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Me, 3 and Gluten Free - Day 3 - No parks, Pool & Harley Davidson

If you would like to read along, the index is Here

So, i'm awake at 5:10am, everyone else is sparko till gone 7am. Over a breakfast of cereal and cups of tea we decide today is a rest day as Misery and I are still in quite an amount of pain and im walking like John Wayne due to my hips

Kids jump in the pool and proceed to wake the street with screams, splashing, dive bombing and general noise that would wake the dead (if you were staying within a 5 mile radius of Windsor hills, I sincerely apologise for your early morning wake up call due to my unruly rabble ) Misery joins them making the noise and amount of bombing 10 times worse and after much persuading, i agree to make my first tentative step into the pool . . . For the love of god, who made it that cold?! Where was the lovely bath type warm water I was promised? Like ice!

Lunch is sandwiches, crisps and various sweets and biscuits that can be found in the cupboard, then more swimming until about 4pm when we figure we should really go out and find some sort of food to eat.

We decide to head over to international drive, I pop on the trusty Waze app and it comes up with I drive south . . Now I didnt know that this is not the beginning of idrive, but a completely seperate road! So we drive there, and join it, drive up it and suddenly it doesnt say i drive anymore, im joining a completely different road so we do a U turn and drive the other way, only to run into the same problem . . Now i'm darned sure that this road im supposedly on is supposed to go on and on for miles so am flummoxed as to whats going on, misery is starting to make muttered comments about 'should have bought a sat nav, but nooooo you i didnt want to spend the money!'. I have a scroll of the map and realise that we were in fact driving the right way to begin with, i just have to join the new road and then turn onto I drive

Soooooo, we u turn AGAIN, drive back up the road and finally manage to join I drive and start making our way up. Misery is looking out for places to eat 'why are there no restaurants, you said there was restaurants . . . ' me: 'shut your cake hole and keep driving, this road is rediculously long we've only just joined it!' (Ok that was what I was thinking but in reality I plastered a smile on my face and smothered him with calming words about how long the road is and we'll find the shops soon). After what must have been 7 minutes of driving, we find the worlds smallest collection on restaurants and I make the mistake of saying 'oh a BB Kings', whilst simultaniously saying 'shall we stop here then' hes already pulled off the road and into the car park (that has no price list) with cars up his backside so we have no choice but to eat in this grotty little food complex.

I am not happy, this BB Kings looks like it hasnt seen a mop since it opened, the decor is dire (well what I can see as it seems they haven't paid their electric bill its so dark). I had been looking forward to a nice meal in a bright friendly burger joint (we're burger people you might notice) not groping round in the dark for my knife sat next to a long bar where 2 blokes seem to have set up home (no offence here to the two gentlemen above, im sure you were lovely people I was just in a mardy mood so I instantly decided you were drunkards who were sat there purely to make my night even worse).

Our server comes over along with a trainee, they are both very enthusiastic and im trying my hardest to be polite and not let them know I want nothing more than to run screaming from their establishment. We order drinks and our meal choices were:

Misery - Big House Burger
Me and Chunky - chicken dippers and fries (me big, her kids size)
Monster - BB BBQ Chicken wih Spinach and Mash

Drinks, if I remember correctly were coke for Monster, Water for me, kids Coke Zero for Chunky and Misery (im trying really hard not to call him rude names now) got caught out with the $11 beer! Yes! We ended up with the souvenier beer glass

Now I need to say something here, i am very rarely wrong, BUT, the food at BB Kings that night was phenominal! Chunky and I could have happily shared my chicken dippers and fries the portions were so big (heck! i would have been happy wih the kids meal!) it was truly, one of the best meals I have had and once my mood lifted, the place wasnt the grubby nasty heck hole I had decided it was, it was dark because they have live music on stage (who set up as we were paying) and it was actually a very friendly place. Now I tend to judge places on the toilets if the restrooms in any establishment are well kept and clean then the rest of the place must be keep to the same standard if not better. Their toilets were bright, modern, clean and well stocked with loo roll (a pet peeve of mine, no-one checking the loos have bog roll regularly), there were no water spots on the mirrors or scummy marks round the sinks and taps, this place obviously took pride in their business and I felt a bit bad having judgd them so harshly just because my husband had narked me off.

Anyway, photos!

Monsters Gluten Free meal

This is my chicken dipper meal I think! With a slim view of chunkys in the background, those dippers were massive!

Misery's burger

We also had an extra fries as we hadn't realised all the meals came with fries

Total including tip was $78 and was worth every penny!

We look toward to door and there is just a sheet on water falling from the sky, we hold off leaving until its slows and then make a run for it toward the car park. Parking was $4 and we set off further up idrive to see if we can actually find some shops!

We spot a Harley Davidson shop, now Misery has a life long passion for motorbikes, has ridden one for pretty much most of his life and his beloved Dragstar is only outshined in his heart by the mighty Harley. So we have to do a U turn and go in to have a look . I see an awesome jacket in orange, black and cream but am put off by the $80 price tag, plus I wonder if its a tad weird to wear bike gear when you don't actually ride a bike, wont even get on the back of your husbands bike and firmly believe that all modes of transport with an engine should have at least 4 wheels and a roof!

The kids spot the Harley by the window and go over to 'not touch' the lady in the shop says 'its ok dearies, you can get on it, its bolted to the floor' im like , they are like and the are both on the thing before I can utter 'watch the paintwork!'

My 2 darlings (yes, the one on the back is my daughter )

We dont buy anything (amazingly!) and head off to try and find our way home. Pull out of the car park and it starts to absolutely hammer it down we can see nothing!

The rain!

We crawl home in the car with what must have been a stream of very angry drivers behind us and we're all in bed by 10:15pm as we're knackered

Day 4 - Joanns, Target and Magic Kingdom again!
Finally experienced the Magic 2017, returnin 2019 for my 40th and son's 18th, with Gran too , 2020 - DH's Secret 50th!
1st Trip Report - me, 3 and gluten free
2nd Trip Report - DH's Super Secret 50th

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Glad your meal was nice, we have done the driving around in search of somewhere to eat thing many a time, you can never find everywhere, but when you're suitably fed and watered suddenly you see lots of desirable places.
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