menu ...

The server was super patient with them ...

Just after 4.30 we took the boat back , the rain had eased and it looked as if the sun may even may make an appearance

The boys were out on the 5pm agreed time – but no cupcake this time for me, not enough days left to eat it, boo hoo.

We headed back on the quest for trainers – conscious it’s a Sunday and the stores will close earlier.

Andy got stuck in a queue in Tommy Hilfiger ( sometimes the shop queues were worse than the parks) so we had a good 25 minute wait which was very annoying. But he got these shorts for $50

On pitching up at Nike, Connor didn’t like any of the trainers we had put aside

So a slightly frustrating hour ...

Onto a different Nike and hoorah, he finally found a pair that he liked.

I think it was a case of buy these, or go home barefoot, that may have accelerated the decision making process

We finally got home around 7 and the boys had a pizza for dinner – we were too stuffed from our delicious late lunch .

I tackled the packing again and determined that we would indeed be needing an extra case. How does that happen I ask myself - I really cant see it myself can you ?

Our loft is full of “ extra cases” – none of which fit inside each other, which is why we end up buying more. We need to re think this strategy

Going home gloom was starting to settle in but we agreed we would have another day of time around the resort tomorrow rather than a last park blast.

So we did the decent thing and polished off the left over drinkies – well, would be rude to leave them !

Spends for Today

$163 Tommy Hilfilger
$27 Publix
$37 Nike
$62 Fultons
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Old 31 Dec 15, 04:33 PM  
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Yeah, day 12.

Your lunch looked lovely. We have never tried Fulton's. Maybe we will in September.
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Old 31 Dec 15, 06:39 PM  
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I have never been to Fultons either, looks yum!
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Old 31 Dec 15, 09:34 PM  
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Where do you get such super bargains? My dh would love to come home with some of those things

Sorry to read your home day is coming up have been thoroughly enjoying reading along.

Happy new year!
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Old 31 Dec 15, 09:41 PM  
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The food looks great
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Old 1 Jan 16, 04:50 AM  
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I always get excited when I see you've posted another day.

Nice day for everyone.
Great bargains and your lunch looked lovely.
Sad that it's almost time to come home.

Happy new year xx
Lisa xx

All of my Trip Reports...Here!
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Old 2 Jan 16, 08:42 PM  
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More great bargains Amanda, and your lunch at Fultons looks really good. Never tried there as I thought it was only fish they served, but your burger looks good.

Uh oh, packing problems!

Another great day, shame it's coming to an end.
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Old 2 Jan 16, 09:03 PM  
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Nice day, food looked good.
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Disney Dreaming :)
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Another great day Amanda! Your lunch looked really good!

Haha you must have a fair collection of suit cases now
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A great day 👍
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