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Garth and Louise's Graduation Celebration June 2017 - Day 6 - Florida Mall and Universal/IOA

Welcome to my trip report! The index is here, and day 5 is here.

Sunday 18th June – Day 6

So today didn’t start in the best way! Garth woke up at 11pm originally and started being sick, and it pretty much continued through the night. He’s got quite a sensitive stomach bless him, he had some health issues when he was younger and his body has never really forgiven him! I was absolutely zonked while he was being ill until around 4.30am when I finally cared enough to get up and sit with him We turned the alarm off so Garth could sleep in. I woke up at 8 and then Garth woke at 8.30 going on about how he was excited to go to Universal… ummm I don’t think so! He seemed a lot better but after such a turbulent night I did not want him out in the sun, especially not during the hottest hours of the day! We went over our options and decided we’d have a slow morning, go to Florida mall to look for a sun hat and have a mooch and then head to Universal if Garth felt better for a meal at Mythos. Garth ran himself a bath while I went out to get us come coffees. I left the room at 9.13.

I got a latte frappe and I got Garth a cappuccino, total coming to $9.05. I took some piccies in the coffee shop, the sweet treats looked lovely.

I got back to our room by 9.20, and decided now was a good time to photograph our door (?).

Garth seemed completely on the mend and we ate some cookies and drank our drinks. We had a look over all our holiday pics, watched TV and just chilled out for a bit. At 10.15 we had had enough of lounging and decided to head over to Florida Mall. As per usual we ordered an uber on the way down to the lobby, Giovanni was with us at 10.29. It was a big comfy car and he kept checking we were cool enough in the back. We arrived at the mall at 10.44.

And noticed it was all rather quiet… we were in total holiday mode and had forgotten it was a Sunday! The mall didn’t actually open until 12! We just wandered round finding the shops we wanted to mooch in when it all opened. We went in Sears to kill time, it was like a department store we could have a look around even though it hadn’t actually opened yet. I wanted this dress!

Garth was evidently himself again.

Once the shops were open we went in Disney Store first, we didn’t buy anything but it was cute and fun! They had a Hercules singalong going on, I was happy! We went into Bath and Body works next but weren’t really that impressed. We got a couple of body washes spending $8.41. Waaay more than we’d pay for bodywash at home! We went in Victoria Secret next, I had been really looking forward to getting some body mists. We must have sprayed all of them before deciding on just 3! They were on offer 3 for $18, and it came to $19.17 with tax. We went to look in Hot Topic next because I had seen some cute hairbows online but we were quite disappointed with the store, there is so much more on their website than in store. Garth wanted to look in Game Stop next where he found a bargain Amiibo for $4.23 inc tax. We waited aaaaages to get served but he was happy with his purchase (Tom Nook for those of you who care!) so it was worth it. We’re not big shoppers at all so by this point we were shopped out! Time for a refreshment! We decided to see what all the fuss over Coldstone Creamery was about (may I point out we had completely forgotten to look for a sun hat ).

I didn’t take a note of what we actually chose (I probably had something oreo/cookie flavoured) but it came to $13.82 and my notes say “it wasn’t worth it”. They weren’t bad it’s just for the cost I think I expected to be realllly impressed. It filled a little hole anyway and we decided we were ready to head over to Universal. We connected to a random restaurant’s wifi and Andrew was with us at 1.40pm. It was weird having spent so long out of a park but Garth needed time to recover and we were now feeling ready to get back into it! Andrew was the most memorable uber driver of the whole trip, the whole trip he was going on about the importance of education, the issue with government loans, private high schools for kids… he kept saying things like “I love your generation” and “your generation are changing the world” . He was definitely anti-Trump. He kept saying holy mackerel and Garth and I were trying so so hard not to laugh in the back. It was great to chat to him and really gave us a good chuckle. We got to universal at 2.14pm and it cost $13.51, such good value. As under 25s we priced it up and driving would have cost us over £500 and we spent waaay less than that on uber. Anyway we got to universal and topped up on suncream and water and went through bag check. The bag set off the bleeper in the xray machine but it was just our little coin pouch full of one cent coins that aroused suspicion… they took a look and we were through!

We were going into the studios first today. As soon as we were in we were on a mission to get Garth a hat. A quick browse and $24.45 (blimey) later we were set! Garth really wanted to catch the horror makeup show so we wandered towards it slowly.

Garth was on camera duty!

