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Old 12 Aug 16, 06:26 PM  
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15 Days Of Orlando Magic - Day 15, Time To Leave My Happy Place...

Well we made it back to a sunny UK this morning, the bags are unpacked and the washing has begun!
As promised here is our last day...

I'm going to miss my lovely view and having my morning cuppa on the balcony😢
I'm up early at 6.30am as I decided to leave all the packing until this morning, when I saw what I had to fit in the cases I wished I'd started it last night!

I manage to drag myself away from the morning sunshine and get myself into packing mode.

By 9.30am everything was packed into the cases and hopefully all the breakables were padded out sufficiently.

I called Bell Services at 8am to arrange for someone to collect our bags at 11am and they were at our door bang on 11am.
As we were having lunch at Olivia's at midday we decided there wasn't enough time to do anything off of resort so we sat and had a drink alongside the canal whilst watching the boats come and go.

I did pop into the shop and purchased this Mickey watch I've had my eye on since seeing it at the beginning of the holiday.
I decided I was going to need a replacement for my MagicBand on my wrist when I got home😉

After buying up some more sweets with the last of our snack credits it was time for lunch.

I had the buttermilk chicken with mash and green beans.

Charlotte had the chicken sandwich with chips. She couldn't eat it all!

Ryan had the chicken burger in a pineapple coconut bread roll with chips.

Ian had the Caribbean shrimp with coconut rice.

Charlotte and I just couldn't face another dessert so ordered this one and shared it, it seems such as waste as we couldn't do it justice. Ian and Ryan both had the banana caramel bread pudding again.

We use our last table service credit and leave a cash tip as we've cleared our room charges, I'm going to miss that MagicBand!😉

Now came the worst bit, waiting for the Magical Express to the airport 😩😩
To rub salt into open wounds a Magical Express bus turned up just before ours to drop off new guests checking in😢

I was making the most of feeling that Florida sunshine on my face right until the very last moment, although I'd now changed into my 'going home' clothes and black leggings and Florida heat do not mix! 😅😅


Nooooooooo! God I hate this bit😫

I actually wanted to cry right now but held it together... just!

One last look from the Magical Express, bye bye Old Key West thank you for such a magical family holiday ❤️

We arrive at the airport at 2.20pm and check in, the check in was nice and empty so we were done and dusted very quickly, I had booked the same extra legroom seats going home as we had going out.

We have a look around the shops and I make a quick phone call home to mum, this photo was taken in the Disney Earport shop, I think all things Disney should be banned when you're going home, it's just too sad to look at it all🙁

We go through security which I'm happy to report was quick, efficient and the TSA lady we had was really friendly👍🏼 We get the shuttle over to gate 80.

We are called at 5pm to start boarding which means we are already going to leave later than our scheduled time of 5.25pm this was apparently due to the catering taking longer than usual to load.

We taxi out towards the runway and we then come to a stop, nothing unusual I know. But then we sit, and wait and wait some more. The cabin crew are walking up and down the cabin which again is not unusual but it becomes apparent that something is happening at the back of the plane.
The pilot then announces that we have to return to the stand as a passenger has been taken ill and needs to be offloaded.
This happens very quickly and I do hope that the poor lady is ok, she was with what seemed to be her son and his children and her husband. The lady and her husband are taken off the plane but the son and grandchildren stay onboard, my heart broke for the two young boys who were clearly upset about their grandma😥
We then sit on the stand for another hour whilst they find the lady's bags and top up with more fuel.
The crew were fantastic and I'm pleased to say that I didn't hear any passengers morning about the delay. As the captain said, if it had been a member of our family we would appreciate people's patience.

We finally take off two hours after scheduled departure time. As we are later leaving they serve dinner and drinks at the same time and then offer another drink after dinner.

I ordered the Thai red chicken curry, I barely touched it as I was still full up from lunch☺️

I managed this though 😉

We then settled in for the flight, I really wasn't impressed by the choice of films this time so ended up watching a David Attenborough documentary on dinosaurs and then finished reading my book.
I tried to sleep but it never came I just managed to get a numb bum and neck ache! 😄

Morning has broken and they bring round breakfast, Charlotte and I decline as eating after a long haul flight does not sit well with me, also my body clock thinks it's the middle of the night so I just have a cuppa (can you tell I like my tea?!) Charlotte turns her nose up at everything and knowing her like I do its best to not even engage in conversation by this point!

As we are later than scheduled we sit in the spiral for 3 goes around before landing, we manage to spot Shoreham Harbour from the plane which is about 3 miles away from our house!

