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I am not a shopaholic
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Triple Treat Tour July 2016 Day 19 Homeward Bound, Flying High and Future Plans

The previous day is HERE

Thursday 19 July


Going home day


Had a rubbish nights sleep which is double pants

Lazed around until 7 and did the final, final packing – sacrificing bottles of suncream and various toiletries just to make sure we are under the weight limit

I ate the caramel pecan treat that I had got last night

We had breakfast around 9 and then headed to the boys room to sort their cases and ensure no washbag in hand luggage repeat and to make sure there really was nothing left under the beds

Checkout was fine and the bell hop coped manfully with all the bits of luggage

We walked across to IoA to see if the lost phone had been found

So does this mean no resort pool hopping anymore ?

Well, its certainly specific ..

I took this one the other day but missed it – I never get these trick shots right – well pleased with myself

Well, no surprises, no phone but they did say it can take a few days for things to turn up and they will ship it back to the UK

But we don’t hold out much hope

And it doesn’t ever turn up

The boys went off to do some rides, we popped in here for a drink

Its just at the back of Confisco Grille

We had arranged to meet the teens at NBC again at 1.30

Andy insists on a stop at the Xmas shop and all the while the sky gets darker and darker

The teens turn up , just as the heavens open

Nick and Jamie took cover under the arch

It got heavier and we moved inside one of the shops

And then negotiated our way to the exit door hopping along the side

In the end we made a dash for it while it was light drizzle

of course the sun came out about 10 minutes later

One thing we noticed, the wooden floor in NBC – very slippy with wet shoes

Anyhoo, we were happy to be installed here for lunch

This time we were seated at one of the table football areas. This is great ... In theory. Quite annoying in reality with random shaking of the table and being poked in the tummy when you don't expect it

The food and drink were outstanding though

I had a Dixie Lemonade

The teens had the grilled chicken sandwiches

I had the simple cheeseburger, which came with caramelised onions

Andy had the brisket sandwich

Service and food were excellent

Bill was $101, good value we felt.

We took a water taxi back at 2.45 and settled into the lounge area until 4. It got busier as time went on, lots of people getting ready to go home

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I am not a shopaholic
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All too soon, time to load up and go at 4pm

No one in these pics as it was tiddling down again

Kinda felt better leaving in the rain, it sucks when its sunny and you are packing up !

It was like this all the way to the airport – pleased I used all those plastic bags now

Car dropped off at 5pm, then Took an age to find the AL desks (lack of Signs people) but we walked straight up and then waited a little while for them to decide if w could take the empty shell casings or not .

All good they went in a clear bag, with the OGC booking form in an unlocked pocket at the front of one of the cases – that was the case that got opened on the way home.

No surprises there I guess.

Every case was 22kg – oh man that means we had 5kg spare between us – bags more shopping

There was a line for security ( no surprises there either ) and we had plenty of time so we settled here for a while

I put a load of our loose change in the McDonalds charity boxes and had a wander about

After an hour or so we headed through security

It really is the pits at MCO

Always seems disorganised

We managed to pick the line where one person was seemingly stuck in the scanner

But they sent everyone’s hand luggage through

While making us wait

And then shouting that no one was claiming any bags :angry:

Er, yeah, that would be because you told us to stay put

And now we are worried about it going walkies and being picked up by someone else !

Andy finally gets waved through and retrieves our 20 trays.

Oh ok, I exaggerate, 15 plus bags

We settled in at the gate at 6.30 which seemed crowded already –

The teens got themselves some pizza slices and I had a Danish pastry as I had vowed not to eat on the flight

Andys name was called which surprised me and when he came back I gave a long speech about how they had better not mess with our seats again and he said it was all fine

In fact he said it was better than fine as we ( as in me and him) had been upgraded to Business Class !

Unbeknown to me he had spoken to AL after the seat shambles on the way out and they had said they would see what they could do on the return flight – no promises

I then felt terribly guilty about the teens not getting upgraded but Andy spoke with them .

Cant say they were happy - and they said they had a terrible flight home – I think that was lack of sleep more than anything else .

I was all of a tizzy , I had already changed into my plane gear which turned to be way to warm for the thick quilt you get

We didn’t board when they called BC but waited to board with the boys to get them settled – they had the exit row seats at the front of the plane so only a few steps away from us – beyond the curtain - so Andy did pop out and check on them during the flight.

Well, I really was like a kid at Christmas , couldn’t stop smiling

It was lovely

We had the very front seats in the middle

This gives you an idea of the space

Andy’s seat

A nice glass of wine

The menu

We both chose the beef and it was lovely

Perks !

Now that’s what you call legroom

And yes, I did wear my slippers

The quilt was lovely and thick but I was so hot with my fab TH wool joggers on

The quilt had been stored in the little cupboard to the left of the seat so I stored all my junk in there when it was kip time

Bit blurry but really nice headphones – you do have to give these back though

Nice amenity pack too

Then the canapes came along

The dinner was delicious

I had the dessert . It was ok

Andy had cheese and port

It was all lovely. What a treat.