Clearly dinosaur faces The show was a lot funnier than I remembered, lots of references to Disney and the audience participation is hilarious. Even though it’s all makeup and effects I hate the gore and blood in the show, such a wimp! As soon as we got out we headed to the Blues Brothers show, another thing Garth wanted to tick off the list!

For Garth’s 18th birthday I took him to see The Blues Brothers in the theatre and he loved it. We tried to catch this show in 2014 but it got rained off so we were buzzing to finally see it! It started not long after we arrived and we had a bit of a boogie in the street. Well, I did, Garth stood there looking embarrassed

He did smile for a pic with the car!

It soon came over all windy and it started raining a tiny bit so I think they cut the show short which was a shame We decided it was time for lunch/dinner! Today’s plan had always been Mythos and we were sooo chuffed Garth felt well enough to still go! We walked round to go on the Hoggie but it said 45 minutes. Touring plans said 30. My notes say “Hell no I’ll walk”, closely followed with “I hate walking” A whole 17 minutes later we were waiting in Mythos for our table, while people were still waiting in the queue back in London for the Hogwarts Express I get people ride it for the experience but I wouldn’t wait more than 15 minutes for it! I was haaaangry now. They gave us a menu to look at while we waited.

Garth decided on beef medallions (for now) and I decided on chicken pad thai. We were seated by Joy 10 minutes later. Joy recommended the pad thai and then left us to decide, while Garth had a crisis over what he wanted to eat. He eventually decided on the prawn pad thai, I stuck with the chicken, and we ordered a mezze platter. It’s such a lovely restaurant.

While we waited we got out the park map and crossed off everything we’d done (does anyone else do this?!)

Joy bought us over our tap waters and asked if we were planning our next adventure aww There was a lady on a table near us who kept saying how much better Universal was because you don’t need to book ADRs. She just went on… and on… and on… very loudly! Her family were just nodding along It was nice to just rock up without an ADR but I personally love booking ADRs! Anyway, the mezze came and it was amaaazing.

The two dips were very similar but both scrummy and we love olives. I’m not the best food critic but really it was delish. Bread came out next and our dinner straight after… wow…

Such cool butter

He looks so happy! I think this was one of the best meals of the trip. We love dishes like this anyway but it was just soooo good. We couldn’t stop eating the bread even though we were full! We seemed to wait aaaages for our plates to get taken away and Joy just wasn’t to be seen anywhere. Eventually we asked a random server for our bill- the total was $45.77 and we left 18% tip. Joy reappeared when it came to paying so we asked her to get a piccie of us with the fountain in the restaurant.

We were freezing, the aircon was on full whack! We left Mythos at around 5.40pm and headed into a very busy Hogsmeade, it felt like we were dodging everyone! It was time to finally ride Popeye (ugh) to keep Garth happy and it was a walk on. When we got on there were a couple on there who had gone round 3 times already and were just staying on… nutters. I have nothing to say about this ride other than we got off without a dry patch on our clothes. Of course it was Ripsaw Falls next… it can’t get any worse! I like this one a bit more. It’s a fun ride so at least you get wet for a purpose. It’s all worth it for this.

I was less enthusiastic!

I had bought spare clothes but Garth only had a spare shirt and his hat was wet already :angry: We wanted to do some Harry Potter so walked back via the Jurassic Park shop.

Ready to explore! When we got to Hogsmeade the Triwizard Spirit Rally was starting so we stopped to watch.

It was good fun but the main girl’s accent was really strange. It sounded really posh at points and then really common. We headed straight to the Hippogriff and it was a walk on. Garth loves this ride for some reason! I do like seeing Hagrid’s hut!

By the time we got off the ride it was 7.20pm so we decided to hop on the Hoggie over to Universal.

We were in London by 7.40pm, not bad going really! We waited at the window for Kreacher and then walked round to Simpsons as it was showing 10 minutes.

There was a lady in with us who obviously hadn’t been on the ride before. She found the pre-ride video hilarious and was intent on letting everyone around her know how funny is was Her noises on the ride were so funny, lots of woaahs and woos and snorts! Sometimes the people around you just make the ride We went to Twirl’n’Hurl next… how apt considering Garth’s experiences this morning! Doing this ride at sunset is the best, we love it.

