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Disneyland Paris Trip Planning Disneyland Paris Holiday Planning Questions and Tips.
Holiday to Florida with Florida4less
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Unread 26 Feb 09, 05:53 PM  
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Its not just the holiday price at DLP that is off putting. With current exchange rates the cost of food is monsterous! My mates just come back and was paying 15 for a burger!

Our Florida holiday this year for 2 weeks including Disney Moderate, flights, 14 day passes and full table dining plan is 3,200 for a family of 4.

You wouldn't get long in DLP for that!
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Short break in Berlin
Unread 26 Feb 09, 06:10 PM  
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We went to DLP when the boys were younger and it was great. I definatley wouldnt rule out going again. Only thing I will say is when we were there, there was very little atmospere and it cost us lots for 4 nights.
We didnt see many characters when we was there and the french were very rude!
Having said that it is closer, the boys enjoyed it, the hotel was nice.
Also i ate at the Rainforest cafe on the 2nd night and ended up not being able to go into the park at all on the 3rd day as i had sickness and runny bum.

Actually in all honesty I probably wouldnt go back!
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3 weeks :)
Unread 26 Feb 09, 07:02 PM  
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I really want to try DLP one day but I'll be honest the reason I keep 'picking' WDW over DLP is the fact I love all things American but I will get to DLP one day!

TBH I also think there is snobbery re. WDW amongst people who have never been, I get it all the time at work

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Some well deserved time away
Unread 26 Feb 09, 07:04 PM  
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Katie C
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I actually have to agree, I think can be a bit snobby about DLP on here- but be fair, its predominantly a WDW site so thats the approach people take. I've been to both and I love both. WDW def has more sparkle and fellow patrons area lot nicer, but I think DLP has a whimsy that WDW lacks (again, European vs American)
I think WDW sets a bar with weather and American service than DLP can't hope to meet, so people do turn away from it. Take it in its stride and its a great a short break, I love it and I'm always looknig forward to going back (ans planning my next trip to WDW at the same time!)
Althoughh I'll be honest, if something doesn't meet expectations you do turn against it, I turned against Universal Studios last year when the service was bad and the queus horrendous, just goes to show we can all be prone to judging things by our own standards!
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Back to WDW! Woo hoo!
Unread 26 Feb 09, 07:23 PM  
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Originally Posted by Leanne1977 View Post

I feel a little like I'm waffling now so to sum up, we love them both. DLRP for a quick Disney fix(never paid more than 500 for 5 days including park tickets), and Florida for a more all round holiday.
Same here, I wouldn't go to Paris instead of Orlando however I do like to fit both in during the year as they both offer completely different experiences. We did 3nights at Paris for 350 including tickets and flights and that was staying onsite.
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Unread 26 Feb 09, 07:50 PM  
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Originally Posted by Jan View Post
It's not snobbery with us. Florida and WDW is our main holiday. There is no way I would consider DLP as a main holiday. Also getting to DLP from the north west is, for us, a definite no-no. Not worth either the cost or the hassle. I would rather save the money for something else.
agree with this florida is a 2 week holiday DLP would be a few days at most unless you like doing the same stuff again and again.. I did price this up for this spring/summer but was totally shocked at the total I have to say that DLP does look good but the cost for just a few days, when you cant rely on the weather and have to put up with the smoking etc, plus, as mentioned, the hassle and cost of getting there if you dont live in the south of England, just seems really silly to me If I couldnt afford florida and i really really wanted to go then i would be willing to have another look, but tbh having now been to WDW (and going to DL this summer) I would be scared that we would all just compare it too much and that DLP wouldnt come up looking so good

florida is definetly about the whole "package" and really cant be compared to even DL let alone DLP as they make up just a part of most peoples holidays..
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Onsite Disney Take 5 (SSR)
Unread 26 Feb 09, 07:52 PM  
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Excited about Disney
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For me they are 2 different experiences that can't be compared.

I love Florida and I love DLP for different reasons.

I like the fact Paris is close and can get a quick Disney fix.

I think some people judge it too quickly but it's not that bad a place, I enjoy my time there and take it for what it is.

However the prices seem to have rocketed and now Florida seems the better value for money.
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3rd Magical Sailing Adventure
Unread 26 Feb 09, 08:44 PM  
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The first time we had any experience of Disney was in Paris in early December. It was with a trip from my husbands work and we went by coach & Euro tunnel. (just stayed 2 nights)

My children were about 6 & 8 at the time and we didn't tell them anything about the break until the 5am on the Sunday morning.
I can honestly say it was the best few days of my life even with all the travelling. It is a time I will never forget & the happy memories will stay with me forever There is nothing more special than seeing your children's faces light up with excitement !

I do love Florida and if given a choice would always choose there first, but if you haven't got the money for the US or if you are just thinking of a few of days away I would recommend it to everyone. (although I must admit I found everything very expensive)

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Lisa x
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Kissimmee Swamp Tours

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