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One week trip at two weeks notice - Day 4

Today was a day that although I’d booked MK FP, I wasn’t sure whether we would use them or not. I was considering a state park or airboat ride but weather forecast wasn’t looking too great so we scrapped this. We decided to make use of the FP and see what else, if anything, we could get done.

We used the resort monorail and it was really busy, not much space for anyone to get on at Poly, and none at GF, not sure how I’d feel if I’d paid to stay at one of these resorts and then couldn’t use the perk of being on the Monorail Loop. We were into park around 9:15, we went to PoC and queued for 15 mins to ride. Got pretty wet on this compared to any other time so I think this has been updated since 2016. The seats were already wet when we got in, which meant we all left with wet bottoms and backs. Splash was down so our FP was converted to any ride (except 7DMT) as splash was down, Niamh happy with this as she didn’t want to ride it anyway, she wanted Space, so that’s what we’ll use it for later.

We got some sunglasses at PoC shop, I’d left mine in the car at home so he been using Amelia’s occasionally the past few days, but now that the weather was better, I needed my own as Amelia was no longer willing to share. Girls both got some too, Niamh wanted to upgrade her purple ones from 2 years ago as she feels more grown up now.

I hadn’t had time for breakfast this morning so queued at Sleepy Hollow as I wanted to try a funnel cake as I’ve still not had one but after 10 mins, the queue had not even moved so quit that and just got a Pretzel from a cart and girls had cookies. Amelia ate the leftover plastic cheese, yuck! We took our time eating and just enjoying being here.

We headed to BTMR for our FP. Enjoyed this again. We had a while before we wanted to use our Space FP as wanted to use it close to our buzz one. So did we went to one of my favourites, Philharmagic the doors closed as we were doing the queuing loops so we had a few minutes to wait, I still love this even though I’ve seen it loads.

On exiting, Niamh wanted to look for some ears, she would have liked the rose gold ones, but I was fairly sure these would be all sold out, they didn’t have any here but she decided not to wait as she liked lots of others, she chose some ears in the shop and declared that she needed ice cream, Niamh really likes the soft serve so we set off in search of some and got it in Tomorrow Land at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic goodies. Amelia also had one as did Dave. I was holding off for something else.
Showing off her new ears, but grumpy as the sun was in her eyes and she hadn’t yet had her ice cream!

Amelia’s sunglasses had broken already (and they have done so again since we’ve been home) so I managed to exchange these for new ones with a very miserable CM who just shrugged and agreed begrudgingly that we could swap them.

We then did Space followed by Buzz, Niamh was unhappy as she was last and no where near anyone else, we ignored her grump for a while and she came round.

I’d managed to get another FP for It’s a small world so we headed straight here. There was a really annoying family in front on the boat, once on, one of them climbed over to the row behind to join others and they young girl, around 9 was now able to keep splashing the water and randomly standing whenever she felt like it, I tried to follow her family’s example and ignore her behaviour.

We were all hot now, so decided to leave for DS to collect our free Toy Story Bands and get some lunch.

We parked up in Lime and headed to World of Disney. The shop was crazy busy, it is being refurbished so is way smaller than it was. We had to ask for directions to the Information desk, its not actually there any more. So we were taken to a guy who could help us, he went off to get our MB and a man from Bournemouth appeared and chatted to Dave (a lot) about football!
We were ready for lunch now so headed to Blaze Pizza, this place was hot, loud and very quick service. Not much time browse the menu once we were inside, we should have taken the time outside, so in a panic we all went with a signature pizza, which we all really enjoyed.
We sat outside, but close to building as I could see the sky getting darker and I hoped that if the rain did come, we might still be able to carry on eating out here. Sure enough, while we were eating, the rain came and everyone fled inside or to the tables next to the building. We got a little splashed but were fine to carry on eating, the coolness was really nice.

Next headed to Pandora, me and Amelia got park exclusive charms to add to our bracelets, I got a Happily ever after one and Amelia got a 2018 one.
Niamh wanted to look for gifts for her friends but we didn’t find anything she wanted. Went to Basin as Niamh loves their soaps, got 3 to keep her going for the year as they last forever, Amelia got herself and her friends some bath bombs.

Left DS and stopped at Super Target for M&Ms, coconut patties for my dad and bits for tea.

Back to the room and then to onsite water park pool, the girls had got some pool toys so played with them, rode the lazy river and went on the slide. We came back to room around 8 when it closed, quick tea and they went to bed at 920.
Dave found Wales v Mexico on TV and I watched Friends before falling asleep.

Highlands Reserve May/June 2014

Trip report complete July/August 2016 - Beach Club and Sunset Lakes
Trip report complete - One week trip at two weeks notice - The Grove Resort May 2018
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That Blaze pizza looks very delicious. We still haven't made it there!

Jo x
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Pizza looks lush.Annoying about the kid on Its a small world 😡
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What a great day. Haven't made it to Blaze either. Coconut patties are my favourite!

M x
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Old 26 Aug 18, 01:54 PM  
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Another great day

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Looking forward to trying Blaze!
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The Blaze pizzas look good. Love coconut patties.
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