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Our 'one last time' trip- October 2018 - Day 15 - Cruise Day

My alarm was set for 7.30 this morning but I was up at 6.45 – I was so excited it was cruise day! I hadn’t wanted to wish our time in WDW away but I was looking forward to spending some time relaxing on a beach! We still had the last bits of our packing to do as we hadn’t managed to do it last night so I knew I had to get up. First though I checked my e-mail and had received my first assignment score for the year – it was 83% which I was happy with so it was a nice way to start the day!

Leah woke up not long after me and climbed into bed with me while I messaged a few people from home. The skies looked blue today typically after the awful weather from last night! Dan got up at about half 7 and Ellie was up not long after him. I bathed both the girls so they were fresh for the journey and finished off the packing while Dan sorted everyone’s breakfast. We finished up the milk and cereal, tidied the breakfast things away and did a last sweet of the villa to make sure we hadn't left anything. We were ready to leave at 10.01. Bang on schedule. Before we left and I lost WIFI I topped up our prepaid card to cover the parking at Port Canaveral and then we were on our way!

The Sat Nav said we would arrive at 11.10 which worked perfectly as our check in time was 11.30 – 12.00. We needed to stop for petrol so we actually arrived at 11.20 but still on schedule. I went on a cruise when I was about 15 but we haven’t been as a family and I haven’t as an adult – so the whole process was new to us all. It was so much simpler and straightforward than an airport. I can see why cruising from the UK would be a massive advantage. Each cruise company has its own terminal as such – so as we were Royal Caribbean we followed the signs for terminal A (I think! – possibly B) which had its own car park.

Parking for the 5 days was $85 which was cheaper than I thought it was going to be. We easily found a parking space and then headed for the lifts which took us to the ground floor and the terminal entrance – no shuttle buses, no long conveyor belts literally just down a few floors. There were attendants outside taking any luggage you wanted to check in so we left our cases with them (I had already tagged them) and headed in to security. The que looked long but it moved quickly and we were directed to a man who checked our passports and paperwork and then directed us to the security scanner.

Once we were all clear we headed upstairs where they checked our check in time and directed us to a desk. There was no que here at all and they checked our passports again and issued our sea passes and we were free to board the ship! As we walked on there were people issuing muster station bands for the children. In an emergency if they were in kids club, or they get separated the staff could easily tell what muster station they should be at where they would be reunited with us. I stressed how important to the kid these bands were and that they should never take them off. Then we were on!

There were people mingling about everywhere and we had no idea where to go! It was a bit overwhelming so we grabbed and seat and planned where we wanted to head. We decided to find some food and sit down and have a drink and we knew the buffet restaurant the Windjammer was open so we made our way to the lifts. It wasn't too busy in there and we found a table easily and then headed to the buffet. The windjammer is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is always a buffet. There was plenty of food choices, from rolls, cold meats, cheeses etc to burgers, tacos, pasta etc and it all looked good. The kids were happy to finally be on board.

Dan had tacos, while me and the kids just had a roll with ham, salami and cheese. It was all really good and Dan even went up for a second plate. While we were eating there was an announcement saying that our staterooms would be ready from 1.30 so we had time to sign the paperwork for the kids club so they could go later if they wanted too. Ellie wasn't sure about it but this is what Leah had been looking forward to most! They both got given a lanyard for their seapass which was much easier than trusting them to keep hold of it! By the time we had finished here it had gone 1.30 so we headed to our stateroom. We had been allocated room 7006 which was right at the front of the ship.

As soon as we walked in my heart kind of sank – the décor reminded me of a caravan and after our beautiful hotel and villa it just wasn’t what I expected and the shower wasn’t in the best condition. However, it was bigger than I was expecting and there was plenty of space for the four of us and our stuff.

It has half 2 by this point so I unpacked a few bits and Dan laid down for a power nap. Leah had found a drawing programme called muffalo potato on the TV so I left them to it and took Ellie for a walk. We went up to Deck 10 and tried the arcade games but they wouldn’t work – I think I was swiping the card wrong. Just as well as they were $1.50 a go! We then headed to Caffe-Lattudes to grab a coffee for Dan. We had brought a coffee card before boarding so I got a Caramel Frappuccino and Cappuccino for 3 stamps. Ellie was counting the pastries on display and the man gave her one for free. She couldn’t believe her luck! I cant imagine they sell many where there are so many lovely offerings for free upstairs in the buffet though!

