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It started out as a weekend in Spain! - Day Two

Day 2 – Friday 29th May

Woke at the obligatory ridiculously early time but somehow managed to doze until around 7am which is unheard of for our first day. Assuming we would be awake around 4.30am we had made plans to unpack, go for breakfast at Waffle House (DH loves this place), visit Wal-Mart if we had time and then be at MK for opening. Instead of these plans we went to Bob Evans at Maingate for brekkie (my choice and absolute favourite place!). I had Classic Breakfast (hotcake, sausage and egg) and coffee. DH had Spinach and Bacon Benedict, OJ and coffee! Boy it was good to be back

Me at Bob Evans:

Headed off to MK and bought my Annual Pass at the TTC (DH had got one in October) and boarded the boat for that first magical ride to the main entrance. I’m sure you will agree that it’s a great feeling? We actually made it in about 9.15 I think – they were just clearing up after the opening ceremony. It was so humid we walked down the right hand side of main street through the connecting shops (at least the humidity was my excuse ).
I had decided on this trip that I wanted to do the few odd attractions and rides throughout the world that I hadn’t done before so our first stop was Buzz Lightyear (which I have done before a few years ago but it’s not my thing). I got 24,000 and DH got 6600 – maybe this was why I enjoyed it so much! DH maintains that it must have been broken!

I didn’t go on about it too much….promise!

We then moved on and saw a little bit of the very short lived Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration before the performers hurriedly left the stage when the rain started!

Next was the Astro Orbitor where the wait was 10 minutes but at least it was undercover and by the time we went up the lift the sun was out again! Again another new one for me, done it now and won’t be particularly bothered to do it again! Next stop was going to be the noisy car ride, Tomorrowland Speedway, but as usual the wait was 30 minutes which is too long for a ride I’m not that bothered about so we skipped it, got a drink and headed to my favourite attraction Philharmagic! I absolutely love this show, I think it is so cleverly done incorporating loads of different characters and films and I love watching people grabbing at the 3D things coming towards them! I tried to shield myself behind DH before the spray of water but as usual it always gets me! Next up was IASW and much to my surprise DH agreed to go on it although I think it was more a sit down out of heat for a few minutes – I took lots of photos to prove he had been on it!

After that we decided to leave to get some lunch and do some shopping. We had a very uninspiring lunch at Taco Bell (DH’s choice) and then went on to our favourite Wal-Mart in Kissimmee to get some shopping done and as usual bought lots (although I have to say the Dr Scholl sandals I bought for $20 are the best things ever and my Tampa Bay Devil Rays lounge pants are my new faves! ) Decided to head back to the hotel for an hour to chill, before our early dinner at The Wave.

I thought The Wave was really nice both in terms of ambience and style and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal of Tenderloin; DH had the Flank Steak. The only ‘negative’ comment was the waitress, Ashley, who said ‘You’re welcome’ to everything we said which was even more over the top than usual! I decided to have the dessert which had three small tasters on (something I’d read on a fellow dibber’s trip report) but DH had nothing as he said he was feeling odd. He went downhill rapidly and I was immediately worried about him. Paid the bill and he went off to the bathroom and I sat in the Contemporary Lobby for ages before he came out and said he felt really bad which is not like him at all. I persuaded him to sit in the lobby for a bit to see if it passed and I gave him some pepto bismol tablets (I always carry half a medicine cabinet, just in case!) and got him some water from the shop. He was clearly very uncomfortable and kept having waves of really bad nausea and sweating. After half an hour or so he felt ready to head back to Pop (I had to drive of course) and I have honestly never heard so much moaning and groaning – I felt really sorry for him. Of course there was no where near ‘our’ stairs to park so I dropped him as near as I could, parked up and by the time I’d walked up to the room there had been a projectile vomiting incident in the bathroom – apparently he just made it! Immediately he looked better and said he felt better but wanted a lie down so I went off to get a drink from Pop food court. By the time I got back (I went the wrong way a bit but in my defence we had only been there once and it was dark!) about 15 minutes later he was in bed and dozing . By 8.30pm he was fast asleep and stayed that way until the next morning. I read my book and amazed myself by managing to stay wake until 10pm but then apart from struggling with the humidity we hadn’t really pushed ourselves.

I love this piccie of DH with his stitch hands!
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Really enjoyed the read and the lovely photos, I hope your DH felt better in the morning!
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Sorry your DH was so ill. Nobody should be sick ay Disney ! hope he felt better the next day.

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waiting impatiently...!
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what an awful end to a lovely first day...I hope he was better the next day
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great day at MK

hope DH feels better soon
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thanks for sharing x x
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Sorry DH was ill! Good report of MK!

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Shame your DH felt so poorly. Hope he recovered quickly.
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Shame about your DH
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sorry to hear your DH was unwell
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