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Our 'one last time' trip- October 2018 - Day Nine - Magic Kingdom

Leah came into me at about 6.50 this morning, my alarm was due to go off at 7 anyway so wasn’t too early! It was a bit of a shock compared to the last few days though. Finally, a full day at my favourite park (although Epcot definitely stole that title this trip!) I got up and got ready and brought Dan a coffee in bed to try and entice him up. Dan, Leah and Ellie had lucky charms for breakfast and I had a cereal bar. We left at about half 8 and arrived just before 9.

The castle looked so pretty against the blue sky compared to the grey day we had last time we were here. We parked in Simba and jumped on a tram. The kids were excited to be back.

We got the ferryboat across. The ferry is my favourite, but the others prefer the monorail. I just love the view you get of the castle this way and is usually how I like to get there on our first park day! This year it hadn’t been running when we arrived at the crack of dawn!

Once we were in we decided to head to Adventureland first as we hadn’t done much here yet.

It was still early so it wasn’t busy and we walked straight on to Magic Carpets. Time for a quick family selfie.

Next, we walked round to Pirates of the Caribbean and walked straight on to this as well! We haven’t done this before (I had as a child – but not as a family) and we were all impressed with how lifelike Jack Sparrow looks! I would have rode again but the kids wanted to head round to see Jasmine and Aladdin.

When we got there they were on a break so the girls pin traded while we waited. It wasn't long before they were back and we weren't waiting long. This was a good meet, Leah asked where Abu was! They both gave hugs even to Aladdin which is unlike Ellie.

Dan wanted to go on Space Mountain next so we headed over to Tomorrowland, I said he could go and que while we waited for Buzz but he wanted to meet him too so we all qued together. This was shorter line than we had seen at Toy Story land.

Once we’d met Buzz we headed across to the Peoplemover – another first for us. It was nice to sit back and see the views.

Once we came off people mover Dan went and did space mountain then while me and the girls sat in the sun and waited. The standby was 20 minutes but he used one of our Extra FP’s to save us waiting around too long.

When he came out the girls wanted to do Splash so we headed out of Tomorrowland.

We saw a Photopass photographer on the bridge from Tomorrowland who had no que so we got some photos done. He really took his time and got some lovely shots. They are some of my favourite from the whole trip. I apologise in advance for the photo spam now!

As we were done here the move it shake it parade was on in the hub. Leah stopped to dance with Jessie while we were watching. Then we headed into Adventureland where the girls did Splash with Dan. Ellie said she liked it but her face on the ride photo shows why I don’t do it.

Next we had a prebooked FP for BTM. The standby was 25minutes. We all loved this! It’s a shame there's no ride photo on this one as I’m sure I would have got a good one for once lol. Once we’d done BTM we found a shady spot and had some lunch which we’d made. We had sandwiches, crisps and fruit. Nothing too much but it filled a hole and kept us going for the afternoon.

We had a prebooked FP for Enchanted Tales of Belle at 1. The standby que was 25minutes and we qued for about 10 in the FP line. I love this attraction – its really well done and its nice the kids get to be involved. Ellie got to be chip this time and Leah was a plate (which she was slightly disappointed about but soon cheered up when we got in there). I had forgotten that Belle didn’t sign here though – so she was disappointed all over again when she realised as she had lost her Belle signature from earlier in the trip. I promised another trip to Belle at Epcot though to make it up for it though.

Once we were done here we went and got our spot for the parade. It was boiling by now! We decided to watch in Liberty Square so we wouldn’t need to get there so early so we only had to wait around 10 minutes and once it started we all forgot how hot it was. I love this parade! The kids loved waving at the characters and as they were at the front quite a few came up to them. My pictures didn't come out very well unfortunately as the sun was behind the floats in most of them.

While we were watching the parade we got an email to say Haunted Mansion was down so our FP had changed to an anytime FP. As we hadn’t done Jungle Cruise yet we decided to use it on that and change our FP for this later in the holiday to Haunted Mansion. Once the parade had finished we headed straight there and walked on with FP. We were sat at the front and the kids enjoyed the jokes (Leah still tells some of them now!)

Next we headed to Fantasyland for 7 dwarves mine train again. On the way the girls did some pin trading and got some pressed pennies. While they did this I used the FP kiosk to get a slot for Barnstormer. As we walked past 7 dwarves it was down so we headed straight for Barnstormer. The FP took as long as standby. The girls love this but they need to let you go round twice as its so short!

As soon as we were done I got a FP for Dumbo but we let the kids play in the storybook circus jets for a bit as it was so hot.

Dan went and got us a bottle of sprite to share ($4.50) but we used our gift card we had got. The kids managed to get soaked of course, but it was boiling so it wasn’t long before they had dried off.

We used our FP on Dumbo which was good as always and then headed to see if 7 dwarves was back up. It wasn’t so Leah decided she wanted to use some extra fastpasses to meet Ariel and do Under the Sea. On our way we stopped for a memory maker photo outside the beast's castle.

Ellie had had enough by now so me and her sat outside chatting about our day and Leah at least got to replace Ariel’s lost signature.

When Dan and Leah came back we headed for the exit. On our way out we saw the Fairy Godmother meeting – I was so excited to meet her so we got in line. It was only a 5 minute wait and she was lovely! Ellie didn’t want to so it was just me and Leah – by far my favourite greet.

As we walked past 7 dwarves mine train it was up and running again but stopped as we walked past so we were glad we hadn’t got on it. We headed to the front where people where pouring in for MNSSHP. It was a sold out event tonight being so close to Halloween. The girls pin traded with a CM at the exit and we got the monorail back to the TTC and jumped on a waiting tram. Next time we'll be here it will be decked out for christmas!

We left at about 5 and headed to a McDonalds near our villa. As we arrived there was a homeless man and a group of teenagers hanging around outside which made me feel a bit uneasy but once we were inside the staff were friendly. It was pretty standard McDonalds food but it was quick and easy. The girls had a 4 chicken nugget meal each, I had an artisan grilled chicken burger and Dan got some sort of double burger. The total was $27.17.

After we’d finished we put Dunkin’ Doughnuts in the Sat Nav which was only a 5 minute drive to grab some treats for pudding. It wasn’t a drive through so Dan ran in and got 6 doughnuts for 6 dollars!

We headed home and got back around half 6. We shared a few doughnuts and Leah finished her Lego set while Ellie did some colouring. They were in bed by 8 as Leah had another headache – I think it was all the sun today. We had taken iced water into the parks but it just wasn’t melting quick enough! We aren’t very exciting in the evenings – me and dan talked about the plans for the remaining days and we watched family feud while I wrote up some notes. I did a quick hit workout before bed and we were tucked up again by 10. Tomorrow is Halloween so we are heading out trick or treating.

12,101 Steps (8.87km)
6 characters
10 rides
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Palm trees
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What a lovely day, you got some great photos and it looks like you're having a fab time!
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Originally Posted by Palm trees View Post
What a lovely day, you got some great photos and it looks like you're having a fab time!
Thank you - this was one of my favourite days!
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Some great photos today! your girls seem to be loving every moment!
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Originally Posted by Jakes Mom View Post
Some great photos today! your girls seem to be loving every moment!
Thank you! They did thank you - we had a few wobbles but overall I think we all had the best time
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