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Disneyland Paris Trip Planning Disneyland Paris Holiday Planning Questions and Tips.
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Unread 2 Nov 12, 01:02 PM  
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Originally Posted by exiled View Post
After our 3rd visit to DLP we have decided enough is enough. Miserable, rude staff, areas of the park looking run down and shabby and the fact that they allow too many into the parks leading to huge queues have made it a very average experience.
Rides breaking down, people smoking everywhere, queue jumping, awful overpriced food...I could go on.
I've never seen so many stressed out families arguing with each other. It's supposed to be a happy time.
They built this park in the wrong country, the French simply have no idea how to pull off the Disney experience.
It's Florida or California for us from now on, better value and a much better holiday.
I too agree! It isn't just making a comparison with WDW,the fact is (IMO)the parks and hotels leave much to be desired with the running and maintenance! On our last visit (4 years ago now,and against better judgement!) we had the very worst encounter.We -DH,DD,SIL,3 DGD-were walking back to our hotel-Disneyland-and without warning the managment decided to CLOSE Main Street! The very inept CM's were directing! guests to the left of Main Street and eventually through the corridor of quick service cafe's.Anyone who has visited will be able to recall that the aisles are narrow,and obviously full of tables and chairs with people sitting at them!Then imagine HUNDREDS of guests trying to get through,trying to to keep your little ones safe,and the very disgruntled patrons of the food outlets being harassed with the crowds trying to get past!It really was VERY SCARY and the staff were OBLIVIOUS.My SIL/and DH had to pick up our DG's as it was clear that they were not safe at just above knee height! We then had no other option than to be "carried" along with the crowds!We complained bitterly at the resort,who really were not interested. The fact that Main Street was closed was not the problem,the problem was that the staff and management were not equipped to make decisions of this magnitude and keep guest safety paramount in their minds! Sorry to those of you who enjoy DLP,but for our family NEVER AGAIN.
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Unread 2 Nov 12, 01:12 PM  
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I've clearly been lucky as I've not experienced any of the above on my visits. But then again I don't go when it's busy, I accept DLP is not WDW, and that it's in France aimed at europeans.

Of course it's difficult not to compare it to WDW but DLP has a completely different audience and it suits those on mainland europe a little more than it does us.

Staff we didn't find rude, just your standard, they don't fawn over you like their wdw counterparts and I think in some respects I'm more comfortable with that.

Smoking I doubt it very rarely mentioned by visitors from france, spain, italy etc. It's the norm over there, in fact we found that in DLP there was a lot LESS smoking than we expected, travel into paris for the day and you'll experience it on a much larger scale.

Food is expensive, but then you're a captive audience and uk themeparks and WDW are no different in that respect. We just notice it a little less in WDW because the exchange rate is better. A little research and you'll find some reasonable meal deals available in the parks, some of which you can share to save even more.

So although a except that som major 'on offs' are likely to put some individuals off for ever, and I'm sorry for that. I don't think it's right to generalise just because it's not done the way us brits like it

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Unread 2 Nov 12, 01:16 PM  
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I'm surprised to see so many negative views about DLP. I've not experienced any of these problems, have found all the CM's we came into contact with we're friendly even when there was a language barrier, my boyfriend smokes so that doesn't really affect me seeing people smoke but can understand how it can annoy people. And I've always found the toilets to be clean, never even noticed a smell.

Queue times really do depend on when you go. I've never had people queue jump. And to be fair I think it is much better run than theme parks in the UK. We went to alton towers in half term week and were queuing 2 hours per ride! I've never experienced Disney that bad! And the food is ok, all parks are over priced for counter service food.

I find its ashame those of you didn't find it magical definitely save your pennies for the American Disneys. Everyone needs Disney in their life!
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Unread 2 Nov 12, 01:20 PM  
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DISNEYMUM - I agree with your post; and even though we've had many visits to WDW, we still love our trips to DLP and treat them as different types of holiday.
We have never had a problem with CMs as long as we realise that Europeans are not American. 'Have a nice day' isn't in their vocabulary but I do feel that over the years - we've gone since 1998 - the attitude has become more 'Disneyfied'.
I'll be interested to hear how my niece enjoyed her Halloween stay at DLP this week to see if she feels anything has changed.
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Unread 2 Nov 12, 01:23 PM  
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Originally Posted by aydeepee View Post
We had a similar experience a few yrs ago and will not return.

The parks were okay but I did feel 'spoilt' by having already been to Florida a few times so it was impossible not to draw comparisons - and in doing so DLP would always be inferior.

I just felt, on the whole, that they just couldnt do the customer service/experience very well at all - and at times were downright offhand and rude - which naturally affects the 'magic'.

As a visitor I just felt 'tolerated' as opposed to 'welcomed'.

I agree with you! I was told before I went to DLP, not to compare it to WDW - which I tried not to. But the lack of customer service, the attitude of other guests & CM's and the cleanliness of the parks/toilets etc .. It was hard not to compare.
I guess I just expected all Disney parks around the world to be fantastic.

One of the worst things that happened to us last week on our trip - We were queuing at Billy Bob's in Disney Village for the buffet. There was a huge queue up a narrow flight of stairs. A CM tried to get up and past everybody with a HUGE tray with about 25 drinks on.. Everyone could see he wasn't going to get past. But instead of saying excuse me, he just carried on, which resulted in all the drinks going flying. Me, my DBF & several families near us got soaked, there was glass everywhere and I had beer in my eyes - which stings!
Not one CM came to see if any of us were okay! This just shocked me.
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Unread 2 Nov 12, 01:58 PM  
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I used to be a CM at DLP, and to some extent I agree with the above views - you would be surprised (or maybe not) at the difference between French and English CMs.

They really push the 'magic' backstage, and you are constantly reminded how important it is (we weren't even allowed to remove our character heads until we were in the Character building, in case we ruined the magic for non-character CMs!).

However, there is a mixture of locals working there because it's convenient, and people who have traveled further because they really want to work at Disney. It's usually the locals who just aren't bothered and just sit grumpily in the breakroom counting down the minutes until the end of their shift. I LOVED going to work, more than I liked days off!

It's not just the customer facing CMs either - I was left in tears (wandering round from CM to CM in half a Chip costume which made the whole thing more farcical) by a rude payroll CM backstage who underpaid me and then just gave me a Parisian shrug when I tried to prove it to him, claiming he didn't speak English (he did).

It's a real split. No matter how much you try and instil the 'magic' in people, if they aren't bothered about Disney, they're not going to care. But I suppose to get the shop staff, cleaners, chefs etc on long term contracts, they need to employ people who live in the local area.

Just remember, that as an organisation, the people at top really do love Disney (the casting director was the first DLP Prince Charming, and he's still working there and as enthusiastic as ever) and don't want you to have experiences like that.

It is just a real shame that it's not on the same level as the American parks. Imagine how great it would be if they shipped the staff over from the US!
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Unread 2 Nov 12, 01:59 PM  
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We are here now, I love both, this time I have too say its been the British that have been pushing in, being rude, I had to tell one British women to stop squashing my child, I find the French blunt but that's how they are, it's there way of life. I have felt embaressed to be British on this trip.
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Unread 2 Nov 12, 02:41 PM  
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I think regarding the pushing and shoving that we forget that in europe its not as requited to queue. As english people we queue without thinking about it. I just go to DLP having warned my family to get your elbows ready and be quick with footing in order to get a photo with characters etc. At the end of the day it won't change so if you can't beat em, join em.
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