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Unread 10 Aug 19, 04:29 PM  
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Being a bit Goofy
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An Adults Only (Port)Adventure - Day 3

An Adults Only (Port)Adventure
Day 3 Ferrari Land & PortAventura Thursday 4th July

The Index is here
Day 2 is here

I woke up really thirsty at 6:30am but managed to get some more sleep after a quick drink of water and got up with the alarm at 8:30am.

Rich was still feeling full from last nights last-night KFC, so I went solo for breakfast this morning. I started off with a bowl of cocoa pops and some pastries, but then I fancied something hot and ended up having my usual bacon, tortilla and beans. I also had two teacup sized cappuccinos...

I headed back up to the room and we agreed that todays plan would be to head out to Ferrari Land for 11ish, then pop back in for a final visit to PortAventura until 7pm giving us time to have dinner at Goretti this evening.

We chilled for a bit and I caught up with my trippie notes, getting to this point, then got ready and packed the park bag.

We left the hotel, as planned, at around 10:30am, getting to Ferrari Land just before 11am...

It was already really busy, with Red Force showing a 50-minute queue. We agreed to stick out the full queue, rather than do single rider and it ended up being about a 40-minute wait.

It was really hot today, so much so that people were leaving big gaps in the Red Force queue line between the shaded section sensible as it was another 32oC day, and we were really feeling it.

Red Force was fantastic, as usual. We were in row 2. Afterwards, we went up to the viewing platform to take some pics and videos

We took some pics and selfies around the park

All the major rides in the were on 1-hour + queues by now, so we decided that we werent that bothered about waiting for anything else II wouldve done Flying Dreams, but Rich isnt a big fan) and we decided to head into PortAventura now via a very quick look around the Ferrari store

It was about 12:30pm when we walked into PortAventura it was sooo hot today . Too hot for us really and we were both tired already, so we chilled for a bit on the steps / viewing area in Mediterrania

We decided that a loop around the park on the Train would suit our current energy levels. Rich was hungry (having skipped breakfast) so first we popped to get another of the nice Oscar Mayers Cheese Lovers hotdogs wed had last night on the way as a quick lunch (4.95 each plus 3.30 for a Coke to share)

This is the same pic from yesterday...

I gave Rich 1/3 of mine as I wasnt mega-hungry. Im not usually a hot-dog fan but these ones were really nice 😊.

We headed back down to Mediterrania to catch the train. Shade and a/c were the priorities for today, so we checked out todays show times whilst we were waiting in the station, deciding on Bubblebau at 3pm.

We did a whole loop of the park, taking lots of photos

After the full loop, we stayed on for one more stop, getting off at the Sesamo Aventura station to see what the Street Mission queue was like...

It was a fairly reasonable (for a new ride) 40-minutes, but that wouldve been cutting it fine for the show (it was 2:10pm), so we slowly mooched down to China...

My eye had started streaming and stinging again, and it really was uncomfortably hot. I was feeling a bit weak and dizzy, so we sat in the shade near the Waitan Port for 20-minutes, during which time I got changed into the cotton sundress that Id put in the bag in case we got soaked on water rides, and also had a Strawberry Carte Dor Waffle Cone (3.40) and a Coke (3.30) for Rich...

We went into the Theatre at 2:40pm and it was lovely and cool. Bubblebau was really good the same format as last year, but with a different man (I think). I spent most of the show trying to get my eye to stop watering it was really painful.

After the show we both agreed that it was too hot to do any rides today. There was only one more show that we fancied (Tadeo Jones), but it was a few hours off, so we decided to just get the boat back to Mediterrania and to head back to the hotel for a rest.

The first boat that came was full, so we had to wait 15 minutes for the next one it was hot, even in the shade. We both agreed that there would be no-way that wed be able to cope with Florida in August (which wed been considering in the mix of ideas for next year)...

After the boat, we stopped to take some pics of Furious Baco (Rich had brought his iPad out today, so was taking lots of pics too - these are all my pics tho)

No Furious Baco for us this trip - not that we minded, it's good, but really hurts your neck...

We stopped in Records De PortAventura to get some merchandise Rich had decided on a Shambhala t-shirt and some grey PortAventura shorts...

