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Disney Feast West & East : Day 40: The Final Ramblings

Finally 40 days and 40 nights at an end –its like one of those Charlton Heston Biblical Hollywood spectaculars.

I have been so slow to finish this off – I can’t decide if it’s because I didn’t really want to acknowledge that the incredible holiday was truly over and we were back to reality or whether I just ran out of creative steam – or maybe both !

Anyway it was now The day after arriving home – boo hoo

We stayed up as late as we could and did quite well really so today brought the horrors of all that unpacking and getting things back into order.

First up would be the grocery shopping which was slightly tricky as one of our housesitters had obviously used Andy’s car and failed to close the door properly, thus leaving on the inside light and completely running down the battery - and I mean completely. Even extensive charging from my car made no difference so Andy spent almost the whole day trying to find and then get fitted a new battery. Not a happy bunny :angry: – we had said that we were fine for them to borrow the car but you would think they would have checked it was ok, grrr.

We did the usual stuff, got some food in – Tesco, its just not Walmart is it? got the washing on and moved round the piles of stuff that doesn’t really have a home – like travel plugs, all the park maps and paraphernalia and emptied half the sand from Discovery Cove, Venice Beach and Typhoon Lagoon out of the bottom of the cases.

Andy had a bit of strop trying to fit all the shoes in the wardrobe and eventually , my shoes had to be re-homed in another cupboard in order to make way for this small haul ( ok , some were in there before but quite, ahem, a few pairs came back on this trip

I didn’t bother with the bag vs trainer count ( rather like man vs food) – it was clearly obvious that the trainers won, as I can fit all my bags into one large trunk at the bottom of the bed – the trainers however have further spilled over into another boot box at the bottom of the stairs – I think they are breeding while we are at work

So on to the highs and lows then – not that I can really say there are any lows – there were highs, real highs and just bits that were not so high. After such a fab trip, I don’t think we could be so mean as to class anything as a low


Ok – maybe one low then – the Custom Hotel at LAX – shocking service from start to finish . Really put a downer on the end of our West Coast trip. Thoroughly un impressed.

I also think the chicken head in ChinaTown and Flushgate are probably notorious incidents that wouldn’t figure on my “gee this is great” list

The “we thought we like this more “ Not so High

Hollywood Walk of Fame - dirty, noisy, packed out and the only place where I was constantly afraid for the children and wanting them to stay close. Don’t get me wrong, so pleased we went to see it but just not for us

Monterey , Pismo and Venice Beach – they were ok, but that’s just about it – maybe the weather spoiled it for us in Monterey and Pismo but they really didn’t meet our expectations – I think we had overhyped ourselves and expected too much.

The “We didn’t expect these to be so good” – High

Reagan Museum – outstanding , would go back in a flash. Same with Alcatraz. The tram ride in San Francisco. Seeing the Seals on the beach along the PCH.

The “ we love you forever, this was the best day EVER” High

Six Flags Magic Mountain – a day forever etched on our memories and our feet . Probably never to be surpassed or repeated in another theme park again. Man V Coaster and man won

The rest was all very good, the Disney Parks, Universal, touring San Fran , the amazing PCH scenery .

Would we go back ?

SF yes, LA No. Looking back, we recall SF with more fondness than we showed at the time , Jet lag and the cold took its toll on our few days there which is a shame, it had so much to offer that we didn’t get to see. LA was hot and crazy – we liked it but we didn’t love it .


No lows - it was perfect – even getting stuck in the Toilet of Terror has its funny side .

Ok I lied, the satnav and the arguments that we had in the car were a pain in the butt .

Grumbly teenagers who don’t like queuing but also don’t like getting up early to avoid queues and then can’t stand still when they are in a queue . If there is a cure for these, please let me know – oh yes, its called “next time you can stay at home “ .

Character Breakfasts – they just didn’t work for us

Highs – too many to mention but a few

OKW - truly blissful and it was just like “coming home”

The fabulous places we ate on the DDP too many to mention but WPE is the BEST use of CS credits ever. Le Cellier, Yachtsmans and Narcoossee’s were wonderful , Hoop De Doo was a rip roaring evening and ‘Ohana was full of fun.

RPR club level was a real treat, we loved bypassing the lines with the FOTL passes at universal and seeing Blue Man Group

Discovery Cove – an oasis on its own

The shooting day (not my vote but everyone else raved about it),

The shopping bargains around Labor Day

Virgin flights – they were great and extra legroom was so worth it .

Busch Gardens , Epcot and DHS came out as favourites along with IoA . WWoHP was the most amazing theming , such a shame it’s so crowded you can’t take it all in.

Mini Golf and DisneyQuest – the boys could have spent their whole holiday in these places

I overcame my fear of rides and went on far more than I ever expected – and loved them ( well, maybe not MS : Orange )

We got on for 39 days without major incident – there were some fallings out and bickering on the way but our overriding family memory is that we all had a great time. No one stayed in a mood for very long and we all still liked each other at the end

I am sure I have not done everything justice. We were truly fortunate to have had such a great time. I know we all say its a holiday of a lifetime, but this one probably was.

Would we go back ? See the countdown …………

After saying “definitely no more Florida till 2014” , a cheeky fortnight some how crept in, but that’s for the start of another trippy.

Oh yes , Andy and I now have our wedding to plan but that's another story too so you will have to read the next pre trippy, crafty eh

Thanks for reading the marathon. I have loved writing it and so enjoyed all the comments. We crazy Dibb peeps need to stick together – those non Dibbers, they just don’t get it do they ?
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I have really enjoyed reading your trip repoort and it has also brought back happy memories for me of California and OKW. Can't wait to read the new one.
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Old 23 Feb 13, 10:14 PM  
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A very fitting end to your trip report Amanda. Looking forward to your next pre-trippy.
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Really good read, thanks Amanda

We went to six flags a few years ago and loved it! I know you'll know what I'm talking about when we said six flags makes alton towers look like Billing aquadrome!

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ginger ninja
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Lovely finish to an amazing trip report loved reading every single day, was amusing and made me feel like I have known your family for years
Cant wait for the next trip

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Thanks for the concluding part of your trip report Your forgot the treading in posh dog poop on Rodeo Drive though, surely that was a 'not so high' I have to agree San Fran is a fantastic city but jet lag takes a toll when it's at the start of your holiday. for that reason this year it will be our last port of call for four nights before the trip home
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Really enjoyed reading your reports, thanks
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Fab trippie. Looking forward to your next one.

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Really enjoyed reading your report and look forward to hearing about your next one!

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I loved your trippie, and another to look forward to, great
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