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Disney with the Dufflers - Take 2 - Jul 2019 - Day 12 - DHS and the Flying Fish

Pre-Trip Report

Day 0 - Monday 1st July 2019 - Overnight at the Radisson Blu, Manchester Airport

Day 1 - Tuesday 2nd July 2019 - Travel day and arrival at Sapphire Falls

Day 2 - Wednesday 3rd July 2019 - Universal Studios and Hard Rock Cafe

Day 3 - Thursday 4th July 2019 - Islands of Adventure, Bahama Breeze and Bar 17 @ Aventura

Day 4 - Friday 5th July 2019 - Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure and our move to CSR

Day 5 - Saturday 6th July 2019 - Magic Kingdom and 'Ohana

Day 6 - Sunday 7th July 2019 - Pool day, Disney Springs and The Boathouse

Day 7 - Monday 8th July 2019 - Epcot and Tutto Italia

Day 8 - Tuesday 9th July 2019 - Typhoon Lagoon, Dahlia Lounge and Blaze

Day 9 - Wednesday 10th July 2019 - The Florida Open, Bon Voyage Breakfast and California Grill

Day 10 - Thursday 11th July 2019 - Le Cellier, Hollywood Studios and Fantasmic

Day 11 - Friday 12th July 2019 - Animal Kingdom, Polite Pig and the Dahlia Lounge

Day 12 - Saturday 13th July 2019 - DHS and the Flying Fish

Given our late night at the Dahlia Lounge watching the fireworks and playing cards, we were all grateful for the lie in this morning. It was also a very exciting morning for us as it was the Wimbledon Ladies Final.

Being a fairly avid Wimbledon watcher and catching various bits of matches throughout, I had been very excited for the game, and to see how Halep performed and everyone was really happy that we could watch it in the nice air conditioned comfort of our rooms.

I thus treated myself for the occasion and got a breakfast that I haven't had in actual years... MICKEY WAFFLES!

This was such a fantastic match and it was a really great start to the morning for us all.

We had showers and headed out for DHS that afternoon. I took a change of clothes with me for me and Neil as we were staying out and eating at the Flying Fish for tea.

Strong T-shirt game for me this day.

We arrived at DHS in no time and were interested to see the set up outside for the Skyliner, which we hadn't really noticed that much on our last visit as it had been dark when we'd gone past it.

We headed straight for TSL as our first FP was for the Slinky Dog coaster. We were VERY excited about this as it was the first new ride we'd been on (so far) in Disney.

We got to see it go round a few times before we went on it, and Mum was getting a little nervous about how fast it appeared to go. This was the most 'rollercoaster' ride she had been on since 2011 when we made her go on RnR.

The theming on this is so brilliant, we couldn't wait to get on it!

The ride was fabulous. We just loved it! Although the pictures say otherwise

We are missing a picture here. But it doesn't appear to be on our account, which is a shame. Never mind!

When we pulled up to dear old Wheezy at the end of the ride, Mum was well happy with herself.

Following this, we actually had some time on our hands, so we managed to get another sneaky go on TSM (we just queued). This was actually really welcome as it was nice and cool in the ride. The weather, while overcast, as really quite sticky and hot. We also managed to run into this guy...

I didn't win this round with OB. I was very heavily beaten. I must have just been having an off day

Next up, Megan, Sam, Mutti and Debsy went to do some shopping and me, Neil, OB, Martin and to our absolute shock... Mark... called in a FP for RnR!

I was really quite proud of him!


Folllowing this, we called in our last FP of the day... and.. our last ride at DHS... Tower of Terror. An absolute classic. The Duffler elders were really going for it this time, as Debsy joined the fab four for our stay at the Hollywood Tower Hotel. We did it in style, getting fantastic front row seats.

I love this ride. It's brilliant and it's still the ride that absolutely terrifies me. Is there anything more wonderfully horrifying than clicking into that lift shaft and seeing that black wall in front of you? I just really don't think there is

After this, we were done, so we headed for the Friendship boat. We actually got off at the Swan and Dolphin, as the boat was pretty overcrowded and the driver said we would actually be quicker walking if we wanted to get to the Boardwalk. Which we did.

This is actually a really lovely walk and I loved seeing this spectacular sign.

That night, we had a 5.55 reservation at the Flying Fish. Not too fussed about fish, the Dufflers were headed for ESPN, just a few doors down from us.

Me, Mum and the boys changed quickly into 'posher' outfits appropriate for a Signature and headed inside. Neil and I were very excited about this meal as the Flying Fish had been a solid second favourite meal of our honeymoon.

I just love this place. The theming is just superb.

The entire evening was first class. From start to finish.

The waiter made recommendations for us for drinks of good value on the dining plan, so we all had champagne!

OB, however, unfortunately, was stuck on Sprite, for obvious reasons.

We were seated at a long table that was literally overlooking the kitchen and the chefs. This absolutely made our night. The chefs chatted to us throughout our meal and they made a few recommendations to us for food.

You can tell my enthusiasm for the meal by the amount of pictures. Sorry!

For starters, I know I had the Pork Belly.

Mum had the salad.

Beyond this, my memory fails me. Something on this first one looks Octopus like...

No idea what this is...

This all looks beautiful though, right? Everyone was just in awe of the food. It was flat out incredible.

I know that I had the Seafood Pasta for mains which was absolutely gorgeous.

Mum had the Salmon which she said was beautiful.

But each of these main courses both paled into insignificance when we tasted the INCREDIBLE Seabass that the boys all had (that had been recommended by the Chef). This was phenomenal.

A really nice touch in this meal was that the manager actually came round all of the tables, including ours, to check how our meal was. We delightedly said that it was amazing. Mum loved that they did this. Very, very classy.

The desserts also fared very well at the Flying Fish. As did the dessert drinks. Martin ordered a Chocolate Martini.

And Neil ordered a Peanut Butter Freeze. I'd had this on our honeymoon.

In terms of actual desserts, I believe I ordered Cheesecake.

And Mum... I think... ordered this very pretty looking dessert. Again, I can't remember what it is... sorry...

It's funny, however. Throughout the holiday, and to be honest, when we're at home, we always take the mick out of OB for always ordering chocolate desserts. The Flying Fish was no exception.

However this dessert and the sauce that it came with, was flat out one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted. It was out of this world.

We were all very jealous, and OB was feeling pretty smug.

At the end of the meal, we gave a great tip and actually nabbed a picture of the absolutely fantastic cooking team that had made our meals.

We emerged from the Flying Fish in high spirits and walked out onto a beautiful looking Boardwalk at sunset.

We got a great group picture here too

After this, Debsy Do had an absolute stroke of genius. They had been on the Boardwalk for a bit longer than us and had been eyeing up the queue time for Soarin' which was looking at about half an hour.

Unanimously, we all agreed to go for it, and headed back into Epcot... a few of us made a little cheeky detour to the outside stand of the Rose and Crown and got some amazing frozen Pimms!

We headed straight on through towards the Land.

Epcot was looking really beautiful this evening, and it seemed really serene and quiet.

We eventually arrived at the Land ready for our cheeky second go on Soarin'.

This was so wonderful and a treat we had never envisaged having on this day... or at all! It was the perfect end to a truly wonderful day.

Day 13 - California Grill/Grand Floridian Cafe brunch and Animal Kingdom is here.

Edited at 07:08 PM.
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Flying Fish looks lovely, it's one of my favourites. From what I remember from my visit the starter is shrimp with crispy serrano ham and citrus and the dessert is a Florida Sunset
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