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slightly serious Dibber
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A Birthday at DLP - Day 4 & 5

We had decided that as the EMH didn’t benefit us due to having DS’s disability pass we would have a little lie in this morning and it was very much needed after two extremely busy days in the parks! So, the alarm was set for 8 which woke me up but the others were still sleeping. I was itching to get going but let them sleep for longer before I woke them up at 8.30. We were washed and dressed, breakfast of a brioche in the room and out by 9.15. We made it to EoS in the Disney Village at 9.30 so the hotel really is very conveniently located. We used our vouchers from 365 tickets to order 4 bacon, egg and cheese muffins with 2 cappuccinos for the adults and 2 hot chocolates for the little ones. These were again enjoyed and did a good job of filling us up.

We made it to DLP by 10.15 and had walked through a very quiet Discovery Arcade, filling our water bottles up at the end before taking a wander past the castle where the cm were setting up for a show. I managed to convinced the family to come on It’s a Small World with me. None of them wanted to do it after not liking it in WDW but I insisted that we couldn’t come and not go on it at least once…Good job I won this argument as I wouldn’t have been happy otherwise! Ha ha!

We stopped by to meet Mickey which was a lovely meet and greet.

After this we enjoyed a very pleasant twenty minutes or so wandering around the Queen of Hearts maze. I enjoyed this but once you got to the centre it was pretty busy going up and down the tower. Next we headed towards Pinocchio. Before we got there the children spotted a cart outside selling pins so DD spent some more of her birthday money on pins, she was getting quite a collection. We then went on Pinocchio followed swiftly by Snow White and the 7 dwarves. The queues were non existent with DS’s pass and we were straight on. Upon leaving Snow White DS spotted a cast member wearing a lanyard and very promptly asked if he could trade with him. This was great for the children as we hadn’t found many cms that were pin trading and DS got a cool Hawkeye pin from him.

In-between we had been busy snacking and next we decided to go on Indiana Jones. As we were walking on our way I spotted Josh the planet Killer from the Stitch Live show. I muttered this to DS and him being him shouted at the top of his voice “Hiya Josh the Planet Killer! ” Josh the planet killer did actually turn around to see who had shouted him and thankfully didn’t take offence, instead giving DS a cheery little wave…Phew!

Indiana Jones took some finding and we ended up going through Davy Jones and the caves in a bid to find it. We eventually made our way there but when we got there we measured DD and she was about 4cms too small so couldn’t ride it…she was gutted. DH said I should take DS on it and he would wait with DD. So this is what we did, DD enjoyed more of a snack and DS and I went and rode Indiana Jones. It was a great ride and DD would have loved it if she had been big enough. I offered for DH to go back on with DS using his pass but he said it was fine as that was unfair on DD having to wait again so we finished our snacks and headed away. We can’t complain though as Indiana Jones was literally the only ride DD was not tall enough for.

Next we decided to ride BTM as we had all loved it so much previously and we were on again very quickly. After that we headed towards Phantom Manor which neither DD or DS liked, not too sure why to be honest! Oh well, can’t win them all. We had a little mooch around Frontierland looking at the Halloween and Day of the Dead decorations before heading back onto Main Street where we saw a Meet and Greet for Stitch. We contemplated getting into the queue for it as Stitch is DS’s favourite character. However, the line for Meet and Greet was very long and the fast pass times for the disability pass had all gone for the day, to be honest I didn’t know that was how they did Meet and Greets so lesson learnt for next time. Instead, we walked through the back of the shop and headed across Main Street to Boardwalk Bakery for a treat. At the bakery we bought 3 fudge (lemon, trio chocolate and vanilla and chocolate) and got 1 free (menthe) for myself, DH and DD plus a Mickey head marshmallow for DS. We also bought a café au lait and a cappuccino. We took theses to the front of the station where we found a quiet bench to sit on and enjoy our snacks. We even managed to take our coats off for a little while as the sun was shining and it was lovely and warm. This was half an hour of sheer bliss sat in the middle of DLP and I miss it very much.

After our treat and rest we walked again through the Discovery Arcade, filling the water bottles at the end again. We had a few photos taken in front of the castle then walked through to Discoveryland where we rode Buzz, HSM and Space tours. After this we looked to take the railway back to the entrance of the park but the queue was quite long so instead at 4.28 we decided to walk and leave the park. We headed into WDS with the intention of riding CC and RnRC before coming back to watch the parade. We arrived in WDS at 44.40. As we approached CC we noticed that it was down so went to RnRC where we were more or less staright on. I really enjoyed this ride and I was very pleased to be able to ride it for one last time. On our way out of the park we noticed that CC was still down so didn’t bother waiting around heading back to DLP and staking out a spot for the parade. I had told DH that I had read on line that standing behind a bin was a good tactic as they don’t allow anyone to sit in front of them as they are on the edge of the pavement. We arrived back in the ark at 5.05 and found a bin underneath the station and took our spot, sharpening our elbows in case we had a repeat of the fireworks the night before!

We watched the parade and the view was fantastic! We were so close and got some excellent pictures, the bin trick is a good one and worth remembering! Once the parade had finished we followed the crowds out of the park and hot footed it back to the room. We arrived back in the room at 6.30 after doing a spot more pin trading with CMs in the Hotel shop and making a couple of last minute purchases. This is where my notes end as the next few hours and the next day were to be honest a fast paced blur so I am hoping I can remember everything we did!

