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Our 'one last time' trip- October 2018 - Day Ten - Halloween

I woke up around half 7 this morning – I hadn’t set an alarm as we had a fairly chilled day planned. I downloaded the photos from Wild Florida the other day and before long the girls had climbed into bed with us. Dan had no chance of anymore sleep!

He moaned that there had been banging coming from upstairs all night – at first I thought it was a child but its constant so it must be their washing machine or something. It hadn’t kept me awake though. As soon as Ellie woke up she asked to go trick or treating – we had missed Halloween last year as we were on a night flight back from Mexico so this was probably the first year she had really understood the concept!

We had a much slower start to the day, we had some breakfast and the girls played lego while Dan went back to bed. Dan wanted to get a mask for tonight so we headed to Halloween City just before 10.
The girls had great fun trying on masks and looking at the Halloween decorations. They were so much better than what we have here.

Dan tried on loads!

There were so many more!

But in the end he decided on this one.

It was 24.99 but probably would have been half price the next day!

Ellie was so confused that it was Halloween and sunny I think she expected it to be dark and spooky all day. We then walked up to Bath and Body works so I could have a look but the kids were messing about and I was worried they were going to break something so I told them off a bit and we left.

We got back to the car and Dan wanted to go to Lake Buena Vista but I wasn’t really in the mood for anymore shopping but we headed there anyway. It was much quieter here than the other outlets we’d been too but the shops weren’t as good. Him and Leah got some converse ($33 for both!) and I got Leah a top from Gap. Then we headed up the road to Walmart and brought some bits we were running low of (fruit, bread, ham, cheese and Capri-Suns) The total was $50.04 which should hopefully last us till we leave for the cruise now! We got back to the villa about 12.20 and made some lunch of bagels, doughnuts, crisps and grapes.

Once we were done and washed up we headed to the pool so the kids could hopefully burn some energy.

We got down there about 1 and spent an hour or so playing. I spent some time sunbathing and was joined by this little dude.

It went so quick and I could easily have spent longer there soaking it all up. The staff were handing out candy at the pool all dressed in Halloween costumes which the kids thought was brilliant. We headed back to the room about 2.30 as I had read Celebration gets busy so we didn’t want to get caught in the traffic.

I got the kids in there costumes – Leah was Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas and Ellie was Belle (of course).

I took some pictures and we left just before 3 – arriving at 3.20. We easily found a parking space by the lake and I checked and double checked that there were no signs saying we weren’t allowed to park there. It was so beautiful here – the lake looked stunning and it was a gorgeous day. We had dinner booked for 4 so we had time to have a walk and take some pictures.

I definitely won't be doing any of this!

A man who told us he was called Chucky from Kentucky started talking to us. He said he was an advisor of Donald Trump and worked part-time for DVC. When we told him we’d stayed at the Boardwalk he told us we must go and buy into DVC lol. He would have talked for ages I think but somehow we managed to get to our reservation at the Celebration Town Tavern on time. We chose to sit inside for the air -con and were seated straight away.

So many people were dressed up kids and adults – some people looked really good. Me and Dan both had the bacon cheeseburger with fries and coleslaw, he had a moijta and I had a diet coke.

Ellie had fish and chips.

Leah had a hot dog and chips.

The kids both had a sprite. We all ate everything so it must have been good or we were just starving! I really enjoyed this meal and we were finished and had paid the bill by 5. Total was $50 and we left a $10 tip. I thought this was good value for the food we had. The service had been quick which suited us because the kids get fed up if we have to wait around too long.

As we left the restaurant there were people throwing sweets from the balcony above – one managed to hit Ellie right on the head. Its always her! There were a few tears but they had their first pieces of candy! We turned right out the restaurant and wandered down the streets – some of the houses were incredible. Its such a beautiful place. I had no idea where we were going so we just wandered and turned wherever we felt like it, hoping we would be able to find our car again later!

The houses had some impressive decorations up – one was handing out freshly popped popcorn and one had a huge dragon in the front garden and she was dressed as maleficent. It was a lovely atmosphere – everyone sat on there porch and was handing out candy so there was no knocking on doors. If a house didn’t have anyone outside everyone just walked past.

The locals must spend a fortune on candy. The later it got the busier it got, there were ques outside the houses but everyone waited there turn and I’m sure it must have got even worse later on.

We stayed about an hour and a half and the kids got a decent amount of sweets so we started to head back to the car about 6.30. As we were driving out the ques to get into celebration were crazy! I had read that it got busy but it was worse than I expected. The ques went back miles – there were police everywhere directing traffic and people were pouring in on foot too. We were home by 7 and the girls were glad they got to trick or treat. Even though it hadn’t been dark when we went I was glad we weren’t sitting in that traffic – let alone trying to find somewhere to park. When we got home the girls played lego and did puzzles. Ellie was asleep by 9 and Leah went about half 10. I wasn’t far behind her.

Steps 12,969 (9.44km)
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