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Our 'one last time' trip- October 2018 - Day 19 - Port Canaveral, Beach Club & Hollywood Studios

I woke up 5.30 today and could see the lights from Port Canaveral. Dan woke up at 6 and the girls were up not long after. I finished packing and we all got ready for our final cruise breakfast. We headed up not long after 7 after Dan had grabbed his coffee from Starbucks and we all had our usual breakfast.

We headed back to the room to use the toilet and check we hadnít left anything behind and then headed to deck 5 to disembark. There was a que but it moved fairly quickly and before long we were through passport control. We got to the car at about 8.20 and we suddenly panicked about where our door keys where! You could tell it was coming to the end of the holiday as we hadnít even considered them for nearly 3 weeks! I was panicking we had left them at the villa so sent an email to the owner who said she would check with the cleaners and we emptied two cases looking for them with no luck!

We gave up and headed to target spending an hour discussing where they could possibly be. I remembered seeing them with some paperwork so figured they must have been put wherever that had! I put the address in for Target at Sand Lake Road and it popped up that we had previously visited two years ago! It was quite a small one though and I donít remember it! Although we have probably visited every one in the vicinity by now Ė I do love a target trip!

When we got there Leah used the toilet and I stocked up on m&mís, kisses and chocolate plus two lol lip balms which I snuck in for the girls stockings. (I had planned to do some Christmas shopping while here Ė this was the first and only purchase I ended up with meaning it was a mad panic when we got home! But we did it!) The total came to $33.

Next stop was the Beach Club so I punched the postcode in the Sat Nav and we were off. We arrived at the BC at 10.10 and felt like it was mid-afternoon already after our early start! We emptied the other two cases and finally found the keys Ė panic over.

I had already packed a hand luggage case with our overnight stuff so we took that in and the other hand luggage case filled with chocolate as I didnít want it to melt and left the rest in the car. We checked in with Joey who said our room wasnít ready yet which I had expected and we dropped our luggage with bell services. We had been here for breakfast at Cape May Cafť in 2016 and I had fell in love with the place. I had been really looking forward to staying here but as soon as we walked in the lobby seemed busy and didnít have the same feel for me as the Boardwalk. I donít know if I was just tired though.

I had prepacked a bag with our swim stuff so we could head straight to the pool. They scanned our magic bands and gave us a wristband and we headed in. We all got changed into swim stuff and the kids went on the slide a few times Ė I didnít like how they had to leave the swim area to get to the stairs for the slide, it meant Dan had to wait outside while I waited at the bottom as you couldnít see both from one place. After they had a few turns we went for an explore Ė the kids thought the sand bottom was brilliant!

We headed to the hot tubs and sat in them for a bit before the kids wanted a snack. I had brought a bag of leftovers from the villa so we snacked on lays and oatmeal cremes. Ellie wanted to get back in and Leah didnít so I said I would take her to the shop to chose some gifts for her friends back home. She chose a pin for her best friend and a pen and a lolly for some of her others.

When we got back to the pool Dan wanted to pop to a garage and get a cigar so he went off and me and the kids thought we would explore for a bit. I wanted to find where they did the kids activities but I couldnít get my bearings and didnít know where I was going. Instead, we ended up in the shop again and we brought 3 clementines for 4.39 and enjoyed the view. They were lovely and refreshing but looking back now we should have walked round to the Boardwalk for a warm cinnamon bun!

It was boiling today so we sat in the lobby when Dan got back and talked to a CM about DVC. She seemed convinced it would work for us as a family but I'm sure they tell that to everyone! I got an email while we were waiting saying out TOT FP was cancelled for later so we had an anytime FP for anything but Slinky or Alien Swirling Saucers. It was an easy decision as we all wanted another go on TSM!

By this time it was 3.15 and our room still wasnít ready! I wanted to freshen up and get over to HS so I was getting impatient by this point so sent Dan over to ask. Joey rung through and apologised that it had taken so long and allocated us a room right away. I love how they are so efficient at fixing things Ė they actually genuinely seem to care which is unlike a lot of places!

