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Disney with the Dufflers - Take 2 - Jul 2019 - Day 10 - Le Cellier, DHS & Fantasmic

Pre-Trip Report

Day 0 - Monday 1st July 2019 - Overnight at the Radisson Blu, Manchester Airport

Day 1 - Tuesday 2nd July 2019 - Travel day and arrival at Sapphire Falls

Day 2 - Wednesday 3rd July 2019 - Universal Studios and Hard Rock Cafe

Day 3 - Thursday 4th July 2019 - Islands of Adventure, Bahama Breeze and Bar 17 @ Aventura

Day 4 - Friday 5th July 2019 - Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure and our move to CSR

Day 5 - Saturday 6th July 2019 - Magic Kingdom and 'Ohana

Day 6 - Sunday 7th July 2019 - Pool day, Disney Springs and The Boathouse

Day 7 - Monday 8th July 2019 - Epcot and Tutto Italia

Day 8 - Tuesday 9th July 2019 - Typhoon Lagoon, Dahlia Lounge and Blaze

Day 9 - Wednesday 10th July 2019 - The Florida Open, Bon Voyage Breakfast and California Grill

Day 10 - Thursday 11th July 2019 - Le Cellier, DHS and Fantasmic

Due to our late night the night before, we all had a lazy morning this morning, just chilling in our rooms. We had a 1pm lunch reservation at Le Cellier, and were spending the afternoon at Disney's Hollywood Studios, which included seeing Toy Story Land for the first time

Neil and I set off before everyone else for Epcot, stopping for a quick photo by Club Cool at Epcot, where hubby says he belongs. I'm not so sure

We arrived at about 12.45 and checked us in for our lunch, but asked if we could potentially have a table for nine, instead of a five and a four. This was, surprisingly, accommodated very quickly, which was great.

Now, I don't know what it was, but everyone seemed a bit tired this day. I think so many heavy park days and a few late nights, including a big, albeit sensational meal at California Grill the night before... were just catching up with us all.

Our meal at Le Cellier thus felt a little deflated. Maybe it was because we weren't as hungry for it as we usually are (because it was a lunch), or maybe the food wasn't quite as good as the likes of Cali Grill and the Boathouse...

The reason I'd done it for lunch was simply because the majority of our party still wanted to go to Le Cellier, the menu was pretty much the same as it was on a night time, and I was struggling to find a 'night' for it alongside demands for a load of Disney Springs visits, MK at night, Pandora at night etc etc.

The food was still really fabulous. I'm not saying it's a bad meal, it wasn't. I think in a similar way to how Neil and I had felt about it on our honeymoon, there are just better restaurants in Disney now...

Anyway... I had the Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Soup. Of course.

And Neil had the French Onion. I was actually really jealous of his. It was spectacular.

And we shared the Chateaubriand. This was really gorgeous.

And for dessert, Neil had the Duke Caboom's Favorite Chocolate Nanaimo...

Note Duke Caboom on the little white chocolate piece. Fantastic.

I had the Pecan Brown Tart. This was amazing. Very homely.

And most of the rest of the table had the Maple Leaf Chocolate Mousse.

After our meal, we got the Friendship Boat over to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Some were already too tired to continue...oh bless you, Sam

However, we soon arrived at Hollywood Studios, eager to see the amazing Toy Story Land. I had broken up DHS into two short visits because of Toy Story Land, and so we could maximise our FP potential.

The park was very busy and it was also very humid, as per, but we had literally just planned to do the FP rides that afternoon and watch Fantasmic.

With our ride goals already laid out before us, we headed around to Toy Story Land. I was itching with excitement to see it 'in real life', although as it has been open for quite some time, spoiler pictures had been quite difficult to avoid.

Nonetheless, we were seriously impressed with TSL. The theming is just spectacular.

Our first FP of the day was an absolute stand out favourite for us... TSM. I also really loved the new queuing area, and it seemed very strange entering the ride through the new entrance...

I rode with OB, as we had been the two top scorers on TSM last time we'd been in 2014 so the competition was ON.

It was an absolutely hilarious experience, with the competition hotting up round after round. We were absolutely in stitches laughing by the end of it... and... I WON!

Proud doesn't even cover it. I did, however, lose the second time we went on TSM... but we'll gloss over that

We still had a little while before our next FP for Star Tours so we did some exploring around TSL. It really is fabulous.

On our way out of TSL, heading for Star Tours... we had a bit of a nosy at the Incredibles themed area.

And got our super hero on. This is such a great photo.

After this, my photos for the rest of the afternoon seem to have gone a little dry. No idea why! I don't have any pictures of Star Tours, but we went on, I promise!

After this, if I'm recalling correctly, the Dufflers actually returned back to CSR, as they were quite tired from the last few days. The remaining five, however, wanted to stay on in DHS for Fantasmic.

Our last FP of the day was for RnR and the fab four smashed it again. Hilariously, we decided to pull 'Sam on a rollercoaster' faces in our ride picture.

A reminder of Sam on a rollercoaster/ride with a dip.

I think OB nailed it, to be fair. But fair efforts from all of us.

We had a few drinks on Sunset, just chatting, and I think we shared a couple of quick service meals between us all for tea. At around 7pm, we headed into the Amphitheatre for Fantasmic.

Because we went in an hour before and were there for the whole build up to the show... we were all massively excited for Fantasmic this time. The atmosphere was electric and everyone was buzzing for the show. We got some drinks and snacks as well

It was just brilliant.

As a result of this, we enjoyed the show much more than we usually did. It was a great night

We headed back to the bus depot... which was also all new and improved in preparation, I'm assuming, for the masses of crowds that they're expecting for SW Land.

This looks terrific now. So much better than it did!

A great day all around...!

Day 11 - Animal Kingdom, Polite Pig and the Dahlia Lounge is here.

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