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Mobile Our 'one last time' trip- October 2018 - Day 14 - Mini Golf (again!) and Magic Kingdom

Ellie had a nightmare and was in with us again in the night and Leah was up at 6am! I told her to go back to bed for an hour so she got in with us too and they both got up again at about 7.15. I realised after that the clocks had gone back so it was actually 8.15 hence why they had suddenly got up so early!

I rung my mum and the girls played Ipad for a bit – we weren’t planning on heading over to Magic Kingdom till this afternoon again so we had a leisurely morning ahead of us. I went to make the girls breakfast and realised we only had enough for one more – as we were heading off on our cruise tomorrow we didn’t want to buy anything extra so decided to go for a diner breakfast instead.

After some discussion we decided on Denny’s so got ready and arrived just before 9. There was only one other family in there and we were seated straight away.

I chose the fit slam with orange juice.

Dan had the All-American Slam and coffee.

Leah had a create your own slam with sausage, egg whites and hash brown (but it actually came out with pancakes not egg whites) and an apple juice.

Ellie had chocolate chip pancakes with bacon, sausage and an orange juice.

I really enjoyed this breakfast and would definitely go back. The total with tip was $44.05. The service was super quick and we were leaving by half 9 and by this time the place was pretty much full!

We decided as it was still early we may as well go and play the last mini golf course – Fantasia Gardens. We got there just after 10 and it was a 20 minute wait so we sat outside on the benches.

There was a Falcon which had caught a duck sat right outside – it was so close and didn’t seemed phased by all the people at all. It was huge and fascinating to see it up close. But I felt sorry for the poor duck it was defeathering.

The wait wasn’t as long as 20 minutes and we were called in to play. I didn’t enjoy this course as much as Winter Summerland although I won! It may have been because although it was cloudy it was so humid today, uncomfortably so and I was probably sick of Mini Golf by this point

We were all chuffed to have beat Dan for once but I think we will stick to Winter Summerland in the future!

We left at 11.10 and headed back to the villa to cool down and let the kids have a rest before heading into MK tonight. As a last night celebration the kids asked to sleep in there walk in wardrobe. I agreed – we’re on holiday after all and if that’s what they want! They were super excited and moved all there pillows, teddies and duvets into the cupboard ready for later.

We left again after eating a quick snack for lunch, at about 1 and drove to MK. We paid for parking and then drove down the wrong lane to the exit! So we had to go back round and ended up at the same booth and had to explain we’d gone the wrong way – slightly embarrassing!

We parked in Scar 416. It was still really hot and humid and bag check was slow. Me and Leah ended up going through the no bag que and waited by the water fountains for Dan and Ellie. Once they were through the girls pin traded with a couple of CMs and we got the monorail across.

We got through the turnstiles at 1.58 – bad planning as everyone was waiting for the parade to start. We decided to head to Adventureland via the shops to try and avoid the crowds.

Leah had been wanting to do the Enchanted Tiki Rooms so we waited for the next show to start. None of us really knew what to expect from this but Leah really enjoyed it. We checked the wait for Splash but it was at 45 minutes and I didn’t fancy waiting for them for that long. Instead we used an extra FP on BTM. The standby que was 65 minutes. We all loved this ride as before – but it so bumpy I also hold onto Ellie’s little self extra tight! Once we were done here we headed out of Adventureland - I got a bit snap happy with castle pictures today. I think as I knew it was our last visit to MK (sob!) I wanted as many as possible!

Leah still had a Merida page to fill out so we headed to the Merida greet. The sky was looking dark and they said the meet would continue if it rained but would be closed if it thundered or lightened. Look at that cloud!

It started to rain not long after but we stuck it out for a while and they closed it as we got to the front! It was hammering it down by now so we made a run for it and sheltered under Cosmic’s Ray Café. Just look at those smart people who remembered there ponchos! Unlike me

We were soaked by now and Dan took Leah into Cosmic Ray's to use the toilet. I refused to go in as I knew the aircon would make me freezing! We stood for a good 20 minutes waiting for it to ease off and it did eventually! The area outside flooded though as it had come down so hard – typically I had left the ponchos back at the villa again! The girls wanted to walk through the massive puddle of course and as they were in flip flops I didn't see the harm.

