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Car Hire & Transportation Discuss the best way of getting around Florida.
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Old 7 Dec 17, 11:21 AM  
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Alamo sept 2018


After reading posts of prices fluctuating, even doubling, I've booked a family/standard car for sept 15th - 29th with Alamo UK site for 333. No idea if this is a good rate or not ? But at least I have a reserved price in case they do go up etc.

Only been to Orlando once, back in 2010 and never drove so am new to a lot of this, so was hoping you kind folk could poss point me in the right direction with some questions.

When I booked I found a dibb 10% discount link, will I need to show any thing at the desk to keep this discount ? As I've heard people need to show a Brits guide book if done through their discount link.

I've booked a Buick Verano 4 door, should be fine for a family of 4 ? x2 adults, x1 teen and x1 9 yr old ?

Will My 9 yr old need to have a child seat of some description ? Or can I just bring a booster seat as hand luggage with us ?

I hear people skipping the counter but I saw no option for this on Alamo site, is it just to speed up the process and avoid hard sales of extras ?

With my car hire I have added no extras but includes cdw full and extended protection.Is this likely to be all I need should anything happen ?
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Old 7 Dec 17, 11:36 AM  
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Mr Tom Morrow

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theDIBB Guidebook
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If you had booked via Alamo Brits you would have paid 331.50p for the 2 door version, a few cheaper but as they dont have 2 door cars in that class I always book the cheaper one! However you are fine with your booking.
No need to show the Brits Guide book, nobody has ever been asked for it. To put your mind at rest there are probably a dozen plus codes to get a discount with Alamo, I have 3 as do a lot of others. They couldn't care less what price you paid, who you booked it through etc. All they want is to rent the cars out and get money!

The car size will be fine but you will struggle on the airport runs with 4 large cases and 4 cabin cases. Pack well and try for 3 cases and they will be ok. Maybe 1 case between the children for a short while?

The 9 year old 'by law' doesn't need a childs seat. It's your decision though if you want to use one. If so take your own as airlines carry them free - well most do.

This is in the Dibb Guidebook and worth a read


Plus if you look in the Guidebook under travel you will see loads of useful tips ref driving, rental cars, the tolls etc.

When you look on your booking you will see a tab to do online check in. When you have done that it continues and allows you to skip the counter. Not an issue if you cant as its not needed. All you need is a barcode on your online confirmation.

The insurances and other bits such as state tax, airport user fee etc are all in your price. Nothing else needed.
If you can change a tyre yourself roadside assistance is not needed albeit they do sell it. If you want it let me know as us Dibb people know a cheaper alternative that is equally as good and half the price!


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Old 7 Dec 17, 01:52 PM  
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Thank You for Your in depth response, It is greatly appreciated, You clearly have a wealth of knowledge.

Changing a wheel is not a problem, looks like cases will fit as intend to have 2 large cases and maybe a holdall or 2.

I didn't think their was a 2 door verano but for the sake of 2 thought I'd be safe than sorry. Cheeky marketing strategy, I partically like how a 2 door car looses double the boot space against a 4 door car.

Thanks again. Buc
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