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Old 19 Jun 20, 05:10 AM  
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Day 11 -Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest & disappointment

Hi & welcome to day 11

The index for my trippie can be found here

Plan for the day:

Fast Passes
Na'vi River Journey at 9:05am
UP! A Great Bird Adventure at 11:30am
Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain at 2:10pm

Character Dinner at Tusker House located at Africa at 4:30pm - for priority viewing ROL

By now we were all starting to flag a little especially after the busy day we had had for Scarla's birthday yesterday, so after a discussion we decided we would cancel our fastpasses for the morning & head to AK for around lunchtime as we were going to be there quite late for ROL.

So after our usual breakfast at CBR, Darren chilled in the room & me & the kids headed for the quiet pool, where i also took the opportunity to get a load of washing done as the laundry was right next to the pool.

After this we caught the bus to AK & arrived at about 11.30 - 12.00, it made a nice change arriving at this sort of time as the bus was practically empty & we stopped to pose with the PP photographer

As our FP for Everest wasn't until 2.30 we had a bit of a wander without any set plan which was quite refreshing compared to our usual marching from one thing to the next.

First, we let the kids let off a bit of steam in the Bone-yard, after this we went on 'its tough to be a bug' which we all really enjoyed, although Alex did freak out a little bit at some of the effects, specifically when it feels like all the bugs are crawling along the seat & when the spiders appear, (which also made me jump a little) I also quite liked how the entrance is under the tree of life so you can get to have a good at all the carvings on your way in.

After this it was time for Expedition Everest, Darren chickened out & although i kinda knew what to expect, the kids were a bit clueless, however, they both went on, Scarla, obviously sitting next to the random stranger as usual

As you can see, nether of the kids were that impressed with the ride. I quite liked it, although i didn't really like the backyards section.

After this we headed to Pandora as i had managed to bag a FP for Navi river which i was quite relieved about as i'd cancelled the morning one & really wanted to experience this ride. before going on it we also got a return time of just over an hour for FOP using Scarla's DAS, so we were over the moon as we all really love this ride & it wouldn't be too long to wait by the time we had been on Navi River.

After this it was about time to head for our reservation at Tusker House. I was quite disappointed with this restaurant for a number of reasons, firstly, we had to wait ages to be seated (which was outside in the heat) and Scarla, especially, was not happy as she couldn't understand why we couldn't just go in. Then, when we were finally seated, in the below section, (image pinched from google as i didn't take any pictures), we were informed by our server that the characters had just been round & we had missed them, but not to worry as they would be back around shortly.
After we had finished our meal, some 30 mins or so later, we had only seen 1 character which was Donald
We hung around for a bit longer but felt a bit pressured to vacate the table for the next customer so gave up in the end & left.

I thought the food was OK, however, the kids didn't really find anything they liked & this coupled with the lack of characters resulted in them whinging & whining throughout the meal. This is definitely not on my list for next time & is my least favorite eatery of the trip.

After this we started to take a slow stroll round the park with no particular plan, looking at the animals etc until it was time to make our way to ROL

Now i have mixed feelings on ROL, i quite enjoyed the show, however, it took us longer to queue & take our seats than the actual show lasted so we all left with the feeling of 'was that it?' & IMHO, i don't really think it was worth wasting the dining package on it as our seats weren't really any better than if we had just queued. i don't think i will bother with it next time.

After this we decided to head home, however, i persuaded everyone to visit Pandora at night to see all the luminous plants etc which was really lovely, i did take some pictures, however, only this one of Scarla came out well enough to see anything

Well, thats it, our last visit to AK of the trip A bit disappointing, however, gives me a good reason to come back again & i still absolutely love the park

thanks for reading

Next up:

Day 12 - Disney springs & an evening at Magic Kingdom

Feb 2019 - 2 weeks onsite at CBR with DDP
Oct 2022 - 3 weeks offsite in 4 bed villa at Emerald Island

'Once in a lifetime' trip report - CBR + DDP Feb 2019

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Old 20 Jun 20, 09:16 AM  
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Palm trees
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Thanks for sharing. What a shame about your meal, I'd be so disappointed if I'd booked a character meal but missed the interactions.
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Old 5 Jul 20, 11:06 AM  
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Iím with you on Tusker House. We had decent character interaction but felt rushed through the meal, freezing air con & unfortunately a server with a bad attitude. Although non-character, loved Yak & Yeti on the next trip so will stick with that for a TS in AK from there on.
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Old 19 Oct 20, 03:43 PM  
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Shame about Tusker House; you pay more for the character interaction and it's a shame you didn't see more.
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