We both watched the film London Has Fallen and then I donned the Ostrich pillow and stretched out in the bed

In hindsight I think lying completely flat wasn’t as comfy as slightly reclined and being a bit hot I cant say I slept soundly – but I slept a heck of a lot more than I ever have done on a flight

So much so that I missed breakfast . Andy tells me it was a very nice bacon roll and fruit skewer. But no photos !

He was duly scolded. But as he had got us the upgrade, I couldn't be too cross...

We landed in Dublin at 9.15 and we off the plane really quickly, collecting the tired teens.

Immigration was a breeze taking less than 10 minutes with a lovely chap and an even better bonus when we realised at Heathrow that we didn’t have to do it all over again ( which I had told everyone we would , oops)

Double plus there for Dublin

We made another quick stop at Burger King for coffee and drinks and we got changes back into our Florida gear as , shock horror, it was sunny and we had no need of the woolly pullys – first time ever !

Onto our final flight at 1040 – it was ok

Took off and landed on time and in one piece so that makes it a good flight in my book

And we were back at Heathrow

Our cases were among the first off – I guess a Business Class perk there and even the one with the shell casings had made it

Out we went to locate our taxi

all loaded up and in the land of nod

The taxi driver was a frequent Florida visitor so we had a very chatty trip back , arriving just before 2pm

Our fab housesitters had left everything perfect , and even made us a lasagne for dinner

The rest of the day was spent with speedy unpacking of cubes and we all managed to last out until 8 or 9 pm before crashing.

Andy and I had struggled with jet lag on the last few trips but were much better this time.

The teens decided that they needed to stay up until silly o clock and it took them a few days to adjust – but hey, 6 weeks later they still struggle to get up by midday so that’s either some jet lag or just normal teen tiredness !

And so there it is , the Triple Treat Tour has come to an end

I didn’t write highs and lows when we got back – just having the holiday was a huge high and I didn’t feel anything should be classed as a low.

Yeah stuff niggled me , but I am just so pleased to have got away at all with all that had gone on , we had a great time, we saw amazing things, ate great food, stayed in great places, laughed , bickered and just did normal family stuff.

It was truly another holiday of a lifetime.

August has proved a challenge for us with Andy’s Mum passing away at the start of the month and a long wait till her funeral which was only last week

In between times, 3 of the 4 reservoir dogs had their birthdays and we also had A level and GCSE results days

We also had the christening of little Edward, our grandson , who is 6 months old already and one of those babies you could just eat with his jolly chubby cheeks. Andys daughter is doing a grand job looking after him and is a fine Mum.

And So we go into September with mixed feelings

Reservoir Dogs are breaking up – with Connor off to Uni in 19 days, not that I am counting, and Nick beginning the round of Uni open days for entry next year.

Jamie moves in to 6th form and life at home will be different

We are hugely proud of the three boys , I feel sad that they are on their different journies but also really pleased they are forging their own paths.

Tough being a parent eh

Andy was , and still is, adamant that was the last holiday we had together with the boys – I say perhaps more a case that its the last one that we pay for all of them ……………

We all know all good groups do a reunion so I am sure “Reservoir Dogs Re-Formed” must be a future trippy . I just haven’t told Andy yet

And what next then ?

Well, I’m not going to say no Florida – having seen you can get an internal flight for like $30 from Atlanta to Orlando, hell, we could do a day trip from somewhere just to go shopping

What I can say is we are taking a break from the parks – so if we are in the Orlando area at all, it will be to do other things – we do love it there so I am completely sure we will be back

On our last day we wrote down the first six holiday trips that we would like to do and that came into our head.

We have given each one a number and we have said we will roll a dice and whichever number comes up, that’s the trip we take – until we have done all 6.

But that’s after next year – I have one of THOSE birthdays – yes I know I don’t look a day over 21 but its got an 0 at the end of it

So next year was my pick – and I am working on it now, waiting for flights to be released next month so I can pull it together – its not Florida but it is the States

I keep changing my mind so I’m not committing to anything now but whatever it ends up , its gonna be great !

If you got this far, thank you

You crazy person !

Whether you laughed or cried along with us, or at us, thank you for reading.

We had a blast, I am so pleased to be able to share it

Until the next time

Reservoir Dogs have left the building

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Beaker's Fluff
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It's been a blast. I love your style of writing Amanda.
It has been fantastic reading along.
There have been some yummylicious meals, some delicious looking cocktails and lots of family time. Brilliant.
Can't wait to hear your future plans.

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Have loved every minute x
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So glad you had a great trip after all the trials you guys had over the last few months. Sorry to hear about Andy's mum
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Enjoyed your trip report, thanks for sharing.
Happy planning for your next adventure x
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What a fabulous trip report Amanda. I have enjoyed every minute of it. You have a lovely family. Looking forward to hearing where you get booked up for next year.
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Love your trip reports, shame it's over
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Loved every instalment of your trip report. Looking forward to finding out where your heading for your 'big' birthday next year. I have one of those next year too and don't know where I will be celebrating it. I would love to say Orlando but I know we won't be able to afford it until 2018 or even 2019. Looking forward to reading your trip report wherever you end up, love your writing style
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Excited about Disney
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Once again Amanda thank you for taking the time to write yet another of your fabulous trip reports. As ever, I've loved reading it, I'm sad that is finished and hope there's another next year, never say never 😄.

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