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Unread 11 Jun 18, 11:35 PM  
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:) A Decade of Disney Dreaming - 2017- Day 16 - a bonus Flight of Passage and another AK highlight.

Three updates in a week - must be a near first The things you do to try to secure a beer from Kitty Black Dog

I may even get a reputation as being a prolific trip report poster

Ok possibly not but in cricket terms I now need to post 13 in 43 days

If you missed the great day we had yesterday you can catch up here

The whole trip report index is here if you have missed everything so far.

Welcome back to regular readers and so many thanks for all of your messages and continued reading - it is appreciated.


Friday 11th August 2017

Our FP bookings today were as follows -

Animal Kingdom

Festival of the Lion King
5:30 PM - 5:45 PM

Avatar Flight of Passage
7:25 PM - 8:25 PM

Rivers of Light
8:35 PM - 9:00 PM

After two park openings in a row and my voluntary late night, last night, updating last years trip report and replying to so many posts I had missed in the last two weeks. I do try to post a reply to everyone.

It was a very slow start, Joe slept beyond 9, and we got to catch up on yesterday's golf highlights.

Today is the start of the premier league football season - a Friday night 😳 they can't even start them all together anymore, long gone is the tradition of every football fan. I remember being in an incredible flat in Vancouver 10 years ago watching the very first game of the season- it has become a marker in our family calendar but not always one that we always seek to watch!

Our plan today, was made some 60 days previously- in the FP booking season, an exact scenario I am finding now 12 months later with Flight of Passage totally booked out at 60 days.
At present for 2018, we have not got any opportunity to book FoP at 60 days after moving off site.

It was the same last year until 60 days prior to today cropped up!

Against the odds and against all the booking done previously, the computer said YES, I know we were only there for opening yesterday but with this surprise FP in the plan we were not going to miss that opportunity to ride FoP once again.

It became the centrepiece of the whole day!

As a way of filling time to an evening in Animal Kingdom we took the shopping option,

We headed out to Vineland Road Premium Outlets and were there for 11. A short look in the Disney outlet saw Joe spend on some Star Wars stuff and I got a tee shirt again! Couldn't be left. When something is just $6 and was $40 it would be remiss of me.

Again, Adidas turned in the best bargains of the day with Joe getting trainers for 35 dollars for two pairs and in Skechers Josh got some new school shoes at a reduced price. We had done school shoes in the past from Sketchers and the result was a January reboot of school shoes, this time was different, we chose well and paid in Dollars what we probably would have at home in pounds. The shoes are still in use nearly a year later and have proved to be as good a school shoe as we have ever found.

We also found a Floridian football fan who would be mightily annoyed if he found out that his new football shirt player was very heavily linked to a move to Barcelona.

At least he got a few months wear out of it before it became an expensive mistake! I will not tell you the tale of getting this pic but if you ever meet Josh , ask him how two Everton fans went about it!

Anyway, ignore the shoe stuff and indeed the football shirt which delayed lunch by minutes more!

We were ravenous and headed to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.
We really like this place huge salad on entry and then you get to the food to add to it.

If you have never been before there is a certain non- British way to enter the restaurant. You pick a plate up and graze the salad bar- DO NOT be polite thinking that is your only plate. Load up with as much salad and salad bar stuff as you think you will ever need.

You then pay, free refillable drinks for the whole family can add up two between four was more than enough for us and was a cost saver from past experience it was a waste paying for all 4 of us.

We ate more than was acceptably possible, coupled with as much as we could drink we soon felt as if a few miles of walking would be needed.

First, we stopped at Walmart at the bottom of Vineland Road - two watches bought for the boys who had decided this was how they were going to spend their spending money from grandma and grandad and from their Nan The money burning a hole in pocket for over two weeks now!

Joe also found a couple of golf shirts and at just 6 dollars they were in the trolley quicker than you could shout 'Fore' we bought just two though but plans were afoot for a return as there was so much bargain non-food items that were on offer.

