Disneyland Paris Trip Planning
Anyone booked with


  • 23 Feb 14, 02:55 PM
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  • Thanks for all the advice, we've just booked with dlparisdirect

    4 nights at the Sequioa Lodge in the golden forest room Mon 30th March- Fri 3rd April (2 nights free deal, kids under 12 free) for 777 instead of the 800 Disney are selling it (a little saving but better in our pocket)
  • 23 Feb 14, 04:37 PM
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  • Fantastic!

    They are so easy to use, once youve paid the full money they will send you a voucher in an email.

    Just print this off and hand it in when you check in and tada!
  • 23 Feb 14, 07:53 PM
    dee slack
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  • never heard of them before, so just been to check out their price for our Dec trip and it's exactly the same price, except it looks like you don't pay the 16 booking fee that DLP charges if you book direct, but they do charge for paying by c/c but then again you don't have to pay in full, but you wouldn't get 3.5% cashback on Quidco - what a dilemma!
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  • 23 Feb 14, 10:03 PM
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  • I can't believe the sleeping beauty suite costs 24k for 4 nights! xx
  • 2 Mar 14, 11:57 AM
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  • Used them last year saved 200 on the price through disney, no problems at all.

    This year though seems disney is cheaper !
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  • 2 Mar 14, 01:18 PM
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  • Totally agree with widearch we've booked our last few trips with them and they always slightly undercut Disney themselves! We also had a problem with a mis-spelt name which was rectified immediately by them - would highly recommend them.
    Having a year off :(
  • 2 Mar 14, 01:18 PM
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