I had my eye on a few things I tried on this Woody / Coaster vest-top, but just like the bandau top that Id tried on the other day, the stretched Woody woodpecker look wasnt doing my boobs any favours

so I just ended up getting this grey/sparkly cap

We also got this snow-globe for Tom, to celebrate his first ride on Shambhala

With a bottle of Coke for Rich and a water for me, it came to 51 (approx. 41 as the transaction was in GBP).

Some final Woody Fountain pics...

The walk back to the hotel was hot, but just about bearable with our drinks. We were both shattered when we got in (approx. 5pm) so tried to get some sleep. Neither of us dropped off, we just watched out individual iPads (Friends and New Girl for me). I also picked at some Cheetos as I was a bit peckish.

We were up and about by 7pm and showered and ready to go out for dinner by 7:30pm. We rang Mom to check in and then walked down to Goretti, which is on the beach-front road, just opposite the SALOU letters. We pondered what type of service wed get tonight we havent got a good track record here, the pizzas are fantastic (which is why we return), but so far we were 2 for 2 on dodgy service.

We stopped at an ATM on the way to withdraw 30. We were doing ok for spends (wed brought 200 in cash were using the card for bigger purchases i.e. cigarettes, merchandise and our dinners at Roadhouse and Goretti), but wanted to make sure we had enough for the taxi to the airport tomorrow.

We were seated outside at Goretti, which was nice as they had cooling mist coming out of the canopy every few minutes...

We got off to a poor start service-wise, with a very-grump man taking our order. No please, thank you or smile !

Usual Sprite and me and Coke for Rich...

I went for Ham & Mushroom pizza and Rich had the Cirilo pizza (both choosing the same as last year). We also ordered some chips and garlic bread to share, and asked for everything to be brought out together.

Our chips arrived first...

...then a couple of minutes later our garlic bread...

...and finally our pizzas about 5 minutes later (hmmm )...

The waiter who brought the pizzas made us put our garlic bread on the chips plate so he could take 1 plate away (not great ).

The pizzas were as lovely, as usual but the garlic bread was disappointing like something from Iceland that you bung in the oven.

No one offered us any extra drinks (although they did take our empty bottles away), and then the final insult was the waiter who literally whipped my plate out from under me just as I picked up my last slice of pizza! Id barely taken a bite!

I did say that I was going to put something on Trip Advisor, but its been 5 weeks and I havent gotten around to it yet. Maybe a job for this afternoon.

This bill was a reasonable 37.70 - Not tip tonight though!

After dinner we walked over to the SALOU sign and then walked down the beach front. It was lovely out tonight - much cooler too

We walked around Un Passeig per Salou to the next cove (Platja dels Capellans) taking loads of pics and sitting for a few minutes on the wall, just enjoying the evening air

We walked back to the hotel via Parc Municipal Salou, stopping at Alcampo for 3 cans of Pepsi max, 2 bottles of water and some sweets for Lacey (who helps look after our Guinnea Pig Walt when he stays with Aunty Wynn). We also got a twin pack of chilled chocolate pudding (9ish)..

We got back to the hotel at 9:55pm. I quickly ran up to the room whilst Rich had a smoke to get our dinner car so that I could pop into the restaurant to get some plastic spoon for our chocolate puddings. Dinner service ends at 10pm, so they were a bit reluctant to let me in, but I manged to gesture that I just needed some spoons an would be 1 minute.

Back in the room, we had our chocolate puddings (my pic was rubbish, so this one's from Google)

It had a strange texture quite gelatinous, so I only ate half of mine. It tasted nice though 😊.

We were both really tired, but I pushed through and managed to get most of the packing done just the toiletries to sort out in the morning. I put the alarm on for 7am, so that we could be ready to head to the airport at 9am our little (Port)Adventure was coming to an end .

I watched an episode of a new sketch show on Netflix with Rich (The Elegant Gentleman's Guide to Knife Fighting) which was quite funny, then fell asleep to Friends.

No step count figures for today Ive swapped my phone since we got back and forgot to take a screenshot from the old phone. I was significantly less than previous days though, having spent most of the day trying to find shade / a/c to sit in 😊

Travel Home Day is here (including a Summary & our Future Plans)

Edited at 10:27 PM.
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