Tonight we had tickets to Buffalo Bills WildWest show at 8.30. I think we arrived back at the Disney Village at about 7.15pm after a short rest and freshen up in the room, as we knew the doors to the show opened an hour before hand so we wanted to be there early. Well it would appear everyone else on that evenings performance had exactly the same idea and when we did arrive, the doors were open but the queue was out of the door. We joined the queue and waited. We did become a little frustrated here as we inherited another member in our party as the German man queuing with his family behind obviously either was desperate to get in front of us or thought we looked so much like a nicer family than his own he wanted to join us! I can’t remember what time we finally started moving but let’s just say the queuing system wasn’t great. I had paid for tier two seats and we had queued at the first door on the left and once the queue started moving we followed the hoards inside. It wasn’t until we got inside almost to the entrance of the arena that we noticed tier 1 seats queued on the left and tier 2 queued on the right for tickets so we’d queued at the wrong side. We sneakily moved over to the right and produced our tickets where we were given 4 red cards for our seats. He’d tried to give us green but he didn’t have 4 green together so despite arriving very early we were seated right at the top of the arena. We went and got our red hats and then went into the bar area. DH asked what we did now and I wasn’t sure but I told him it had been advertised as free beer and soft drinks so he went to the bar and asked if the drinks were free and he was told not in the downstairs bar, only upstairs. We left that first bar and walked further into the bar area where there was a big stage opposite with a cowboy and cowboy Goofy entertaining the crowds. It was here we noticed the two sets of steps at either side of the bar roped off. We figured we would go and buy a drink whilst the entertainment was on. We did and shortly after we were told we could take our seats. As we had red tickets we went up the stairs at the far side of the stage. When we arrived in the arena a server took our red tickets and took us up to our seats. We were sat on the second row from the top (although behind us there was a large walkway before the last row of seats).

We sat at the end of the row and the rest of the seats gradually filled up around us. In front of us we had an upturned metal dish on a metal plate and when we looked underneath it there was cornbread. The servers took the children’s bowls away but filled ours with chilli. We ate that and the children were served a sausage, chicken and some potatoes which we were served once we’d finished the chilli. We also were given drinks refills of beer and coke but this wasn’t necessarily unlimited, I think we had three small glasses in total as and when the server was passing with the jog. Dessert was a rocket lolly for the children and hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream for DH and I. The food was lovely and there was plenty of it. The show was also very good and despite being up at the top we could see everything and the servers encouraged you to join in with the show.

Once the show finished we left and headed out back to NBP. We had our usual nightly treat of hot chocolate before bed and I think we were in bed by 11.30 with the alarm set for 6am ready to leave.

Saturday 4th November - Day 5 and travelling home

Saturday morning we were up and out of the hotel by 7am for our transfer back to the airport. Our flight wasn’t due to leave until 10.30 but I booked an early transfer as we couldn’t go to the park before so not much point hanging around the hotel, plus I wasn’t sure how busy traffic would be getting back to the airport. We arrived back at the airport and were dropped off at departures not long after 7.30. We went straight through security then headed down to our gate to wait. There was nobody else there so we had the chance to chill out in some very comfy seats until the flight was called. I think this picture of DS just about sums up how we each felt after our very full on Disney Trip!

The flight home was great, I slept the whole way back I was that exhausted! We landed on time and were straight off the plane. Immigration in Manchester was very, very busy but as we approached the family lane a member of staff spotted Jack’s lanyard and sent us down the fast lane where only 1 person was in front of us. We were soon through customs and on a bus back to the car. We had had a magical time, and although I hadn’t envisaged returning when I booked it as I love WDW so much and didn’t think DLP could compare, I would go back in a heart beat!

Thanks for reading, I hope you have enjoyed my first ever trip report. Now to start my pre-trip report for WDW in July. 184 to go!
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Proud to wear my Ears
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A great read Heather. Good tips to take on board. Where did you watch the parade from, except from behind a bin?
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slightly serious Dibber
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Glad you enjoyed it, thank you. It was at the very bottom of main Street with the steps to the railway behind us. This was a great spot as it meant we were out very quickly once the parade had finished, ahead of the crowds.
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Sounds like you had a great trip.
Are some of the character meet and greets available to Fast Pass?
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Gill H
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Sounds like you had a great time. BBWWS is such a fun show and being near the top you probably had a great view. I don't know about the drinks not being unlimited, they certainly were when we did it but that was a few years back now. But the servers don't come round constantly. I'm sure if you had asked a CM they would have brought you a drink though.

Glad it was such a good visit that you are going again!
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Sounds like you all had a fun filled holiday thanks for sharing
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slightly serious Dibber
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Originally Posted by waiting4disney View Post
Sounds like you had a great trip.
Are some of the character meet and greets available to Fast Pass?
I'm don't think it's a general fast pass like for the rides but if you have a green card for a disability you can go when the queue opens and they give you a return time. Sorry I can't be of more help but we only met Mickey and Spiderman on this trip as we'd spent a long time doing character meets at wdw and were conscious of the limited time we had on this trip.
Enjoy your trip!
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