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Deck 4, Disney Wonder
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Our 1st DVC Stay - LIVE - March 2011 - Day 5

Woke up to some seriously grey clouds and heavy rain - just like being at home. We lazed around this morning and I was the good wife and volunteered to go and grab some breakfast from Artist's Palette. Clearly there were lot's of people with the same idea and DH thought I'd got lost I was so long. Eventually I made it back to the room and was once again WET! Bet you can't guess what DH had this morning? Well if you guessed Oatmeal and Bagel and Cheese you are two thirds right - I got a bagel too but I went for the raisin one so we shared the bagel... predictable we ain't!

Around 11am the skies started to clear and the rain eased and by 11.45am we were on our way to get the bus to today's park DHS and our lunch ADR at Mama Melrose's without any rain, cool but no rain. We arrived in plenty of time, got checked in and were seated within minutes. DH ordered a cocktail (Italian Surfer) and I opted for a glass of Prosecco - we are on holiday after all! Foodwise, DH opted for the Sirloin Steak and I went for the Pork dish - I even remembered to take pictures especially for Jill8933(not before we had tucked in though)!

Both were very good and we were pleased with our choices. Desserts were Chocolate Cannoli Cake for me and DH had the Lemon Cream - again both were good. We both agreed that we would definately go there again.

By the time we left Mama's we were at completely the wrong time for any of the shows we wanted to see so had a general wander round before watching Sounds Dangerous... very old but I've not seen it since my first trip 8 years ago. By the time we left there was only 10 minutes to parade time so we got a space and waited. This was our first viewing of the new Pixar parade and although short I think it is definately an improvement on the one that stopped periodically while everyone danced madly!

Again we had 40 minutes to kill until any shows were due so decided to leave and go and get the car from one of the Downtown Disney Hotels. Actually managed to time it right to get the bus - it pulled up just as we got to the queue and left straightaway...our best experience on the last use! Walked from SSR to the hotel and collected the car - still had the hard sell to try to get us to upgrade but no where near as persistent as they are at the airport! We had paid for and got an economy (tip: it usually costs 20 less to book a 2 door than a 4 door and you always get a 4 door - another con for brits methinks!) We've got a Kia Forte that has seen better days - it's done over 27,000 miles and everyone shows in the bodywork and the interior - definately the worse hire car we've ever had but as long as it gets us from A to B it'll be fine. They definately must keep the best cars at the airport!

After collecting the car and securing our freedom for the next week, we headed out on the 535 and got onto the 192, visiting Rack Room Shoes (for my new Asics that I'm trying after reading recommendations on here) and Target for our shopping list of bits to take home...$180 lighter we got a Starbucks and then headed off to a couple of other shoe shops before I made my decision and bought my nice new trainers at the Lake Buena Vista Factory Outlets. Here they are, I hope they are comfortable!) they are purple and grey which doesn't show very well here:

With our new found freedom time had slipped away so we headed to Coronado Springs for our evening meal where we were trying the Pepper Market - the menu we had seen online looked great and it lived up to our expectations. It's a Quick Service meal but you wait to be seated and the drinks are served by waiter. You then visit the food court and make your selection and you have a card that is stamped. Once you have had what you want, you take your stamped card to the exit and make your payment. Great flexibility and a really good use of a quick sevice credit. I had the Nachos which came with Chicken, guacamole, beans, cheese, sour cream and pico de gallo and were delicious. DH chose the Ranchero Steak which was with rice, beans and a tomato & pepper sauce - again excellent. DH had Strawberry Shortcake for dessert while I brought a chocolate chip muffin back to the room for later.

I remembered to take photos again!

By the time we had eaten and had a quick look around the shop it was 9.30pm and it was so nice to just jump in the car and head back to SSR rather than having to get a bus somewhere. So another day done and now just a week left. Tomorrow is another baseball game day but first the exciting job of laundry!
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ooooh the food and cocktail look delish... enjoying your live reports
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Great day - the food looks lovely.
Like your trainers too !
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Great report.
We tried the Pepper Market last year - certainly a great QS meal.
Looking forward to reading more.
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Lovely day, the Pepper Market sounds lovely x
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Old 11 Mar 11, 09:24 PM  
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I love the picture of you with drink in hand - you just look deliriously, holiday happy!

Keep enjoying!
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Old 11 Mar 11, 09:53 PM  
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We really enjoyed pepper market too, probably our favourite quick service meal, oh i wish we were going back 'sigh'
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Great day food and cocktails look lovely.
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Really enjoying your live reports, please keep them coming!
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Excited about Disney
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Helen another great report, love your pics keep them coming, great minds think alike I just got the exact same trainers as you, I'm breaking them in at the moment.
Tell Ian well done for keeping up his training while on holiday, Looking forward to day 6, I;m gonna book Mama Melrose you pics looked too nice to miss that one.

Darren, Jillian, Lucas & Amberlea
2015 Here We Come
Our 2011 Pre Trippie is here
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