3 people had waited it out in the que for Merida so we joined them again and it wasn't long before we were back at the front. We finally got that signature!

By the time we finished at Merida it had stopped raining and I hoped that was it for the night! It was still cloudy - but not as grey!

We had a prebooked FP for Haunted Mansion so we headed there next. Ellie wasn’t sure about riding this after TOT but she did and didn't think it was too bad!

When we came out it was raining again so we quickly made our way to the Rapunzel restroom and then decided to check the que for the Carousel. It was a walk on so we headed on, a bit wet but still smiling!

By the time our carousel ride had finished it still hadn’t eased so we ran across to do Mickey’s Philharmagic – another first for us. The kids loved it and kept trying to grab the 3D images!

Once we had finished in here it was time for our small world FP. This used to be Leah’s favourite and is nostalgic for me so we had to do it again! We still looked a bit soggy

Leah saw the hidden mickey in the Africa scene which she was happy about and she even saw her name at the end.

We planned to eat at Pinocchio Village Haus so headed there next. Me and Dan had the Sausage and Pepperoni flatbread each with a diet coke to share and two sides of fries.

Leah got a kids pepperoni flatbread with a sprite.

Ellie got a chicken nugget meal with chocolate milk. The total was $55.52. I assumed Ellies meal would come fries - but it didn't it came with apple sauce. She literally had 4 nuggets on her plate! So we went up to ask and they said we could change the apple sauce for fries - but in the end they let us keep both. My fault for not checking properly!

After this I was determined to find the Rapunzel magic shot! No one was around and when we asked a CM they said they would be out later so we headed to 7 dwarfs mine train to use one of our extra FP’s. The FP que was at a standstill for about 10 minutes outside so we gave up and decided to try again in a bit.

Instead, we headed to Storybook Treats for an ice cream. It was still raining on and off but it was so humid and it was our last chance to try the Tink cone so the girls got one each, I had a Peter Pan float and Dan had a cookie sundae. The total was $24.03. The pictures aren't the best as it was dark and I was trying to avoid getting wet.

We sat on a wall outside the pooh bear shop and finished our treats and then headed back to find the Rapunzel magic shot. We waited around for about 20 minutes and someone came and asked if we were in the que for the magic shot as this was where they normally qued – we said yes and a que formed behind us. No one seemed to be coming out so Dan went to find someone to ask again and spotted the magic shot going on where Peter Pan meets! We let the other people know - feeling bad we had misled them to que in completely the wrong place and joined the actual que which wasn’t too long thankfully.

We waited for around 15 minutes and while we were in the que I changed our prebooked FP from Splash Mountain as we were all still damp from the downpour earlier. Instead we got Under the Sea at 7.25. We got the photos – although we were a bit drenched and smelt damp from the storm earlier but I was happy!

Next we headed to our Under the Sea FP and the girls had another PP photo outside Prince Eric’s castle.

The standby was only 5 minutes so we didn’t need a FP – while we were walking through I managed to get a FP for speedway for 8.45 – 9.45 which I thought we could do after the fireworks while waiting for the crowds to disperse. We all enjoyed this ride again and then headed to 7 dwarfs mine train and this time the que was moving!

It didn’t take long before we were on and we were back row. Oh my – what a difference the dark and the back row made! I was nearly in tears but the girls and Dan were loving it!

So much for getting a nice ride photo! When we came off my legs were like jelly Leah had loved it and now wanted to do barnstormer but I couldn’t face it after that! We headed over anyway to see if Dan could take them both and they said she was tall enough to ride by herself! This is the girl who wouldn't ride Dumbo in 2016 so I wasn't sure she'd be happy with that but she was. And off she went and ended up front row while Ellie rode behind with Dan. She came off just a bit miffed that Dan hadn't let her put her hands up and had told her to hold on tight She definitely doesn't take after me. We had tears when they came off though because Ellie wanted to ride by herself too! I'm sure next time they will be riding by themselves and me and Dan will be redundant! The standby que was 10 minutes so I sat outside and waited.