Action selfie! There was a sign saying no photos or videos on the ride so we popped the camera away as soon as we realised. It’s a shame because I have such lovely pictures and videos of London from here from our last trip. We got off the ride at half 8 so it was nearing park closing at 9. We walked round to ET but it was closed so Garth decided it was finally time for him to brave Rip Ride! He’d never done this before but it was only a 15 minute queue so we went for it. We stashed our bits in the lockers and joined the queue and I don’t think we waited long at all. On the way up the vertical lift I was checking Garth was ok and not too nervous and I ran out of time to select my song! Garth picked MC Hammer and I think I ended up with Limp Bizkit I absolutely hated this ride. It was banging my head around and then my bra started coming out of my playsuit. I had visions of the ride video capturing me baring all and had to really try holding my top up which meant I couldn’t really hold on to the handles. I came off feeling v. dizzy and v. bashed about only to find that the stupid ride videos hadn’t been working! Garth however loved the ride! If he wants to go on it next time though he’s doing it alone Or maybe I just need to pick my playsuits better, second time this trip I'd had an incident! We thought we’d try our luck getting on Minions but we got there just as they were closing the queue but I was ready to go home anyway. We took a slow walk out the park and ordered an uber. We had a little faff as we got a driver who cancelled on us but Ari was with us at 9.17pm. He was a bit of a crazy driver, texting while driving and swinging a bit all over the place We were back at the Rosen by 9.36pm, luckily in one piece We hadn’t actually looked around the hotel much and Garth fancied a fizzy drink so we popped into Lite Bite for a mooch. It seemed like a pretty good shop! We got some cokes and decided to use up loads of shrapnel we had collected over the past week. It came to $3.41 and my purse was a lot lighter. I gave the lady at the till a dollar tip because she had helped me sort all the coins out We got back to the room and packed while listening to Blues Brothers music! I took some pic of the bits we had picked up at the mall earlier.

The shower gels smelled really good and my body mists have lasted me really well! The pure seduction one is my absolute favourite. We were sooo excited to be moving to Disney tomorrow as we were packing up the room but still a little sad to be leaving our first hotel. Rosen Inn at Pointe is a great choice for location and it was nice being able to just walk out for dinner or hop in an uber and be in Universal in no time. We'd definitely go back or try another Rosen again! Anyway, Garth was feeling much better, we’d had a fantastic week on I Drive and we still had 2 weeks of magic to come We were absolutely exhausted though… Garth set up the alarm for the morning and asked if the “temperature” was ok… he meant the volume! We got to bed at 10.50 and fell straight to sleep.

Tomorrow we check into Port Orleans French Quarter and experience our first day in the bubble!

Steps today: 22260

Edited at 10:01 PM.
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A shame Garth was ill in the night, but you seemed to have a good day in the end at universal. I like the horror make up show too, its fun. Your meal at mythos sounds great. Can't wait to see what you got up to at wdw.

New Trip Report

At Last I See The Light - DLP August 2020

All my old trip reports are here in one place
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That photo of the lake at Universal at dusk is so pretty.

Such a busy day even with poor Garth being ill in the night.

Good work in the shops, even though you forgot what you went for. I still have the shower gel I bought it Bath & Body Works, I save it for weekends as a treat to remind me of holiday

Sounds like a great time at Universal and I will have to add Mythos to the list for the future and that looks and sounds like a great meal.

You are braver than me as I chickened out of Rip Ride!

Looking forward to reading more, thanks for sharing!
Have Courage & Be Kind

First Time Floribobs (The Irma Remix) - WDW trip report *Complete*
While The Cat's Away, The Caz Will Play With The Mouse - Solo DLP Trip Report
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Glad Garth felt better later on. It's so awful feeling ill on holiday.

Mythos looked great! It was on my list but we never made it.

I loved rip ride but I totally understand the feeling of being bashed about. I have a helix piercing and rip ride, hult + the dragons really smashed it against the head rests.

Looking forward to reading about your time at Disney. I've literally not posted another of my days until today like 3 months after the last one! Eeek.

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Bless Garth still wanting to go to Universal when he got up.

Looking forward to the move to Disney!
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Glad Garth recovered from his sickness; it was a sensible change of plan to shop.

Its a lovely feeling heading into to week 2 of a trip knowing you have 2 weeks left. I personally feel we are more relaxed in week 1 on a longer trip and week 2 is much more enjoyable as psychologically feels like week 1 (if you know what I mean )

Excited for your Disney move
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Love Mythos the best place to eat at Universal, so sorry Garth was ill but at least it was shortlived.
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I bet you did fall asleep straight away! Another marathon day. I'm glad Garth was feeling better and could enjoy the day

The meal at Mythos looked yummy

Greats pics
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