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Newlyweds in the Caribbean: Curse of the DLXDDP - Day 25 - Central Park & travel home

Newlyweds in the Caribbean: Curse of the DLXDDP - Day 25


Sunday 23rd September

Central Park and travel home

Travel home day was here No matter how long you’ve been away for, it’s always sad when this day comes.

However, there was no time for being sad this morning, as we still had plans for the day. We were up at 8am and enjoyed drinks from the guest lounge while we packed up. Ollie got a message from our transfer with our confirmed pick up time, which was 2 hours earlier than we booked. This was not ok – I think our driver may have been trying his luck as he wanted to be done earlier. Eventually we got our confirmed pick up time back to when we booked.

We checked out and left cases with reception. There was only one place in Ollie’s mind for breakfast – a return trip to City Sandwich!

We had to have a Lisa again, and also got a Salvatore - Homemade La Parma Prosciutto Spread, Roasted Peppers, Chicken Breast, Sautéed Onions, Watercress, Olive Oil - to share.

He couldn’t be happier with his breakfast! We also stopped by a 7-eleven to get a ridiculously large slurpee to share.

Central Park was on the agenda this morning. Our hotel wasn’t too far from the bottom of central park, so we got the Subway to nearer the top and walked our way down, taking in the sights. On our self guided tour we passed Celopatra’s Needle, Alice in Wonderland, the lake, Bethesda Foundatin, the great lawn, sheep meadow and the Balto statue.

I loved that there was all this green space in the middle of a city. We spent a good few hours wandering and taking in the sights.

Once we reached the bottom of the park, lunch was on our minds. There were two places left on our snack list, so we decided to get something from both.

First was the Melt Shop on 8th Avenue. This place does really fancy grilled cheese. We picked a fried chicken grilled cheese ($9.25), loaded tots ($5.25) and a soft drink ($2.40).

Americans seem to really struggle with Ollie’s name – on our receipt he was listed as ‘Aoli’. Reminded me of garlic alioli Still an improvement on ‘Hollie’, which is what he usually gets called.

The next stop was King of Kobe. We couldn’t leave New York without a hot dog! A good amount of topping on this chill cheese dog ($12.95).

Although all this eating was fun, we had to admit defeat and head back to our hotel. We picked up our luggage and our transfer was there early – clearly not impressed that we hadn’t gone with his earlier pick up time. At least he was a better driver than our first transfer.

It took around 1 hour 25 to get to the airport. We checked in and although our bags were very borderline on the weight front, we were fine. Security was only a 10 minute wait – I was expecting much worse.

We found our gate, had a browse in duty free and didn’t buy anything. I did get some overpriced water though ($4.40 including tax). It’s not the same if you don’t get ripped off buying water at the airport.

We also got a black and white milkshake from Shake Shack ($6 plus tax). I did ask for a cup of water, but apparently they don’t offer that here.

We were soon boarding for our flight. We got lucky again and it was just the two of us in a row of three.

Looking a bit rainy outside -

It was announced that our flight time would only be 5 and a half hours. Nice to have a quick journey, but how would I get all my napping in?

Diner was some sort of sausage pasta (no starter on the way home). Dessert was a salted caramel pot of frosting which supposedly had some cake in it as well –does a topping count as a dessert in its own right?

I asked for a diet coke and got one small can. Ollie asked for a shandy and got a beer can and 3 cans of lemonade. He was definitely the favourite!

They came round with tea and coffee after dinner. Hot chocolate had been mentioned earlier, so I asked one of the cabin crew if there was any available. She made me a cup especially, but it was a bit sludgy in the bottom of the cup. I felt I should at least drink some of it.

Ollie passed time watching Ghost Stories and the Greatest Showman. I did my best to snooze. However, they turned lights on for breakfast almost two hours before landing which was a bit of a shock. I definitely didn’t have enough nap time!

Breakfast is always a bit rubbish on flights. This time it was a blueberry yoghurt and a cereal bar. Still better than the egg rolls of years gone by.

We landed at 5.45am, 1 hour and 10 minutes ahead of schedule. Passport control was very quick and luggage was off quite quickly as well.

I then got a very apologetic text from our taxi driver as he wasn’t there yet. I really didn’t mind – he couldn’t have predicted how early we would be. We didn’t have too much of a wait and I was soon in the taxi, waving goodbye to Ollie.

Despite just arriving back from honeymoon, we weren’t going home together. Instead, he was flying straight back out to Amsterdam for a work ‘team building’ trip. (Code for lots of drinking!)

Traffic was light fortunately, although the road layout around the airport had changed while we’d been away – back at this time a lot of road works were going on by the airport – a new road that didn’t exist before was now open!

Within 5 minutes of arriving home this came through the door –

It’s like they knew!

And so ends another trip. A big thank you to everyone who has been reading along. I know it’s taken me a ridiculously long time to write the trip report, but better late than never! I’ve loved reliving this trip through this report.

In the time it’s taken me to write this, we’ve been on our 2019 holiday – a trip to Vancouver and a Disney cruise around Alaska. A trip report will be appearing the cruise trip report section soon.

In terms of future plans, 2020 will be a Disney year of a different type – a trip to California, including Disneyland, is booked

I’m super keen for a return to Disney World in 2021, to combine Disney’s 50th and my 30th – I’m working on convincing Ollie! This (hypothetical) trip would include staying onsite at POFQ again as we love it. Just standard dining this time – we loved the deluxe dining as something special, but it does take a lot of time and we spent a small fortune on tips. I’ll probably have to include Universal, as we haven’t been since 2015. Ok, so I may have planned a whole hypothetical trip. Watch this space!
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Cali was cancelled, will Canada happen?
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Old 15 Feb 20, 11:16 PM  
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Fantastic report guys, thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Appreciate the time it's taken to complete so thank you for sharing your story with us all.

Sharon x
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