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Unread 13 Aug 18, 06:04 PM  
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Proud to wear my Ears
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Location: Lancashire, England
Cast Member Charlotte (Disney's CEP 2018!) Day 54

Ok I'm on my way to work right now but I'm going to try and carry on from where I left off in my last report! Although I've no idea how much I'll get in before I have to clock in...let's see...

So after my night with the Emporium cast at IHOP, I got in at about 4:30am and ended up sleeping in until 1ish. I got up and got ready to go out, because this was my last day off and therefore my last night that I could spend with my housemates before they left! We were going to the Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks one last time before we all left, and we wanted to dress up nice.

I don't take too long to get ready and was done within about 30 minutes, but I then had to wait for Taylor and Ashley to get home, and Ashley is really bad for taking ages getting ready. I did some DJing whilst she put her makeup on in her bathroom, and introduced them both to "Laid" by James, the lyrics of which they were a bit shocked by! 😂😂😂

We were all ready by 4pm (she took AGES), then we got the mandatory girls-day-out selfies in before setting off in Taylor's car. We were all wearing pretty red or blue dresses with red lipstick ready to go strutting down Main Street and watch those fireworks!

We went on a few rides that the girls hadn't been on before, but when it was time for fireworks, the BIGGEST storm clouds started to roll in.

We all got a special treat from Main Street Bakery - I had always wanted to try a caramel apple! I made a bit of a mess though, much to the amusement of my housemates...

Explanations for this will come in a moment! Just about to lose WiFi so want to get it uploaded whilst I write the next bit...

Ok! So Ashley wanted to meet Tinkerbell before we left, and because of the stormy clouds we decided to walk through the Emporium (also so they could drag me past Will and embarrass me &#128514. When we were in line, they both began to wimp out of watching the fireworks because of the rain! Taylor claimed it was because of the lightning but I was having none of it. In true British fashion, I gave a passionate little speech about how you can't let a bit of rain (or in this case, a lot!) stop you from enjoying yourself, especially since this was our last night together and I had dedicated my first day off in 7 days, and last day off ever, towards watching the fireworks with them. Then I had a genius idea.

None of us had brought raincoats or even backpacks since we didn't want to ruin our fabulous look, and we also didn't expect it to rain so late in the evening. We also didn't want to pay $10 each for a poncho. So I had the genius idea of popping back into the Emporium and pinching three of the giant plastic bags which we use for wrapping the giant plush. All we needed to do was make a hole for our head and arms and there was a poncho right there!

So back we went, after I dragged them into the Emporium again, lecturing them about enduring the weather for the sake of rescuing our evening. The weather channel said hailstones the size of dimes were possible, but even that didn't deter me. I found my friend Katie who was working at the time, and asked her to pop into the back to get three giant plastic bags for us. In the meantime, Ashley fell in love with a baby Baymax and Taylor ended up buying a Rubix cube 😂

Katie returned and handed us the bags for "all the shopping" we were going to do, then we headed into the toilets by Casey's Corner.

I have to say, I was quite proud of myself. The plastic bags worked a treat, and the girls cheered up as we laughed our heads off at how stupid we looked in the toilets. Ashley went a step further and used a smaller plastic bag to wrap her hair up on her head so that it wouldn't get wet. She used her ears to make a kind of triangular hair cover on her head. Together, the three of us looked a right sight.

We bravely stepped back out into the rain to find a space for the fireworks, and together with Taylor's tiny umbrella for the three of us, not a splash of rain touched us hardly. The fireworks were great as usual, although I do know pretty much every word to 'Happily Ever After' by now since I hear it every night from the Emporium. They still didn't fail to choke me up as I looked at my friends knowing I was going to miss them to bits once they left.

Once they had finished, Ashley was a mad woman on a mission dragging us towards Splash Mountain to get on whilst the wait was 15 minutes. I think everyone else had the same idea because it ended up being more like 25, but that's still not very long for Splash! We got several funny looks since we were literally wearing plastic bags, but we were a lot dryer than most! After we got off, I BEGGED them to let me go on the Haunted Mansion one last time with them but it was nearly 11pm, they were knackered and had to get up at 4am for work the next day. So we made our way back towards Main Street and ended up stood in a massive line for the ferry boat back to the TTC.

An hour later we were home, and irritated to find Delphine with a boy round - again! I told her we were all going to bed but she didn't budge. Ashley and Taylor were furious, as was I, but they were too polite to say anything. We all made a massive point of getting ready for bed around Delphine and the guy, hoping they'd take the very obvious hint we were giving them. But no.

I got in bed and couldn still hear them through my earphones, so knew full well it must have been even louder for the other two girls. So I sent a passive aggressive text to Delphine saying that it was already nearly 1am, I was due to get up at 6 for my 14 hour Memento Mori shift, and Taylor and Ashley had to get up at 4. She finally got the message but instead of saying goodbye to the dude and just coming to bed, she went back out with him! So I knew I was going to get woken up again when she came home.

I laid there trying to get to sleep and I just couldn't. My mind was whirring, thinking about my roommates leaving and my upcoming Memento shift the next day. I had a cold too, so I couldn't breathe through my nose. I tossed and turned until 3am when Delphine came home and made a racket getting ready for bed. She fell asleep instantly and snored like hell, giving me something else to keep me awake! I was hyper aware that I had a 14 hour shift in front of me so I needed to sleep, but it seems it was just not meant to be. At 5am I laid there in defeat knowing I had to be up in just an hour to get ready for work. There was literally no point in sleeping since it would be harder to wake up again than just stay awake completely.

I'm going to leave this report here since once again I'm nearly at work. I feel like my shift at Memento Mori deserves a report all of it's own as I've got tonnnnnes to tell you! I finish work earlier than usual tonight so I'll try and squeeze it in before bed. I'm on the wrong end of the day anyway 😂

Thanks for reading guys 😁

Cast Member at the Emporium, Main Street, Magic Kingdom
Summer 2018

Remember, you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine!
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Unread 13 Aug 18, 07:05 PM  
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New Photo Added by EvilQueen1937 - 13 Aug 18 7:05 PM.
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Unread 13 Aug 18, 11:17 PM  
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Join Date: Apr 04
Looking forward to hearing all about your Hm shift!
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Our WDW Holiday.
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Unread 13 Aug 18, 11:26 PM  
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Orlando 2004
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Looking forward to your next update.
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Center Parcs
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Unread 13 Aug 18, 11:28 PM  
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VIP Dibber

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Location: Dundee
I am amazed by your patience with Delphine! Your shift must have been awful functioning on no sleep.
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Now it's Coronado Springs!
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Unread 14 Aug 18, 05:00 AM  
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theDIBB Guidebook
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Excellent idea with the plastic bags! We were watching HEA that evening too, the lightning was spectacular! DD got wrapped up in a towel she'd taken to sit on whilst waiting for HEA, but we got quite wet...wish we'd had stylish plastic bags
It was lovely to meet you in Memento Mori, thank you for introducing us to Fred, Dave and the redhead!
Enjoy your last few days, and maybe we will see you at MNSSHP...all the merch is looking very tempting!

WDW POR 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015 (Xmas), 2016 and 2018
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DVC for the 1st time (AKL)
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Unread 14 Aug 18, 10:03 AM  
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The plastic bags were a good idea

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Unread 14 Aug 18, 06:03 PM  
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Dizzny Momma
Excited about Disney
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Location: Cornwall
I'm still enjoying your escapades and good thinking re 'ponchos' can't wait for next instalment
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Our New England and WDW Holiday.
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