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Reports and Reviews for Dining and Restaurants Trip Reports
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Unread 10 Nov 18, 07:14 PM  
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Originally Posted by Minnie Mum View Post
What a shame about CG! And your Pate 😣

Enjoying reading along😊
It really was a shame about CG, I wanted to love it like everyone else.

Thank you for reading!

Originally Posted by dixonsontour View Post
What a shame about brunch. They had non alcoholic grape juice set out as an alternative to mimosa when we went as DD had that.
We loved it but had a table overlooking MK and I loved that shrimp mango sushi.
They didn't mention the alternative to the mimosa, which is a shame as I'd have tried it. I definitely think where your table is placed has a bearing on your experience, but I won't moan too much as the last time we ate there we had an amazing table.

Thank for your reading!

Originally Posted by wilma-bride View Post
Shame that Cali Grill brunch was a bit of a let-down, and (to be honest) the reviews I've read of BOG dinner, I am not surprised that it wasn't good. We will stick with lunch, which I absolutely loved.

Hoping things start to improve on the food front for you.
I went into BOG with low expectations, so I wasn't too disappointed in that one, definitely over-rated and I think Disney don't really care - it's raking in money for them regardless.

Thank you for reading!

Originally Posted by DisneyDreamer81 View Post
Oh I'm so sad that you had such a rubbish experience at brunch! I think which table you get really does make a difference. We were really lucky with our window table and we both also love sushi so I think we probably got our money's worth in that alone!

The steak at BOG was one of my favourite dishes so I'm really sad the menu has changed! Don't think I'll be spending 2TS credits on it!
Brunch was just a bit too fussy for Nik, I felt bad that I'd dragged him along knowing that it wouldn't really be his thing

Thank you for reading!

Originally Posted by Eccle View Post
That is a good idea, I think it may come down to us paying for something OOP, probably Yachtsman, and focussing on the buffet ones with our credits. I think I could fill 2 weeks of dining up quite happily though!

The brunch sounds really expensive for what it ended up being! It's a shame it was another not great day for you, I hope there are some better ones still to come
The buffets are always good use of a credit as they tend to be a bit pricey, especially the character ones! Hollywood & Vine is a good for the F! package, and Tusker House (any meal) could get your Rivers of Lights reserved seating.

Thank you for reading!
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Unread 10 Nov 18, 07:34 PM  
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DAY 10

This was a good day

I had planned a little solo jaunt to Magic Kingdom this morning, I even had a (secret) Be Our Guest ADR for one, but, I couldnt tear myself away from the view, so I popped downstairs for breakfast.

Contempo Caf

You can view the menu here I was quite keen on the sound of the Scrambled Hash Bowl - Eggs and Sauce, Bacon, Sausage, Cheese and Potatoes, but I wasnt sure what kind of potatoes it would include so I went for the Bounty Platter - Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Pork Sausage, Breakfast Potatoes, Seasonal Fruit and mini Mickey Waffle

Can you believe this was my first Bounty Platter in all our trips?! Probably due to my liking of a breakfast buffet. I took this to go and ate it on the balcony, I attempted an arty shot of my breakfast with MK in the background but the lighting wasnt playing ball.

This was really, really good! When I took the lid off my breakfast and saw that it included tater tots I was gutted I didnt try the breakfast bowl after all. I don't normally care for Mickey waffles, I think I usually faff around with too many toppings, but with just good old syrup and butter I fell in love.

Breakfast with a chocolate milk came to $17.02. Again, this meal was easily shareable, and if you were to order a Bounty Platter on the DP at your resort youd have your mug, so could switch out the drink for an extra side to make your breakfast a little more filling. I see many more bounty platters in my future.

TOTAL IN $$ 2,298.46


Tonys Town Square

Today, we had our re-booked Festival of Fantasy Dining Package ADR at Tonys. We ate at Tonys a few years ago, amongst much trepidation (it generally doesnt receive favourable reviews), and loved it, so we were hoping for a repeat performance today.

The package includes a starter, entre and a dessert alongside a drink of your choice. I really liked the menu design, it was very cute.

We were brought some bread and oil, I think it was focaccia.

