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Old 21 Nov 16, 04:36 PM  
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3 weeks is not enough! Disney & Universal Sept 2016 – Day 13, DS & AK

Today was our last full day at OKW so our last full day of DDP. I had planned that we would do an afternoon/evening at AK to do the safari at twilight if we could. Any time we’ve been AK had closed around 5pm so we wanted to take advantage. The morning was left open so we could do a last washing and get packing for our moves so we spent some time doing that. We had a quick snack in the villa of some of the breakfast items we had left and then I suggested we go to DS to spend the last of our QS and snack credits. With that in mind I thought a morning at DS with lunch at Wolfgang Pucks Express would be a good idea. At this point we had 26 snacks and 14 QS credits. Mum and Dad had to leave early the next morning for their flight to Las Vegas so wouldn’t have much opportunity to use any and Marie and I were booked into the Keys to the Kingdom tour where you get lunch provided.
Some more pictures of our view.

Once we were organised we headed to DS. Mum and Dad wanted to get the boat but I wanted to drive in case we bought a lot of stuff so they got the boat and Marie and I met them there. We parked up in Lime again and wandered round to Sephora where we wanted to look for some Christmas gifts. We managed to get a couple of things and some stuff for ourselves. By the time we were done Mum & Dad had arrived so we went to World of Disney for some stuff we’d been looking at for our nieces and ourselves!
After World of Disney we went to WPE for lunch.

The dining report for today is here.

We ended up having exactly the same as we’d had the first day we came here! The menu at WPE is so varied I could come here several times a trip but I do tend to be a creature of habit and wanted the meatloaf again!
After lunch we went to Design a Tee as Marie wanted to get another Christmas present. While waiting for the t shirt to be ready we went to Goofy’s to use up some credits. We decided it would be easier to use QS credits here and snacks in Ghirardellis. Of course since returning we’ve discovered you can get 3 bags of chocolate squares for 4 QS credits and a snack and we’d have managed that no bother! We got some sweets and biscuits in Goofy’s although didn’t use all the QS credits. We kept some in case Marie and I were still in Disney at dinnertime the following day and wanted to use them. We had a slight issue in Goofy’s as the CM took snacks instead of QS credits for Mum & Dads stuff. This was the same CM I had asked if we could use QS credits 5 minutes before and we had also said very clearly we wanted to use QS credits. It then took ages as it all had to be refunded and put through again.
Since that took so long Maries t-shirt was ready when we left so we went to get that and had a look in a few other shops. We left Ghirardelli until last since we were getting chocolate. We were told we were allowed anything less than $6.95 and that included the bars of chocolate that were 5 for 4 so we got some of those, some bags of chocolate covered “stuff” and some cocoa powder.
We were done then and popped back to OKW to pack what we’d bought and have a wee rest.

Revived we headed out to AK. We were parked in Peacock so walked to the entrance and had a wander through the animal habitats as you enter the park. We stopped at one exhibit where there was a CM telling us all about the animal. I don’t remember what it was and I couldn’t get a picture. We kind of ended up in that awkward situation where we felt it would be impolite to move on but we couldn’t actually see the animal so we just waited it out and thanked her at the end!

Our first FP was Everest which of course Mum sat out. Dad couldn’t remember having done it until we got off and he said he’d remembered the going backwards bit! Must have been great for him to experience it for the first time! (No need to worry about him, he’s been like that forever, particularly with movies!).
After Everest it was nearly time for our dinner ADR so we just went straight to Yak & Yeti. We had a short wait before we were shown to our window table. I really enjoyed the food here and have it on the list as a definite for next year.
We had a FP for the safari however I wanted to make sure we did it just before sunset to get light but for it still to be cool enough for more animals to be out. We had a look in the shops at Discovery Island before going to Africa for the safari.

My photos are rubbish I’m afraid but we really enjoyed this late safari. I would recommend doing it very early or later in the day to see the most animals.

My least worst photos.

After the safari we planned on going to Gorilla Falls since we’d missed it last time however it closed early so we didn’t get to see it.
We had hoped to stay for the Tree of Life light show but we were just so tired we couldn’t wait. We just headed home and Marie and I watched Star Wars before going to sleep.

Some nice AK photos.


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Great day, glad you managed to use a lot of credits on snacks and chocolate
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The trip that wasn‘t meant to happen
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Great day, we really loved the twilight safari aswell, we thought there were more animals than in day time.
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Going home!
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