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General DVC Discussion For discussion on how the DVC works and resort information.
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Unread 12 Jan 19, 04:14 PM  
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Originally Posted by act1980 View Post
I have seen a thread on another forum about a lawsuit. There are a lot of unhappy people out there. I can only assume that what Disney have done is legal, it's just not very moral and loyal. All they're interested in is the $, they don't care about their loyal following of happy (now unhappy) customers. I guess the problem is that we all still go and will continue to invest money so things won't change.

Have you bought anything since 2008? Do you think you will sell at some point?
I guess it would be prohibitively expensive to launch a lawsuit in the US! So it would take a lot of people willing to be involved for one to occur?

We haven't bought any further contracts. We were looking last year for a small resale add on, would like another 75 points ideally? Didn't really find one suitable, then dd got a job with Disney and we were thinking of buying direct using her cast member discount this year? However the huge jump in our dues (we own at AK), of over $150 this year, then all these point chart changes, I'm now going to be very cautious .

Never thought I'd be saying that
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Unread 13 Jan 19, 12:58 AM  
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I honestly hate the new rules, however I do think that this is a smart business move by DVC.

They lose sales to the resale market. By restricting resale it makes buying direct way more attractive.

As has already been said, the majority of buyers probably walk into the DVC preview center at SSR and buy into the club totally oblivious to the fact that there is a strong resale market. When we did the tour we were told that if we wanted to sell that Disney would buy the contract we bought back... they will keep this line when selling Riviera. They arent going to say that the resale buyer of your contract will only be able to stay at Riviera though and so really this makes the resale value of your contract you are about to buy most unattractive.

Most buyers wont have a clue about this new change and the impact it has!

I would be interested to know what percentage of sales are direct v resale. For those buyers who are not swept away in the moment and do do their research about resale then this change will no doubt drive up the value of resales at legacy resorts as they are now more attractive than committing to staying at Riviera for the next 50 years as a resale buyer.

If resale points at the legacy resorts are high then why not just buy new direct from Disney and be able to stay at the new resorts too? !

Its not good for owners or new buyers who hope to grab a bargain on the resale market but its win win for Disney.
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Unread 13 Jan 19, 01:03 AM  
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Originally Posted by catlady View Post
This is what concerns me too . I'm surprised there hasn't been more up roar in the US? Unless I'm missing it?

Even way back in 2008 when we bought in, we were told points could be moved around but had to equal the same number of points in total for the year? This doesn't seem to be the case now?

There aren't many views of that guy's website and no comments? (Unless you need to be signed in to see them?).
There is a loophole that the points allocation is based on 2 beds rather than the separate lock off portions. The only exception is the few rooms which are dedicated studios or 1 beds (I think Beach Club?). The cost of a studio plus 1 bed is higher than the equivalent 2 bed, which makes sense when you consider the additional costs of managing 2 bookings rather than 1. This is referred to as the lock-off premium.
If you look at the charts you should see that 2 bed changes are as youd expect - some seasons have gone down to balance others going up. DVC technically havent changed the number of points required to book the resort as it is declared (ie the 2 beds). Instead they have increased the lock-off premium which is really sneaky.
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