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Great to see you can still get carrot cake cookie from somewhere! Loving following along all the food looks so good.
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Great food report. I found doing a report live easier too.
Nice to read a positive be our guest breakfast review.
Enjoy the rest of your trip.
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Earning More Ears
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I have just found this thread and its great. We are planning on having qsdp next year for the first time, so this is giving me a better idea of what to expect. Thanks x
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Just found this thread and I'm loving it. I'm glad to see Brodie has similar eating habits to my daughter (she doesn't like any sort of potato) I was panicking that we may struggle to feed her but I think she'll be living off burgers and pasta All the food looks lovely and plentiful. Looking forward to following the rest of your thread! X
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Old 5 Apr 17, 04:46 PM  
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How have I not seen this thread earlier?
I love those 2 credit pizzas from OPR! We dip the crusts in the ranch sauce

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Great report, im with you I hate cinnamon too.
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Just catching up , some more brilliant meals... we went to the outta control dinner show last April and really enjoyed it... nothing fancy like you say but you got plenty and when things were running low they quickly replaced stuff especially the drinks I don't think I ever got halfway down a glass before another was in front of me lol... when we went last year the salads were boxed individually.
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Oh that pizza looked good! Add me to the cinnamon hating club - thought I was alone!
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Loving the report thank you

Whats with the cinnamon haters, its the best spice i love it
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Day 7 - CBR, Disney Springs and Magic Kingdom

Not quite ready to write up all of today yet, but thought I'd make a start whilst everyone is showering. We've spent the day at the pool and are getting ready to head to Disney Springs later for dinner.

For breakfast today Andy and I fancied something cooked, but the kids wanted to stay in bed a bit longer, so we headed out on our own. The result was:
Me - Western omelette with no ham, breakfast potatoes and I swapped my drink for a pain au chocolat for Izzy.
Andy - Western omelette with breakfast potatoes and he swapped his drink for a chocolate muffin for Brodie.
Izzy: Cheerios and pain au chocolat.
Brodie: Cheerios and chocolate muffin.
We used our resort mugs for drinks.

The western omelette includes ham, onions, green peppers and cheese, but I'm a bit fussy about ham, so had mine without it. These were freshly made to order, so nice and hot. The cheese was a bit flavourless, but otherwise, it was very tasty. I do like the breakfast potatoes that they serve up here, and long with the omelette, they make a filling breakfast.

We had lunch at the pool, so we didn't have any phones or cameras with us as we don't like to leave valuables unattended. So, I've had to rely on google images for some of these. None of us wanted a full meal, but just something to fill a gap and tide us over until dinner. So, we ordered:
Me and Andy: Spicy chicken wrap with homemade jerk chips (crisps). We used our resort mugs and swapped the drink out for a Mickey chocolate cupcake (I could only find a photo of the plain cupcake, so just imagine it as chocolate).
Izzy and Brodie: Plain burger for Brodie with fries for Izzy. The drink was swapped out for a chocolate chip cookie for Brodie.

The wrap was really tasty. Freshly made with chicken breast that wasn't dry this time, loads of rocket a a tangy mayo dressing. The jerk chips on the other hand went in the bin. I was expecting them to have jerk seasoning on them, but they were plain and bland. The kids enjoyed their shared meal of burger and fries. The cookie got the thumbs up as usual from Brodie. Izzy had wanted a chocolate muffin, but there weren't any left so I picked up a chocolate Mickey cupcake instead. The ears were made from Oreo cookies which went down well. The frosting was a bit sickly, so she scraped that off and ate the cake which was moist and chocolatey

We're planning to try Blaze and D-Luxe Burger for dinner, so will update once we're back from MK tonight

Update: So, dinner was at Blaze and D-Luxe Burger. These places are right next to each other at Disney Springs which is really handy for us as Izzy doesn't eat pizza. We stopped in at D-Luxe Burger first and ordered Izzy's meal to go. Here you only get the burger and a drink for a QS credit. If you want fries, then you need to use a snack credit, so that's exactly what we did. We then went over to Blaze to order food for the rest of us. I've heard good things about Blaze, and also that they have a salad option which I was really looking forward to. However, the CM told me that only the pizza was included in the QSDP, so I couldn't order salad Undeterred, I ordered 3 pizzas and added lots of lovely veggies to mine too. So dinner for all of us was:
Izzy: Hamburger and fries (they cook the burgers here medium, but I asked for well done for Izzy. Although she loves a medium rare steak, undercooked mince isn't something she fancies at all).
Me: Create your own pizza with red sauce, shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, spinach, onions, mushrooms, red and green peppers.
Andy: Create your own pizza with red sauce, shredded mozzarella, meatballs, Italian sausage, mushrooms, onions, red and green peppers.
Brodie: Simple cheese and tomato pizza.

The pizzas were delicious and I was particularly happy with all the veggies on mine. 2 would have been enough between the 3 of us though, so I'll remember that for next time. Izzy found her burger really filling and didn't touch the fries, so we'll save a snack credit and not bother with them next time. Andy and I tried some and they were tasty - we like the skins on them. Izzy said the burger was good, but not the best she's had on holiday, although she couldn't pinpoint which one was.

We spent the evening in Magic Kingdom and grabbed a few snacks:
Me: The Plaza ice cream sundae with a scoop of cookies and cream and butter pecan ice cream in a waffle bowl with cream, fudge sauce and a cherry on the top.
Andy: he shared the sundae with me and also got a brownie from the Main Street Bakery, aka Starbucks.
Izzy: Lemon cake from Starbucks.
Brodie: A bottle of Nesquik chocolate milk from Starbucks. I know, they have those lovely chocolate crème drinks and he gets bottled chocolate milk! It's what he wanted though and was happy.

The sundae was delicious and very decadent, especially with all that real cream rather than the squirty stuff that seems to evaporate to nothing before your eyes. The waffle bowl didn't get eaten though as it had a cinnamon flavour I love waffle ice cream cones so was expecting this to be the same and was disappointed when I had to leave it. Andy said the brownie was really good and would have it again. Izzy was on a repeat purchase of the lemon cake, so it must be good. And Brodie enjoyed his Nesquik - enough said!

That's it for food today. Tomorrow's plans are Blizzard Beach and then dinner at Yak and Yeti at Animal Kingdom using our Landry's card.

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