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Unread 22 Feb 09, 12:04 PM  
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Originally Posted by donnakirby View Post
hi just back and most say i really didnt enjoy it.

we used RS transport shared shuttle bus from the airport - which was absolutely fantastic and would highly recommend them - excellent service. we were the only ones on the bus.

newport bay - lovely and clean about a 5 to 10 mins walk to the park - buses were very good and we didnt wait very long for them.

disney park and studios - were very busy - rides broken down - people smoking all over the place - disney characters favoured the french when it came to getting autographs and kept moving about and turning there backs on the children - no photographers anywhere to take your photos - lines for characters terrible.

princess lunch - was nice but characters very slow at coming round and menu choice - very limited.

innoventions character meal - was a nice buffet - good selection of characters but again very slow at coming round.

cafe mickey - extremely busy - and in my opinion the worst of the above - plenty of characters but so slow at coming round - staff quite rude.

i have been to disney paris 3 times now and the last time was 2006 - in my opinion i think it has gone down hill - very run down in places - staff quite rude in a few places - it doesnt have the magic or the sparkle of disney.

i think once you have been to florida - its the real thing - very magical and special and the staff are really genuine.

all the above is my own personal experience over the half term and my personal opinion.

would i go to disney paris again - no - it just didnt do anything for me at all - i hope i havent offended anyone with my views and thoughts.

thanks for reading.
we felt the same when we done dlp and that was in 2000, said then i wouldnt go back but we had discussed it and thought of going during the school october week but if things are still as bad i dont think id want to go again.

much prefer going over the big pond


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vow renewal trip with kids
Unread 22 Feb 09, 12:04 PM  
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orlando mad
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hi sorry to hear you did'nt have a very good time. we went for the first time in september 08,and i was not very impressed, the smoking thing annoys me although i am a smoker i always use the smokezone,i got very annoyed with a french man smoking in the que to tot he was blowing smoke all over me and the kids,when i flapped my hands around to remove the smoke from my childrens faces he just smerked and turned his back on me, :angry: i must say we did'nt find any problems with characters we had our photo's taken with quite a few, i also found it very expensive, seens it was ment to be a cheap holiday before we went to florida this year, we will give it another go though as we went with 2 other large famillies there were 7 adults and 20 children between us lets just say my children are not perfect but they know when to behave,unlike some of my friends, so we will be going on our own next time so we are hoping to have a less stressfull time,

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Unread 22 Feb 09, 12:07 PM  
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Apprentice Imagineer
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You havn't offended me! I am glad for the honest review, and it just confirms my decision in going back to florida rather than euro disney this year. By the time you have priced it up its just too expensive when you can get back to florida for a little more, and the characters aren't singing and talking in french! sorry if that offended anyone!
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Art of Animation here we come
Unread 22 Feb 09, 01:51 PM  
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Mrs Potts
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I have also just returned from DLP, we stayed in the Newport Bay Hotel and we were not impressed at all,

I totally agree with the smoking and the scrabble to meet the charactures as for the rides most of them were not working (ok slight exageration) we were on a couple when they broke down, I will not be going again.

I found it very expensive 2.60 euro for a very small bottle of water.

My sister came with me and she said that there was no 'magic' like she expected we could have been in any theme park.

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No kids this time!
Unread 22 Feb 09, 01:58 PM  
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i thought you was talking about florida for a second then!,sorry to hear you had a bad experience, i too went over to france to see family and thought we'd drive to disneyland and didnt even go inside,we arrived at the gates trying to fight our way in as the french dont seem to know how to form a nice orderly line for getting in,very ignorant compared to florida where its nicely quewed getting in,reminded me actually of trying to get out of old trafford when i used to have a season ticket,everyone fighting for inches.
then we parked up and was in the line at the entrance and found everyone to be smoking too and you could see loads of the park and to me it just looked like a greatly scaled down florida,so we thought sod it we're going back to florida in a few weeks we might as well save the money for there so we did!
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tick tock tick tock
Unread 22 Feb 09, 02:47 PM  
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Excited about Disney
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When we went a few years back, we stayed at the Hotel Cheyenne, which was ok. We found the staff rude and said we would not go again.
After having been to Florida Disney first we thought the DLP one would be good as well, but to be honest we would never go back there again. It did not have the atmosphere like the one you get in Florida and it just did not feel like Disney at all.
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The Magic Begins in...
Unread 22 Feb 09, 03:09 PM  
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I definately agree about the magical feeling. When ever I have been to FL. I always get very emotional just getting off the plane, and always get tears in my eyes as I see the castle for the first time. But at DLP I have none of that, walking down main street and seeing the castle does nothing for me at all. There are definately no tears or goose bumps.

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So excited to be going back to ORLANDO.
Unread 22 Feb 09, 03:20 PM  
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Originally Posted by BevS97 View Post
We were last in DLP in 2005, I throughly enjoyed DLP but hated the smoking and we just gave up on Character greetings after the first attempt (although we did find one or two proper organised greetings with queues and nice backdrops, but the other character encounters were just chaos.

I would probably go back if it was cheaper but it's too expensive for a 2nd rate experience.
We had a similar expereince the last time we went. French guests smoking in the queues (covered areas) while chatting to the CM's!
Trying to get autographs was a joke! We still have a 15 minute long video of our children waiting patiently for an autograph from Minnie. There were about 3 people in front of them when they stood to wait and about 30 people got in before them. It was almost as though the brits were invisible! :angry: we gave up in the end
Staff members were often rude and laughed at us when we mentioned the smokers in the 'covered' queue area.
Would rather go to WDW every 3 years than have a yearly trip to DLP.
I must say that the Sequoia Lodge hotel was lovely though
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Back to the planning stage :(
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