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Old 14 Apr 19, 06:29 PM  
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Our Epic 7 Day NYC Trip - Day 6

We were both awake at 3.30am this morning because I wasnít feeling well. I had caught a full on cold, had pretty bad sunburn and had a poorly stomach because of the rich food and alcohol.
I wasnít feeling great for an hour or two but we both fell back to sleep around 4:30am and managed another 3 hours sleep. We got up slowly this morning and Dan nipped to local deli to get some bottles of water, Diet Coke and a grilled cheese sandwich, I could only handle a small amount of the sandwich.

We meandered out at around 10:15am. The plan today was to use the Big Bus tours to hop on and off and visit some parts of the city we hadnít visited yet.

For this trip we used the New York Pass and it was great value. We flagged a ticket agent outside our hotel to get tickets using our pass and I asked him about the bus times and stops for the Uptown bus. He said it wouldnít be coming until 11am (40 minutes later) although the timetable states that their every 20 minutes.
He suggested we headed to 42nd street and caught the bus there as there would be more buses at the location so we hopped on the subway 2 stops and headed there.

We walked to the bus stop and saw at least 100 other people waiting for the same bus. Two buses came but were all packed to the rafters so didnít load anyone on and after 30 minutes of waiting and getting nowhere we decided just to get the subway.

I am so pleased we didnít pay for these tickets.

We got the S train to Grand Central Station and took some photos, we also nipped to Shake Shack for a Shake (we couldnít face a burger but love this place).

We then wanted to catch the subway to the Metropolitan museum of Art but there was a problem with the line so we caught another Uber.

We wanted to go to the museum to visit the rock music instrument exhibit they had on and were pleased to hear it was free with our NYC Pass.

The museum is vast and we got lost a few times before we found the exhibit but it was worth it with instruments from many legends

Itís worth noting at this point that weíre not really arty people and shamefully didnít look at the other exhibits Ö sorry I know Ö to me theyíre just a load of broken statues missing their arms and legs.

We then walked to 77th street and caught the sub to 59th street and went in Bloomingdales for a look around. This was just a bit too high end for me and I was starting to flag so we headed back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit before we head out to Black Tap.

When we arrived at Black Tap there was a small queue but after only around 10 minutes and we were seated pretty quickly.

We had a look through the menu and I ordered a texan burger and Dan ordered an American burger with no salad or sauce. We also ordered the burgers medium well and a Brooklyn Blackout Freak shake to have at the same time as the meal.

The waitress took the order without writing anything down and around 15 minutes later our burgers arrived. Mine was as I ordered but Dans came with both the sauce and the salad which he asked to hold. He was happy to scrape off the salad but there were a lot of sauce on the bun lid.
We looked for the waitress but it took us a good 5 minutes to get her attention to replace the bun lid. She didnít apologise and brought over a new lid on a small side plate. This was when Dan cut into the burger and it was completely raw in the middle, not rare or medium and never medium well - actually raw.

in this pic the burger had actually started to cook itself and doesn't show how raw it was :

He couldnít eat it except for a few tiny nibbles around the side - we tried looking for the waitress again but she had gone awol.
Dan just reluctantly ate the fries and I can say that whilst my burger was cooked ok it just tasted ok and was certainly nothing special (not anything like as good as shake shack). As I ended eating my meal and Dan his fries the waitress turned up with the freak shake and asks if we were done with our mains. I explained that Dans burger was raw and blood had soaked into the bottom bun making it soggy. Naturally he couldnít eat it and she said ok and then wondered off with the plates. We tried some of the shake but it was a little bland, mainly squirt cream and again overhyped and not special in any way.

The waitress came back and said she had deducted $10 which was something, but not enough to convince us to ever revisit. Overall the service and food was crap and considering the high reviews this place gets this was a really disappointing experience.
We left and headed back to the hotel around 9pm and watched TV before soon after falling asleep.
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Old 20 Apr 19, 10:55 PM  
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You should have got a full meal knocked off your bill not just$10!
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