The crust was nice and salty but the interior was a little dough for me.

Nik had the Seasonal Soup, I cant remember exactly what it was but the server said it was similar to French onion soup and included Italian sausage.

It was very nice and the crostini served alongside it was delicious, largely due to the fact it was absolutely smothered in butter.

I had Calamari with House-made Marinara

This was an enormous portion, excellent for sharing, Nik helped me with it, and was surprised to find he liked squid! It had a great texture, not rubbery at all. It does look very crumby in the picture but there was plenty of big chunks. The marinara was really nice too, and I generally dont like tomato sauces.

For my main, I had the Italian Trio - Three classic favourites on one dish! Chicken Parmigiana, Fettuccine Alfredo, and Spaghetti with Pork-Beef Meatball

The picture doesnt do the size of this dish justice, it was an enormous amount of food; a whole chicken breast in the chicken parm, a generous portion of the fettuccine and an enormous meatball on a mountain of spaghetti. The pasta wasnt al dente, which I was happy about, and everything was tasty, the chicken in the parmigiana wasnt dry either, take note Signature restaurants. In the past, Tony's used bought in marinara sauce, but now they are making their own and it's really tasty.

Nik had Tonys House-made Pizza Pie - Blend of Cheeses, Tonys Pizza Sauce, and fresh Basil

This was incredible, the best pizza we have ever eaten, and weve been to New York.

I was torn between the Tiramisu and the Cannoli and had to ask the server to help me decide, he said that both are good, but he prefers the Tiramisu, so I opted for that. Kahlua Espresso-soaked Lady Fingers and Whipped Mascarpone topped with Mocha Cream

One of my favourites of the trip, really tasty and nicely presented.

Nik kept it simple and had Gelato - Italian-style Ice Cream Choice of Vanilla or Chocolate

He chose vanilla, the server asked if he would like Mickey sprinkles and chocolate sauce, of course!

This meal came to $115.02 and cost us 2 Table Service credits.

I am not sure that youll find a better use of 1 TS credit anywhere else on property, you get your pick of any three courses on the menu, with no restrictions, the food is fantastic, including the strip steak that I had on our last visit. The restaurant is well-themed, and the service very good.

And, of course, theres the entire reason we booked the package the parade view! We arrived with about 10 minutes to go (maybe even less) and were still able to sit on the kerb for the entire parade, we had an amazing view. The little girl with the family next to us got some great interaction with the characters. We will absolutely do this again.

This meal is $2 cheaper than Be Our Guest and costs half the TS credits!

TOTAL IN $$ 2,413.48


I used a snack credit on the Goofy Glacier to keep me cool whilst we were watching the parade. You can tell how hot it was by how melted this looks, and Id only walked from the confectionery to the viewing area! This will give you an idea of the view the reserved section gives, of course if you arrive earlier than we did youll be able to nab an even greater spot!


After our parking fiasco at the Yacht Club the previous week we left early for our reservation at the Beach Club, this time we had no trouble parking, but unfortunately the restaurant couldnt take us early. Instead they took my phone number and text me when the table was ready, this is the first time a Disney restaurant has been able to do this, usually they look at your as though you have four heads when you tell them you had a UK cell number, then give you a pager instead.

Whilst we were waiting for our table we went to play in the arcade next door, this is the first time we have done this and it was a lot of fun, but quite pricey as those games are addictive!

Beaches and Cream

Nik loves Beaches and Cream, I feel like its overrated, we actually gave it a miss last year, and were intending the same for this year, but yummy food pictures dragged me back in and I managed to get an ADR with a few days left before the trip. This is somewhere you shouldnt mess around with booking, if you think you might want to eat there, book an ADR ASAP, because they are really hard to get at a later date. Availability will appear for most places when youre actually on your trip, including CRT, BOG and Ohana, but as Beaches and Cream only has nine tables, even that is hard to get last minute.

We love these Coke cups, does anyone know if these are available in the Coca Cola store at Disney Springs!? Wed love to get some. We both had Chery Cokes, these are so nice, I wish more places sold them.