While I was waiting for them to come off I was sat next to a boy of about 5 who was on facetime. I originally thought his parents must be nearby but they came off the ride with his sister! Maybe I'm over-protective but I am so paranoid about either of the girls letting go of my hand when we're in a busy theme park like that!

I wanted to head and get a spot for the fireworks now but as we headed over there it started spitting again – and by the time we got to the bridge at Tomorrowland it was another downpour. We sheltered under Tomorrowland and hoped it would pass quickly but no such luck. Leah was worried the fireworks would be cancelled but they went ahead on time but the rain was still pouring down and our view wasn't very good.

I moved halfway through and we had a slightly better view and could see some of the castle at least.

I was gutted and close to tears. We didn’t get to see the projections and didn’t get the full effect at all. I was so angry at myself for leaving it till the last night and not being properly prepared with ponchos etc. but really in reality, we were so lucky to even be there and we did everything else we wanted to.

It was still raining afterwards and I didn’t fancy waiting in the rain with hundreds of others for the monorail so we headed back into Tomorrowland. Buzz was a walk on so we did that twice but our ride photos never showed up on the account. Me and Ellie were rubbish – I just cant work out how you know where you are aiming your gun! As there wasn't a que they let us round again but we still didn't get any better

The rain still wasn’t letting up so we jumped on the people mover. Our Speedway FP had been cancelled so we had an anytime FP but by this point we had given up! We headed to main street via the Tomorrowland terrace and caught some of once upon a time. As we walked through I took a few pictures – although I was (and still am gutted) I didn’t get to see Happily Ever After these are some of my favourite pictures.

This was the last time we would be in MK and Leah wanted to get some pressed pennies so I took her to the Emporium while Dan grabbed a tea from Starbucks. We wandered up and down main street while we were waiting for them and Leah wanted to look for a hidden mickey. In her book it said it was by the sewing machine near the Mary Poppins dress in Curtain Call Collectibles. I knew we had seen the shop the other day but couldn’t think where – we asked a CM but he didn’t know so we were going to give up but Leah was close to tears. We eventually found it and asked about the hidden mickey but as the book had been published in 2013 the CM said it had been moved to a window down main street. We headed back down there and found the dress but no sewing machine! Leah was so disheartened – we were wet, cold and smelt damp and when she mentioned looking for a different one I thought Dan would cry. Luckily, we found this one straight away!

She was happier then and I took a few more pictures and we got a quick Photopass photo in front of the Christmas tree.

As we were leaving we heard the kiss goodnight! That ticked off everything I wanted to do on this trip! I wish I had recorded it because I loved listening to it.

We left MK at about 10.30 – Leah was still bouncing around her stamina is amazing. There were quite a few people waiting for the monorail but we managed to get the first one despite people pushing. There was a waiting tram and we were on the road by 11. The girls fell straight to sleep in the wardrobe and me and Dan showered and I checked our photopass photos and downloaded them to the Ipad. We were asleep by 12.30 ready for our drive to Port Canaveral in the morning.

14,726 Steps (10.87km)
11 rides and fireworks
1 character
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Denny's looks lovely and cheap too which is a bonus!

We forgot our ponchos on this day too, we ended up doing a round tour on the bus from AK to POR and back again It was torrential wasn't it!

Wow that was expensive wasn't it. It's confusing sometimes though isn't it, I wouldn't have known either.

I love the lantern photos they're perfect wish we'd managed to get them

I'd have been the same over the little boy! Caitlin's 12 and I didn't even dare leave her alone whilst we went on a ride!

Fab day overall despite the rain Xx
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great photos again today shame about the rain... my kids love sleeping in the wardrobes too LOL
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