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Our 1st DVC Stay - LIVE - March 2011 - Day 11

Another awakening by alarm clock - this is so not right on holiday and we headed off to another favourite, Waffle House, for breakfast. If you've never been, try it - it's an experience! I suppose you could say it's a true American Diner. Once your order has been taken, your server shouts the order to the grill staff and it still amazes me how they mange to get everything right! We sat at the counter today and we were both so mesmerised we hardly spoke to each other! DH had eggs, ham and hash browns (hold the grits...) while I had eggs, ham and a waffle mmmmmm.

Called for some gas (a massive $5 refill!) before heading back to the bank at DTD to deposit a cheque that I forget to take yesterday . It is my annual dividend payout from the Walt Disney Company - a whole 34 cents and it's the first one I have ever been able to pay in. Now I'll be able to set it to get automatically into our Suntrust Account each year. I pay enough to them, might as well get back what small amount (literally) I can. They have a really funky drive through facility for depositing - you put your cheques and deposit slip in a tube, it is one of those air pressuried things (hope you know what I mean), the bank teller appears on a screen and asks you to wait for your receipt which comes back from them once they have done whatever they need to do. So exactly the same as seeing a teller face to face but without having to leave your car... I love America!

Back to the resort for a repeat of yesterday, posting another days trip report for me and reading for DH and finishing the packing ready for checking out tomorrow and then pool/spa time (with the obligatory poolside cocktails for DH). Here are some pictures from around the resort.

The Paddock pool which is currently closed for refurbishment - due to re-open in November:

Our room in the 1st floor, left balcony:

We headed out for Dinner around 6pm and tonights choice was Black Angus Steakhouse at Crossroads. We both had the filet special which was medallions in a mushroom sauce, me with fries and DH with rice and mushrooms - absolutely beautiful. Our medium cooked steaks were perfect! DH also had a cocktail so I was the designated driver this evening.

Headed off to Disney's Hollywood Studios with the intention of watching the second Fantasmic showing at 10pm but we arrived about 7.30pm so decided to go to the earlier 8.30pm show. As you approach the theater we were told there was no seating left - only standing but we decided to head in anyway. Just as we got to the top of the hill we were stopped, told we would get in but would be holding there for a while. After 20 minutes or so we were let into the theatre via an entrance on the right hand side of the stadium (we had been this way previously when we had gone as part of the dining package 4 years ago) and we ended up being seated on the far right of the stadium which was fine - I was just pleased we got a seat!

The show was as good as always and there were definatley more fireworks than usual. Straight out after the finale as we were seated by the exit and we were in the car in no time heading back for the final time to Saratoga Springs. Even got to see the fireworks from Epcot while on the car park tram back to the car - bonus! Got back and had our last coffee from Artist's Palette and retired to our room for the evening so I could get this posted.

That will be it now until we get home on Friday - I'll try and get it posted then, dependent on how awake I am!

Overall we've had a great holiday, it's been really busy, much busier than we were expecting and because of this we haven't done as much park stuff as usual but we are absolutely fine with that - we are lucky enough to know we are coming again in September/October on a family holiday with my parents, brother and sister in law. I have also had a worse than usual time with my feet which has meant I have struggled. It has been nice to have some relaxation because that is something that can be hard to find on this type of holiday!

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Really enjoyed reading your 'live' reports and thanks for the pictures. Some really nice food enjoyed by both of you

Have a safe journey home!
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Safe journey home
Thats me caught up with your reports and now its time to get ready for work
Loved your live reports and pictures , sorry you had trouble with your feet but its always good to relax especially seeing your going back soon.

Thanx again Mandy x
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Old 17 Mar 11, 09:15 AM  
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Your photos of SSR were lovely, I have loved reading your trip report, it sounds like you had a great time. Looking forward to your last day.xx
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Old 17 Mar 11, 11:14 AM  
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Hi really enjoyed your trip reports,loved the photo's,good to know you can open a bank account i would never have known so thankyou.
Just docked at key west,my 2 son's and daughter,husband taking photo.
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Enjoyed reading your live reports.

The drive in bank thing made me smile. 15 years ago I was staying with a friend who lived in Missouri at the time, and on our way out to St Louis one day she said that she had to call at the bank. We pulled into a small local shopping area and drove round the back of the bank passing loads of empty parking spaces, which I thought was strange as parking in one of those was nearer to the front door of the bank. I was absolutely gobsmacked when we pulled up at a window (picture McDees drive thru), where a member of the bank staff conducted the transaction through the window. I thought how much easier that would have made my life at home, as I had a cash business at the time and had to park up in a busy town, then walk to the bank carrying substantial amounts of cash, three or four times a week. And how typical of the Americans to find an easier way of doing it. Maybe in another 20 years we will catch up!

Hope the trip home isn't too depressing
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Really enjoyed your live trippies...SSR looks lovely
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Really enjoyed your live trip reports, thanks for the lovley photo's.
Have a safe journey home.
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Great holiday, loved the reports, hope the rest of the journey homes as good as it can be we all know no-one likes to come back from there, you're probably due to land shortly so 'Welcome Home'
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Hope you hd a safe trip home, thanks for taking the time to post live reports, some good dining reccommendations
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