We had booked a garden view room and were allocated room 4606. When we got there it was huge! I couldnít believe how big it was. For anyone staying for a week or two Ė this is the room to request because there is so much space! The balcony was like a full terrace Ė I was expecting a juliet balcony!

The kids watched cartoons for a while while I charged my phone and freshened up. We headed to the boat dock about half 4 Ė this is such a pretty area especially when the sun is shining.

We waiting about 5 minutes for a boat and got to HS just before 5. We took a few photos outside the entrance and then headed in.

As we got through security Pocahontas was by the brown gate meeting so we headed over so the girls could get a picture. Dan had a rock and roller coaster FP so he headed in and said he would come back out to meet us.

After Pocahontas had gone back in the CM told me to wait around as he thinks the girls would like the next character out. It was only a few minutes and Snow White came out with Dopey! The girls ran straight to him completely ignoring snow white! It was a wonderful meet and one of the girls favourites!

By the time we had finished we were starving so we headed inside to meet Dan, luckily he wasnít long and we headed to Backlot Express for dinner. Both the girls had chicken nuggets with Sprite, I had the Californian Chicken Sandwich and Dan had a Burger with Pulled Pork and we both shared a diet coke. The total was $44 and we used our Disney gift card. I don't have any pictures of our food for some reason though! As we came out we saw the que for Olaf was only 5 minutes so we headed in. There were only 2 people in front of us so didnít take long at all.

After this we had a pre booked FP for Alien Swirling Saucers. As we walked past there was a film crew outside the front of Slinky Dog Ė I have no idea what they were there for. We were tempted to ride but the que time was 75 minutes and we decided against it. The que for alien was 40 minutes and we waited around 10 with FP. It was much faster than I thought and I really enjoyed it.

By the time we had finished it was 6.55 and we still had 20 minutes to use our FP on TSM so we decided to head to Hollywood Scoops for ice cream. Leah got a bottle of water, Ellie got a kids chocolate cone and Dan got an Apple Crisp a la mode.

It felt like forever ago when we were here before with our treats watching Beauty and the Beast. There were projections on Tower of Terror making it look like a gingerbread house which I thought was really cool but Sunset Bouvelard was heaving at this point where people were making there way in for Fantastmic so we battled against the crowds back to Toy Story land. As we got in the photopass que had gone right down so we jumped in line and got on in front of Woody and the sign.

Then headed to use our FP for TSM. We all love this one but I still couldnít beat Dan. He got 163,000 and I got 117,000. I definitely need more practice.

It was 7.50 by now so we headed to get a space for jingle bell, jingle bam. This was due to start at 8.30 and at 8.10 they played Disney movie magic which was clips of upcoming and recent films. Once this had finished everyone moved forward and we got quite a good view. I love this show Ė it combines my two favourite things Christmas and Disney! And I love the nightmare before Christmas references. I didnít get great pictures unfortunately as I was trying to hold Ellie at the same time.

When it finished, it was manic trying to get out especially as we were near the front. This meant by the time we got out the que for the boat was backed up so we decided to walk. We didnít realise how far this actually was though! It felt like ages before we even got to the bus stops and it was still really hot! We got back to the BC at about 9.30 and went to grab a drink from the shop. The refillable mug machines look so much better here and like they have more choice Ė they are like the ones you get in pizza hut with all the different coke flavours etc.

Although I like this hotel, the room was lovely and spacious and the dťcor was beautiful I think I prefer the Boardwalk and I think its because the BC always felt much busier especially in the lobby area. I donít know if this was due to the time of year (although I donít think mid-november is a particularly busy time) or whether the BC is just a bigger hotel.

Ellie fell asleep as soon as she got into bed but Leah took a bit longer and read for a bit. We were all sad to be going home tomorrow and just proved that no matter how long we spend in Florida its never long enough! The Epcot fireworks were really loud from our room but we were facing the wrong way so couldnít see them Ė I didnít realise they were on later tonight or we probably would have headed over to watch them.

18.773 steps (13.75km)
4 characters
2 rides & jingle bell, jingle bam
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A busy but fab final day. The day seemed so hectic but you appear to have enjoyed it, squeezing in the last little bits.

Can't believe it's nearly over 😔 xx
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