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Unread 12 May 19, 11:14 PM  
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Tit for tat. Birthday on board...May 19. Hubbys birthday

Decided not to set an alarm this morning. Have a lie in.

Yeah that didnt happen.

5.20 and there was an announcement in the cabin. I absolutely papped my pants thinking the worst and that the boat was going down or something. This is what I fear every time we are on a boat.
Someone was taken ill and has to be airlifted to mainland somewhere in France. We were told to stay indoors and off balconies. Then 6.30 another announcement to say that the airlift has gone well and that everything can resume. So I literally panicked twice and I hate that.
We woke up at nearly 9. By time we were dressed only buffet for breakfast was open. Only problem now was no tables. So 3 laps of the two restaurants and I found a table. Just got to it and so did someone else an older couple with another lady. Was very annoyed but I gave in as they glared at me. Was definitely counting to 10 at that point. Luckily I found another table afterwords.
We got our breakfast and I left most of mine. Was freezing cold and I was fed up already anyway before 10am. This didnt set us up for a good day. Hubby had face on about the seating also. After breakfast kids wanted to go kids club. So after we dropped them off we went to java for a coffee.

It was packed. No tables at all. Mega queues. We decided to order them go up to the buffet restaurant that was closed as there are loads of seats there and good view. Hubby ordered latte and I wanted red berry cooler. And they didnt have mine. So got hubbys and walked off in even more of a huff.

Was lovely to sit in the empty restaurant. I sat writing yesterday report and hubby did the crossword. As kids club closes for lunch we collected them and got something to snack on. We thought we would then try one of the bars. Again it was packed. We walked round and round to find somewhere to sit. After 20mins we finally found somewhere in the glass house.

Unfortunately thats when Georgia decided to try and race to get to sit next to hubby. Cue all glasses that hadnt been cleaned away go flying.

This was last straw so we went back to the cabin in a mardy.

We all had an afternoon nap. Felling a bit better we started to get dressed. This was the first black tie night. I hate wearing dresses with a passion but when in Rome etc.

Girls looked beautiful in there dresses as always. The first stop was to go get the formal photo taken. I dont take good pictures at all and Georgia always seems to pull a strange face. After we did this we went to the beach house. Now Ive failed immensely at taking photos especially of the food. I dont know if this is because I am on a ship with the majority of people not using technology or what but I dont seem to dare take any photos. Suppose I dont wanna be that person they talk about look shes on her phone again etc.

As it was hubbys birthday we were booked in at 6.30 for the beach house. Went to take some photos on the balcony at the atrium before. Photos did not go well. Georgia and I looked awful and really spoilt them which was a shame.

At beach house I had potatoes skins, beef sizzler and carrot cake. Hubby had prawns in panko, hanging fish kebab and carrot cake. I really enjoyed my sizzler. Was really very nice. Hates the potato skins though they were disgusting. The carrot cake cake with honey ice cream and it was delicious.

Mental note to take more photos. Will try but it seems weird having a phone out here. Like Im gonna get it confiscated or something.

Kids had chicken nuggets and chips. Both ate them and were reasonably good ish. Then Eton mess ice cream to finish.

They both wanted to go to kids club so we let them go there for an hour and we went to planet bar again as its always quiet. I had a daiquiri virgin again and hubby had mango mule. These were both nice.
We did say that we didnt think dinner had been that great so decided we wouldnt go there again.

Went back to collect kids then showered and bed. Georgia took a while to fall asleep because of the nap they had earlier but went after about 15mins. I was super excited to go to sleep tonight. The pillows they have are massive very podgy so kids had the green throw pillows as they were flat I had slept with no pillow the first night and my hoody as a pillow the second night. Tonight they had left me a lovely thin pillow. Lovely.

Scarlett however was wide awake. I hadnt napped earlier and was shattered. Scarlett literally did everything she could to annoy me for hour and half. Every time I fell to sleep she woke me up. She went to sleep about 12.30ish. Lesson learnt she wont be needing a nap tomorrow.

Latte 2.95
Beach house 22.70
Tropicana 3.05
Sea breeze 3.05
Tropicana 3.05
Daiquiri 3.05
Mango mule 3.05 40.90

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Unread 16 Jun 19, 09:40 PM  
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