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Old 12 Apr 19, 11:12 PM  
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Our Epic 7 Day NYC Trip - Day 2

Dan woke up before me at around 6:30am and I woke up shortly after. He went to Starbucks and I had a chocolate Croissant and Dan had a sausage, egg, cheese sandwich and we had a latte each.

We had originally arranged to meet one of our friends today who lives in NYC and works at the American Museum of Natural History and she was going to give us a VIP tour but unfortunately her daughter had a virus and she had caught it too so we agreed to swop a day around from the original plan and try our best to catch up with her later in the week.

I had a quick look at our schedule and the cold weather outside and we decided to visit the Empire State Building in the morning and then head over to do Macy’s and then Madame Tussauds.

We took the subway a few stops to 34th Street, Herald Square and arrived at The Empire State building at around 9:30am. It was very quiet and once though the usual airport style security we were sent up in the lifts straight away.

The first view you receive is from the 79th floor which is inside with glass windows, it was a great view and interesting to see the city from a different perspective, we then took another elevator up to the 86th floor, the views are even better on that floor and you can stay either inside or go outside, we did both although it was very cold up there on the outside part.

We took many photos and when a large group of exchange students turned up we decided it was time to exit. We needed to take two elevators back down and their quite quick.

Once we arrived back on the ground floor we exited through the gift shop. The gift shop was huge and we bought a couple of fridge magnets on the way out.

We then nipped to Starbucks for a drink and brownie and then headed across to Macy’s.
Macy’s were having a flower festival event and beautiful flower displays were in the windows and the store.

Dan being the hilarious fool he is took some mocking style photos posing like the instagram stars and posted them on instagram which Macy’s laughed at and liked.

We looked through the store top to bottom and had a little rest in the basement food court level. Dan purchased a wallet and got a $25 discount, and I decided not to blow my cash too soon as I may see something elsewhere. We then headed to Sephora across the street and I purchased some new foundation, face masks and makeup brushes.

We caught the subway to 42nd street and were pretty hungry at this point so decided on Appleby’s next to Madame Tussauds. The food was average and the service pretty poor as the waitress was slow to take our order, wasn’t attentive and after our food was delivered we only saw her with the bill, but it was food non the less, I ordered “chicken fried chicken” which is fried chicken, steak and broccoli and Dan had steak and fries with Mac n cheese. The best thing about the meal for me was the strawberry lemonade quencher, but Dan didn’t enjoy his meal at all. The steak was gristly and overcooked and the Mac had barely any sauce.

Following our meal we joined the short queue to Madame Tussauds and got the basic pass from our New York city pass. This building is deceptively huge and is over 4 floors.
We walked up a big swooping staircase where there are a few decent photo ops and then you head to an elevator which takes you to the top.
Once at the top you work your way back down to the 5th floor. some of the photo ops are great such as ones with the queen, ghostbusters set, kong, and zombies.

They’ve got a Trump too but without going into politics lets just say I’m not a fan What I will say is that the wax model they’ve got isn’t very flattering.

Once we worked our way down the building taking silly pictures we stopped for a drink in the bar. Dan ordered a whiskey and a coke and nearly had a coronary when they told him it would be $20.

We made our way out through the gift shop and it was now around 4pm. We caught the subway again to 5th Ave as Dan wanted to get a new Apple Watch and then went to the plaza food court for some cake.
We decided on Billies bakery and there were a large slice left which would normally be two slices but the lovely lady on the counter gave it to us for the price of one.

We then walked the few blocks back to the hotel.

Once back we relaxed for a couple of hours, ate cake, watched tv. We decided to purchase tickets to see 2 Cellos at Radio City Hall for the next day as we’ve never seen them live and it was too much of a good opportunity.
Later on we headed out to Rays Pizza for a couple of slices of cheese pizza and some fries and by this time it was getting late and we were ready for bed.

Edited at 01:13 PM.
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Old 12 Apr 19, 11:42 PM  
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Looks like a good day. Brings back memories of our trip in February.
I didn’t think anything could look scarier than the original Donald... Doesn’t look like the Tussaud’s model maker was a fan !

Shame you didn’t like your meal. We found generally the food average at best and the service definitely not like we have experienced in Orlando.
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Old 20 Apr 19, 10:39 PM  
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loving your photos, thanks for sharing
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