We land at 8.15am and use the electronic passport gates to get through immigration, this was a good call as the hall was absolutely heaving! It is worth pointing out that some signs say you can't use the E Gates if you're under 18 but the screens say anyone above the age of 12 can use them so we chanced it and we were fine.
Our bags are on the carousel and we make our way out into arrivals.
Ian and Ryan head for Costa to get coffees and teas and I call Maple Manor to let them know we are finally here. The lady informs me that our car is already in the car park and we will be met there.
This was a nice and smooth service yet again and I'm sure mum and I will be using them next year when we go away.
We are in the car and on our way home, fortunately we live just under an hour away from Gatwick so the journey doesn't take long.
I'm still wearing my MagicBand😄

Nearly home, thank goodness it's sunny although not quite as warm as we're used to!

Made it home.
I find the cookie I chose in Goofys Candy Co on Wednesday night in my bag, I'd totally forgotten it! Thank goodness I chose oatmeal & raisin and not chocolate, that could have been messy😳
I dig out my new Pluto mug and sit down for my healthy breakfast.

The new magnets are added to the ever expanding magnet collection...

We have Norway...


Wilderness Lodge...

Coca Cola which is also a bottle opener...

And this one that Ryan bought us🙂

A new addition to the top of the fridge.

Here's the collection...

And from the side ☺️☺️

I got this salt (or pepper) shaker for Ian as he loves Donald Duck.

From the back.

I've also bought this beauty for my car🍦

New frame for the lounge.

A new key ring.

A chalkboard magnet for the fridge so I can keep a countdown (yes that's my new WDW countdown! ) 👍🏼🙂

Christmas decoration.

2016 Christmas decoration.

So this will be me until I return to the magic!
We have had a truly magical time and I have enjoyed spending time together as a family.
Ryan gets his A Level results next Thursday and we will be celebrating his 18th birthday on the 31st, this is bittersweet for me as I'm so proud of who he has become but sad that he will be moving out for university (hopefully!) in a few weeks!
This holiday was truly wonderful as we got to spend time together in our favourite place on earth 🙂

Thank you all for your kind comments and I'm now off to answer your questions!

See You All Real Soon! xxx

Anna x x

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Old 12 Aug 16, 06:59 PM  
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Hi Anna - I've loved reading your trippie, and am going to miss all your hat photos.👒🎩👑⛑

Glad you all got home safe, but sad for you that it's over 😢. I hope the post-Florida Blues don't hit you too hard.

Thanks for sharing 😀
Ems 🎢🎡🎠
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We still love Florida but have caught the European theme park bug
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Huxwolds 2020 - Part 1 (Germany)
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Old 12 Aug 16, 07:00 PM  
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Fantastic reports, thanks for sharing them all with us, we hate travel home day it comes round far to quickly.
Looks like you all had a wonderful time though and you have created lots of new fantastic memories,
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Old 12 Aug 16, 07:48 PM  
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New Photo Added by Blondie1979 - 12 Aug 16 7:48 PM.
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Old 12 Aug 16, 07:49 PM  
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What a lovely holiday you have had! The watch is really nice. I have really enjoyed reading and sharing your experience, thanks Anna! Welcome home! Its a heatwave here too!
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Old 12 Aug 16, 08:51 PM  
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Loved reading your trippy each day. So glad you have another countdown to get you over the holiday blues.
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Old 12 Aug 16, 09:57 PM  
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Its always sad leaving isnít it? Shame you had the delay setting off, but hope your fellow passenger is OK, it must have been very upsetting for her family.

Charlotte sounds like my eldest daughter on the return flight Ė best left alone! Wow you have a LOT of fridge magnets! Love the Coca Cola one.

Thank you for taking the time to do the report, & thanks to your lovely family for letting us follow along on your holiday and for the effort with the hat photos. Good luck to Ryan for results day. Look forward to hearing all about your next trip
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Old 12 Aug 16, 10:11 PM  
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Loved your report x
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halloween horror nights 30th a
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Old 12 Aug 16, 10:14 PM  
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Love all the stuff you brought back! Have really enjoyed reading every day 😄
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Old 12 Aug 16, 10:31 PM  
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Thanks for doing your report.

I have enjoyed following you on your fabulous holiday.

Having a new countdown helps the dreaded feeling of leaving and coming home.

Thanks for sharing .
<font color=Magenta>what ever happens there will alwaysw be pixie dust  <img src=images/smilies/shades_smile.gif border=0 alt= title=cool2 class=inlineimg /></font>
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Mickey is expecting us in...
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