I am still sad about the hot dogs being removed from the menu. I had the Angus Beef Burger - Blend of ground Angus Brisket and Short Rib with Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce and Tomato on a Freshly Baked Bun

Like The Plaza, Beaches & Cream have upped their burger patty game, what used to be quick-service patties have been switched out of these ones, which are now cooked to order. It was delicious. I had onion rings instead of fries, and these are always amazing.

Nik had his favourite Grilled Cheese and Tomato Bisque

This is one of his favourite things to eat in Disney and he was very happy. This is not your average grilled cheese, it's not just some American cheese stuck between two slices of bread, it is a six cheese blend and is so creamy and delicious, I want to try and recreate it at home.

In place of the DxDP appetizer we shared Chili-Cheese Fries - French Fries topped with Homemade Chilli, Cheese Sauce, and Red Onions

What I would give for some of these right now They were delicious, and they were generous with the cheese sauce.

My friends had eaten there a few weeks ago and insisted that I try the Strawberry Shortcake.

It is supposed to come with ice cream but I asked for extra whipped cream instead. My friends (hi Munchies ) both raved about this, I didnt rate it, an Iceland Strawberry Gateaux would be tastier. I am starting to think I am a dessert snob

Nik had a cookies and cream shake.

He always orders exactly the same thing here and is always happy.

I forgot to take a picture of our receipt but the meal came to $66.00 and cost 2 TS credits, Beaches and Cream remains excellent value OOP.
We also bought a Mickeys Mini Kitchen Sink, just the Sink, which was $10. I saw on The Dibb that someone had put it at the kitchen sink to hold their washing up liquid etc, and I loved this idea, and this is where ours is now.

A family had ordered the real Kitchen Sink whilst we were there, but they had asked for no whipped cream, this really stressed me out, because its not a Kitchen Sink if you dont have the WHOLE CAN!

We loved everything about Beaches & Cream this year and well absolutely be back. Service is always faultless here too.

TOTAL IN $$ 2,479.48

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Unread 10 Nov 18, 07:41 PM  
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I have never eaten in Tony's Restaurant but does look good! Whereabouts is it?
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Unread 10 Nov 18, 08:18 PM  
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Tony's looks really good. It's now on my list for next year and I have way too many places on there already!
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Unread 10 Nov 18, 08:57 PM  
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Ive just caught up with this and Im shocked lol. You ate offsite ! You , ate, offsite lol and loved it . I love ihop .
Cali brunch , I have to say Ive never really fancied it as the menu just doesnt appeal at all and youve just shown me that . The wave looked fabulous and we still havent managed here yet. I regret cancelling our Tonys festival package adr last year .never mind always next time but I have to say we enjoyed our offsite food so much more than the onsite ones.
As for your mum , I fully understand where you are coming from but mums always like to go off plan for some reason lol .
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Unread 10 Nov 18, 10:20 PM  
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You've really got me thinking that I need to add Tony's to my ever growing list of potentials! The meal looks fabulous and the fact that you get 3 courses without exclusions has turned my head.

I can't decide if I'm surprised or not that you've never tried a Bounty platter before. Actually I can decide! It's a staple it's like saying you've never had a hotdog from Casey's or a burger from Cosmic Ray's. It's lucky you weren't sure of the potatoes in the breakfast bowl so you had the Bounty. Plus tater tots! Yum. And what a way to eat it as well, great idea to take it up to the balcony. I think I'm in love with that view ... one day...

Edited at 10:24 PM.
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Unread 10 Nov 18, 10:43 PM  
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Its a shame to say but my experience of California Grill brunch was much the same as yours. 😔 I was so looking forward to it as well! I ordered the steak and eggs at the recommendation of our server along with 4 others in our party of 7 and I did NOT like it at all! The meat was very rare and chewy. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. On the upside DH ordered the eggs benidict, which he said was the best hed ever had. (The rest of us were really jealous and had serious food envy! 😂 )
Anyway i dont think we will be back unfortunately.

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Unread 10 Nov 18, 10:43 PM  
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Really pleased to hear you had a better food day! Tony's looks really good, I hadn't heard great things about the food there before. Having the parade viewing is a plus too if you can turn up just before
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