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Disney with the Dufflers - Day 3 - Typhoon Lagoon and Bahama Breeze

Pre-Trip Report

Day 0 - The Day Before

Day 1 - Travel Day and Arrival at CBR

Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

Day 3 - Typhoon Lagoon and Bahama Breeze

After breakfast on this morning, we had a bit of pixie dust. It was the 4th July, and Debsy came across a little something. At the centre of Old Port Royale, that there was a naked Duffy bear, waiting to be dressed that morning. Apparently, it was a thing that the CMs got someone to dress Duffy every day. We bought Megan a Duffy bear on our last trip, so she loves him to pieces. We asked the CM if we could have Megan dress Duffy. And she did

In the mean time, the boys had a bit of a play in the games room...

I apologise, I have even less photographs of Typhoon Lagoon than I did on our 2011 report. Truth be told, I’m even less keen of pictures of myself in a costume now than I was then and also, Neil and I hadn’t planned to do any sunbathing at all that day, so we just hired a locker and shoved everything in there. Done.

We set off to Typhoon Lagoon early and got there just as it opened at 9am. It was very quiet at first. We headed straight for the Crush N Gusher and magically picked the wrong queue. Neil and I went on a double tyre and watched in awe and Martin, OB and Sam went on twice in the time it took us to queue for one go!

I LOVED the Crush N Gusher. Because we all queued up to go on together, it was a fabulous experience for us all as a family. Particularly given when we got to the bottom, we could hear Mum and Uncle Mark’s screams as they went around it.

Watching Mum, Uncle Mark and Auntie Debsy leave their triple tyre was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. When they finally landed in the water, Mum just sort of launched herself off the tyre, (‘I thought that’s how you got off’) Uncle Mark fell off as they drifted towards the shallow end of the plunge pool, instead of getting off straightaway and giving their tyre to the next people in line. And Debsy? Debsy had to be tipped off! Crying with laughter, we went on again and then headed back to base.

Mum, Uncle Mark and Megan headed for the lazy river for some chill out time (or so was the idea) while the rest of us headed for the body slides.

We hit Humunga Kowabunga first. I do get worked up about this. Even though the ride itself lasts for three seconds, if that. It just seems so high when you’re up there with Miss Tilly looking down below. Last time we went, I had been wearing a bikini and had been rather shocked to find that when I reached the bottom of Humunga Kowabunga, my bikini bottoms had shifted somewhat.

This time, clever me, I had picked a costume. They weren’t getting me this time. I rode with Martin and Neil. Laid down, waiting patiently for the green light, and I was off! Unfortunately, while naturally my costume did not come down, it did shift, so I’m fairly sure that when I got up out of the slide, those waiting at the top got a nice shot of my bum cheeks!

Sam, Debsy and OB were next to ride. Sam and Debsy nearly chickened out but were coerced into riding by OB. I was well impressed with Sam, though, I have to say. Granted he is 19 now but he is usually an absolute Jessie on rides. But he’d been on Splash, Space and Humunga Kowabunga. Very impressive.

We bumped into a Photopass photographer after going on the Storm Slides.

Then we headed for Mayday and Keelhaul. We got back to base and caught sight of Mum, Uncle Mark and Megan on the lazy river. They all looked very chilled out, but apparently after going practically the whole way round the park, Mark had only just been able to get in his tube!

Then we headed for the wave pool. We were waiting ages for the proper waves to start as it was on the continuous waves cycle when we got in there first off. Me and Neil swam out to the very front of the pool to pass time. Then I suddenly noticed about half way through our swim back that the waves had stopped... it was time for them to start the big ones.

We all really enjoyed the waves this time. Well, in a manner of speaking, we enjoyed the actual experience of being in the wave pool. However, after Neil advised several members of the family it would be a great idea if they sat down in the wave pool, as the waves were heading over us, we all got grazed bums and backs! Ouch!

After some fun in the waves, we headed for the family raft ride. There was quite a wait on this, really and it started to spit as we were in the queue (bear in mind this was only about 12pm) I was convinced they’d close it but we managed a ride, thank goodness.

I was quite disappointed, in terms of pictures, that they didn’t still have the picture at the end of this one (or at Blizzard Beach for that matter) as it has left my photos for Typhoon Lagoon a little sparse but hey ho!

We headed for some dinner, but as we were just collecting our food, the heavens opened! It absolutely siled it down. We flew for cover at Typhoon Tillys but my Chicken Wrap was still a bit soggy!

After looking at the darkening skies, we realised that the rest of the day would pretty much be a wash out, so we decided to head back. However, me, Mum and Uncle Mark headed to Downtown Disney to collect our gift cards. While when we actually got to World of Disney, it wasn’t that much of a faff, I’m sure they could put something in place to make it easier for guests to collect these. Why can’t they have them on arrival at the resort? Surely it wouldn’t be that difficult to have them with the Magic Bands on check in, no?

From Typhoon Lagoon, getting to DTD was a bit of a trek really. We got a bus to Saratoga Springs and then ended up getting the boat to DTD West Side and walking from there. While at Saratoga, we had a bit of a nosy. It looked wonderful, I have to admit. I loved where it was set, and the chilled theme of the resort. Maybe next time we visit, we’ll have to stray away from our home at CBR? Maybe?

After collecting the gift cards, the boys went to watch the football (Brazil vs Columbia) and we went to get ready for Bahama Breeze.

I rang ahead to Bahama Breeze to get our names on the waiting list as it was the 4th July and I anticipated queues. We got two taxis from Old Port Royale and headed over to Lake Buena Vista.

We love Bahama Breeze. As mentioned in my last TR, we go every single time we go to Florida. Even though we have to pay off plan for it, it’s a dining experience that we refuse to miss out on. The Caribbean drums, the chilled cocktail bar, the superb wine and magnificent food is just so worth the wait. Even better, when we got there, we didn’t even have time to get a drink at the bar when our pager buzzed and the table was ready.

We got a booth just off the centre of the restaurant.

I had the Jerk Chicken Pasta

And Mum had the Pan Seared Salmon Pasta

And we shared. For anyone who has never been to Bahama Breeze, just do it. Neil had his first fish dish of the holiday, Tilapia with a Chimichurri sauce. He raved about it the whole holiday.

Following the meal, we decided to have a drink on the terrace and listen to some music...

I hope these photos encapsulate what a wonderful chilled out evening this was for us all.

The photos below are some more of my favourites from the whole holiday. Mainly because it is another photo recreation from 2004, the last time Mark and Debsy came to Florida with us. It’s these little moments which make you realise how special this trip was.

Sibling selfie!

I picked one of the Mango vodka based cocktails. This was really really yummy, until I got to the bottom and realised it was nearly pure vodka. Ouch. So after having wine with the meal and slurping out the rest of this bad boy, Neil basically had to peel me off my chair and push me in the taxi back home. Whoops!

Brilliant day!

Day 4 - Epcot and Via Napoli is here

Edited at 05:44 PM.
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another lovely day
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Great day x
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Being a bit Goofy
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Great trip report so far, will look forward to the rest.
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Another great day!

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Another great day, I'm really looking forward to Bahamas Breeze on our next trip
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fab day great piccies too!


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Looks amazing! Just wondering where your sister and bf are? Have I missed something? Cpxx
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What a fab relaxing day, another one who preaches for Bahama breeze we have to visit at least twice every trip but we went 7 times this year oops. Those cocktails are strong
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Another great day shame about the rain though
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