We stocked up on wine and cider- maybe I should just file them as essentials! before hitting the toll road that leads past Gaylord Palms- such a good way of getting away from the Vineland road traffic and possibly worth remembering for the future as it takes out all of the traffic.

As a result we were into Animal Kingdom car park by 5- ahead of the time indicated by the sat nav by two minutes and half an hour earlier than I had been thinking - that return to Walmart is going to cost me - I can feel it now!

Butterfly 22 was our parking row- a place that I can't even begin to think I had ever parked before -it used to be grass up until a couple of years ago. It was a parking lot that never existed in the past and as usual We walked - I got through bag check just as the tram unloaded. Result!

For the second day in a row -that may sound such a petty thing to do, yet I would rather walk than sit on my backside on a tram. I can see a research project starting now MK will not work I hasten to add.

But for every other park, unless you feel the need to gift Disney the preferred parking rate- dont do it ever walking is my preferred method of getting to the park entrance.

We were due to watch the 6 o'clock Lion King show, having watched Nemo yesterday, it was a great chance to take in a show we just lack the same emotional bond I know many Dibbers are the complete opposite and just dont get Nemo.
We do keep trying I promise you.

We were seated close to a family siting behind, who brought with them, their very own animal smell - it was hideously overpowering and was noticed by nearly everyone around us- we got the boys to stop staring/wafting and coughing - we left that to others. We also found the smell of the back of our own hands quite a comfort and indeed a necessity.

It changed nothing, however we did not change seats as the air con for the show kicked in and we had a favourable drift Thankfully.

As much as we had added so many additional walking into today I would hate for anyone to think that a body odour smell would get to this state, we have done park opening to park closing days in the past and I know we have never endured any park visitor an experience of an aroma such as this. Even typing this out reminds me!

The show was good, there was a young lad who did the male lead, who was different from the older performer we had seen many times before.

As published in possibly every previous report, I could watch every single Nemo show for the duration of my holiday and enjoy every single one for a different reason- I booked a FP for the Lion King just to ensure we actually did it once on this trip and it was enough, the smell of those in the vicinity did not influence our experience, The circle of air-con was a huge benefit though

As we exited, we saw the time and knew we had an opportunity to ride the safari before our next fast pass.

We struck lucky - our driver (Brook) immediately struck up a rapport with Joe he has this ability to draw people in Im not sure where he gets that from!

We were in row two, she deviated from the usual script and was funny engaging and enjoyable to listen to- she also recognised the nobody wants to take photos of animals that are hiding at the back of the enclosure-

or animals trying to hide from the camera

or the rare species of a single headed Giraffe with two bodies.

Or the backside of a zebra

She then allowed more time for photos we had never thought possible - lions awake! The results were worth the every picyure above...

Having had only a 20 minute wait we had not given up fast passes for the safari- today was our fortunate (not sure how we managed to get it fp's for flight of passage)

It was to Pandora we headed next, with dark clouds building overhead, you could sense what was going to happen next!

We fast passed at an entrance that stated a 120 minute queue time - the shortest it had been all week and much less than the 245 mins that were showing at 10 am this morning.

We had friends who were following our footsteps and that 120 minutes would be well worth their evening wait.
The Airblast pre show from yesterday- was with us again and TBH I could very easily just skip this bit, maybe in years to come it will become like the old Test Track video that nobody watched and everyone just awaited the doors opening!

Anyway, we rode FoP once again and once more we were so thrilled that this FP cropped up at 60 days out, despite being offsite by this time. Interestingly as we still try to book FP this year for the upcoming adventure, there is not a sniff of a FP for Flight of Passage once we head out of the Disney resort time of our holiday.

Tonight, we had missed the rain shower whilst enjoying FoP, had then an idea to try to ride Everest before our final Fast Pass for Rivers of Light.

We rode twice with the Eagle at the top now working for the first time in a while (maybe it is nocturnal!) and I then spotted the backgound colours of the sky changing amidst RoL.