It was 3pm by now and everywhere was closing for the emergency drill. We went back to give Dan his coffee and the got the girls in their swim stuff under there clothes so we could head straight to the pool afterwards. On our way out we saw our room attendant and asked him to make up the sofa bed for the girls. We then headed to our muster station – the drill was quicker than I expected. Ellie was asking questions about the loud noise and what we were doing so I just told her it was like a fire drill at school. She seemed happy with that explanation. They called those with small children and mobility issues to leave first so we quickly left and headed for the pool.

We were some of the first there and got sunbeds right next to the kids pool where the kids splashed about for a bit, they then wanted to get in the deeper pool so Dan went back to the room to get their goggles. I said they had to wear lifejackets again and Ellie had another wobble but eventually decided to put it on and join her sister. No sooner had they got in Leah came running over because she wanted to get in the whirlpool and slipped over! Cue lots of tears!

We had set sail by this point so Dan took her over to watch us leave to try and calm her down but she had got herself in such a state and was still tearful. We could see NASA and the launch pad as we pulled out of Port Canaveral which I pointed out to her. Goodbye land

Ellie played with a little boy for a while, they were having swim races. Leah decided she didn't want to get back in, I think they were both tired from all the travelling and excitement of the day though. It wasn't long before Ellie got out too so I dried them both off and we went for another walk around the ship and took some pictures.

It was so windy up on that top deck!

The casino had a grabber machine full of bundles of cash!

We planned on having dinner in the formal dining room this evening, this was called My Fair Lady and when we had booked we had chosen a dining time. We worked out where we needed to go for dinner and headed back to the room about half 5 to get changed. We had chosen 6pm for our dining time so it wasn’t too late for the girls. Before we left our room attendant popped in again to double check how we wanted the bed made up, whether we wanted duvets, blankets or both, how many pillows etc. he was super helpful.

We headed out just before 6 and I appreciated being able to leave the room minutes before dinner without having to worry about driving, parking etc. We queued outside the restaurant until we were shown to our table. It didn't take long. This was the same table we'd sit at throughout the trip and the waiters were the same throughout as well. I like this touch as it means you get a personal service and get to know them. Our servers were Lenson and Anoushka. They took note of all our names and took our drinks order. I should have took pictures of the menus but I haven’t! But every night there were 5 or 6 options for starters, mains and desserts. Tonight I had fruit, chicken marsala and strawberry cheesecake with diet coke. Dan had onion soup, salmon and hazelnut chocolate cake with a beer, Leah had fruit, chicken noodle soup, steak and chips and apple pie and Ellie had the same. She was complaining of a bellyache but may have been hungry because she wolfed her fruit down. When we sat down they also brought warm bread to the table. Amazing. This is my weakness!

The whole meal was amazing – the food was lovely, the service was spot on – nothing was too much trouble. Anoushka even cut the kids steak for me so my food wouldn’t get cold. I honestly could not fault anything they did for us. The only problem being it has ruined every waiter service we get back here in the UK because it just cant even compare!

Ellie spent the whole meal asking to go to kids club. This is the child who hates leaving me for school at home so I wasn’t sure how this was going to go! We finished eating at around 7.30 and as it was the first evening - kids club didn’t open until 8 so we sat on the pool deck while we waited.

We headed up and checked them in by 8.07. Then it was just me and Dan! It was so strange. We headed back down to the pool deck, stopping at the Windjammer to grab a cup of tea and Dan watched NFL while I made some trip notes. We walked past the kids club at about 8.30 so we could see how they were getting on but they seemed engrossed in the games so we left them to it for a bit longer. It was nice they got to socialise with other children after being stuck with us for two weeks straight! We picked the kids up at 9.15 and the first thing Ellie asked was if she could go back tomorrow. She looked shattered but they had done a science experiment together and sounded like they had had fun. We headed back to our stateroom and we were all tucked up in bed by 10. There was some noise from the theatre upstairs but it didn’t go on late. It had been a long day but I couldn’t wait to wake up to the sea tomorrow!
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What a busy day no wonder the kid's looked shattered.

I'm so glad Ellie joined in with the kid's club, it's nice to get mummy and daddy time as well though xx
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