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Holiday to Florida with Florida4less
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Unread 16 Aug 17, 08:41 AM  
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World Rollercoaster Day - 16th August 2017

inline imageWith today being World Rollercoaster Day here are a few reminders of the many coasters in Orlando for you to try.

SeaWorld in Orlando has three of the top coasters in Florida.

Kraken Unleashed: Virtual Reality Experience
While Kraken has been around a long time. SeaWorld have added an update to this 150 foot tall, 65 mph park classic. Kraken Unleashed embarks guests on a deep sea mission alongside sea creatures inspired by extinct and legendary animals of the past, including the mighty Kraken. A custom digital overlay with uniquely designed VR headsets delivers a new one-of-a-kind adventure! [More Info]

SeaWorlds newest coaster. Mako is the tallest, fastest and longest rollercoaster in Orlando! 200 feet high, 73 mph and a track thats nearly a mile long. Like the Mako shark, this powerful predator is all about high speeds, deep dives and thrills around every turn. [More Info]

The only flying rollercoaster of its kind in the world, guests encounter numerous species of deadly rays before boarding the head-first, face-down thrill ride. [More Info]

Over at Universal Studios you have...

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit
Adrenaline pumping and music thumping, you start climbing straight up to 167 feet. A moment later, you're screaming at 65 mph, 17 stories over Universal Studios, as it plummets you back to the ground. [More Info]

Revenge of the Mummy
You'll be catapulted into in total darkness at 45mph, plagued on all sides by huge fireballs, swarms of scarab beetles and an army of warrior mummies. [More Info]

Across to Islands of Adventure...

The Incredible Hulk Coaster
Recently refurbished to an original storyline that places guests at the hands of an experiment led by General Thunderbolt Ross, created by the genius minds at Universal Creative. A completely redesigned queue which appears to guests as a high-tech, scientific facility centered around a massive Gamma Core. [More Info]

Flight of the Hippogriff
Whilst not a thrill seekers coaster it still counts. The enchanting family roller coaster made from wicker, takes passengers on a "training flight" aboard the Flight of the Hippogriff. As you climb the lift hill, riders are instructed to bow as you approach the 'real' Hippogriff, before it sends you spiralling and diving around the grounds of Hogwarts, swooping past Hagrid's hut. [More Info]

Dragon Challenge
Catch them while you can. These dual coasters close soon to be replaced with a new Harry Potter themed ride. At the front of the queue you get to choose your dragon: an aggressive Chinese Fireball (red) which reaches a top speed of 60mph with a drop of 115ft or a ferocious Hungarian Horntail (blue) which reaches 55mph with a drop of 95ft. [More Info]

Moving on to Disney and Magic Kingdom...

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Hop on this rollicking mine train through the Old West mining town of Tumbleweed for a rip-roarin', rootin'-tootin' thrill-a-minute ride. If you're "mining" for a good time consider the "prospects" as you're warned: "Hang on to your hats and glasses 'cause this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness." [More Info]

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
What has been called the tamer version of Thunder Mountain. The ride is a family friendly coaster and features a 'first-of-its kind' ride system with a train of ride vehicles that swing back and forth, responding to every twist and turn of the track. The journey will be accompanied by music from the classic Disney film and animated figures of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. [More Info]

Space Mountain
Blast off on a journey into outer space on this classic attraction. Board a sleek, rocket-shaped vehicle in the glow-in-the-dark Space Port and begin a steady climb up the 180-foot high mountain, passing the Mission Control booth and myriad pulsating lights along the way. [More Info]

The Barnstormer
Another ride for smaller guests but a true coaster. The ride seats 16 guests at a time and climbs to a height of 30ft before taking to the skies! Each of the ride cars hold two people sat side by side and children under 7yrs of age must be accompanied by an adult. [More Info]

And on to Hollywood Studios and the only coaster currently available...

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
The roller coaster accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds (making this the second-fastest ride at the Walt Disney World Resort, behind only Test Track, and the riders experience 4 to 5 Gs as they enter the first inversion, more than an astronaut does on a space shuttle launch. [More Info]

A new coaster at Hollywood Studios is under construction and will open next year. Slinky Dog Coaster is part of the new Toy Story Land opening next summer.

While Epcot doesn't have any coasters Animal Kingdom does have some...

Primeval Whirl
Take a whirl into prehistory in one of these spinning time machines that are part of the zany fun fair of Chester and Hester's Dino-Rama! Thrill at the sudden dips, hairpin turns and tight curves of this rollicking roller coaster. [More Info]

Expedition Everest
Located in the Asian area of the Animal Kingdom, discover the fearsome legend of the Yeti at "Expedition Everest" - a high-speed train adventure that combines coaster-like thrills with the excitement of a close encounter of the hairy kind! [More Info]

For more coasters also try Busch Gardens in Tampa. A great day out for all the family. Even those that aren't coaster freaks.
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