The low cloud really just backlit the Mountain so it was pictured whilst Rivers of Light was in motion, we were late, so simply stood at the back of the FP section with more than an eye on the scene behind us.

I was sorely tempted to have a final EE ride of the day but knew all good things had to come to and end we had something special to be there for in the morning and I was not going to miss it for anything.

As we attempted to leave, The Tree of Life sprung into life - we remained mesmorised throughout the whole experience - this was so much better than Rivers of Life and if you are reading this - please, please, please just take time to stand and watch and simply marvel in the whole Tree of Life awakening show - it does not get the attention that is deserving.
Simply breathtaking.

We headed back to the Villa and snacked as the Sweet Tomatoes lunch had served us well.

Another sad farewell tomorrow and one which I hope you will share with us -it was the proper Saturday afternoon start of the football season too.

See you real soon for Day 17. Thanks for reading

You can find Day 17 here
I'm a Great British Mickey Waffle Podcast Presenter-hope you are a listener

Going out in a Blaze of Glory- Our Summer of Sorcery 2019 - click here to read a trip report in progress

All of our previous Trip reports can be read here.

Edited at 12:02 AM.
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Going out in a Blaze of Glory.
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Unread 12 Jun 18, 10:22 AM  
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Another great day

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Unread 12 Jun 18, 07:45 PM  
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I'm glad you forced yourselves to go and see the lion king show, I love it and I think it's probably my favourite day-time show at WDW. A shame it was a bit pongy though, I know it's hot and everyone is a bit sweaty but seriously there's no need for that kind of stink.

I'm going to try and keep an open mind about rivers of light. It was supposed to debut back in 2016 but in the end we got the substitute Jungle Book show which wasn't amazing really. It's got to be better than that, surely?

Good luck with booking you FOP FP for this summer. I decided to go with FOP for each trip to AK so we have probably snagged some of yours. I'm hoping we can do the Navi river ride in EMH. Anyway, I'll try not to feel guilty about FOP as it's been 2 years since we were last at WDW so we haven't riden before.

Currently writing
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Now complete Washington DC October 2019

All my old trip reports are here in one place
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6th time lucky, CBR again
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Unread 12 Jun 18, 11:00 PM  
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Brilliant day.

We are firmly in the Lion King Camp, minus any whiffy tourists Well done for giving it another go We absolutely adore the show I told my lot we should do Nemo again this year as we've only ever done it once Too busy watching Lion King

Everest is so much fun in the dark. What Eagle?

We have't seen the Tree of Life Awakenings show or Pandora at night time yet. So I am crazy excited about seeing AK in the dark all lit up, looks so mystical.

Keep the trip report momentum coming

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I'm here for the beignets ;-)
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Unread 12 Jun 18, 11:06 PM  
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Fraid Im in the lion king camp but yip we are all different and that works😀
Build up for tomorrow means u cant leave us hanging on for long with ur next day: well done for the regularity of your posting this week though😂
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Planning the next one in my head while..
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Unread 12 Jun 18, 11:13 PM  
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Palm trees
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Your Lion photos are great. What a lovely day with shopping bargains, yummy food and a fab sounding trip to AK. My countdown is still huge but reading your report tonight has made me yearn to be there right now (I know we shouldn't wish time away but just till I fall asleep!)
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Finally, another countdown!
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Unread 13 Jun 18, 12:14 AM  
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Originally Posted by mick View Post
Another great day

Thanks for your ongoing reading Joan - glad you enjoyed
I'm a Great British Mickey Waffle Podcast Presenter-hope you are a listener

Going out in a Blaze of Glory- Our Summer of Sorcery 2019 - click here to read a trip report in progress

All of our previous Trip reports can be read here.
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Going out in a Blaze of Glory.
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Unread 13 Jun 18, 04:32 AM  
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The food in Sweet Tomatoes looks so good.
I managed to get 2 FP for FOP about 10 days before we left last year and so glad we did its an amazing ride.
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Endless Summer and RPR
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Holiday to Florida with Florida4less

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