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Old 21 Feb 19, 03:51 PM  
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Huxwolds European Vacation - AKA Auf Wiedersehen Bab - Day 2 (Phantasialand)

Huxwolds European Vacation - AKA Auf Wiedersehen Bab (Oct 18)
Day 2 - Phantasialand (Tues 30th Oct)

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The alarms were set for 7am and 7:15am this morning, and we were all up and ready to go down for breakfast at 8am – the buffet had a really good selection of hot and cold items, and the eggs and bacon were really nice. This was mine (I didnt get pics of the boys')…

We’d decided on the walk back from Phantsialand yesterday, that we’d drive there today – 1) as it was a pretty straightforward route and would be good practice for me, and 2) we thought our legs might be tired after a full day in the park.

We were ready to go by 9am, popping into Netto next door for some cigarettes for Rich (€8 for a 30-pack).

The drive to Phantasialand was good, it was an easy straight road and I felt much more confident driving this morning. We arrived by 9:15am, and were directed to the Mystery carpark. We bought our tickets at the Mystery Castle (back) entrance - €47.50 each for 1-day tickets…

We were looking forward to riding Taron (an Intamin double launch coaster) the most, so we headed for the Klugheim area - Taron opened at 10am, so we joined short queue and took loads of photos – it was a phenomenally themed area…

It was cold and drizzly, but the gloomy weather actually enhanced the theming…

We watched the test trains and WOW! the second launch sounded amazing! – like a racing car zooming past ...

Once the queue opened, we moved through it within a couple of minutes and we were on 2nd train of the morning – I cannot describe how awesome this ride is !

We had to go straight back on – it was posted as a 5-minute queue, but it was actually a walk-on and it was just as good the 2nd time around.

Next up was Rake, the family Boomerang. The queue was short, and it was a good ride with more great Klugheim theming...

We all wanted a 3rd go on Taron - The queue had gone up a bit to 25-minutes, so we went single-rider – that 2nd launch just kept getting better and better .

We walked around to the China area next..

We did Mystery Castle (an indoor drop tower) and got a good drop-sequence...

By the time we came off it was still only 11:05am - 5 rides done in just over an hour .

Even though it was cold, we went on River Quest (raft ride) next – it was another walk-on and we all got quite damp.

As we were already wet, we decided to do Chiapas – getting some more Taron photos on the way over...

We’d been really looking forward to this one, as we’d seen it on vlogs and it had great reviews. It was good, and the theming was very well done – but we’ve done better water rides..

We walked around to the Berlin / Main Street area to get some hot drinks to warm up...

I queued for a Cappuccino for me and Hot Chocolate for Rich (€5.90ish) and the boys queued for a Waffle for Tom (€5.40-ish)…

There were lots of themed characters in Berlin...

There were also different Dragon meet and greets in each area of the park - this was the one in Berlin...

Mouseauchocolate was only showing a 5-minute queue – this is a Toy Story Midway Mania style shooting dark ride and gets great reviews. The queue line theming was really good, and the smell of chocolate was lush. I didn't get any decent photos though .

We were next in line when they had to close the ride for technical issues .

We walked around into the Fantasy area next...

This is the older part of the park, but where the new F.L.Y. launched flying coaster is being built…

It's got a steampunk theme, and we've also seen recently that they are also opening a Charles Lindbergh capsule hotel in the area.

We rode Temple of the Nighthawk (indoor coaster), which was ok, nothing special but better than the reviews suggested .

Next, we went into the indoor Wuze Town section to do the Winjas spinning coasters – stopping to have a go on the Tittle Tattle Tree first…

We did Winja's Fear and Winja’s Force next, both were 10-minute queues and both were really good, but we all agreed that Fear was the best .

We did Hollywood Tour next – we were the only ones one the ride, so had a boat to ourselves. It was like a naff version of the Great Movie Ride…

Rich and I did the Wurmlung Express, Tom passed as he didn’t want to do a kiddy-ride – it was cold up on the raised track and I was glad that I was wearing my scarf and hat...

We stopped for lunch at Schwan Snack – Rich and I shared a Currywurst meal & Tom had a 5 Nuggets meal (€14) – the Currywurst was really nice…

After lunch we walked around the lakeside trail – it was very whimsical, and I imagine it would be really lovely in the sunshine…

It was 2pm by now, and we headed back to Berlin where Mouseauchocolate was back up and running – It was posted as a 5-minute wait but was a walk on. It was really good fun and I won with 209,000 points . Rich got 204,000 and Tom couldn’t remember his score.

We popped into the gift shop for a mooch – there wasn’t a massive selection of merchandise, but I found a magnet that I liked (€3.95)…

A quick loo stop in Berlin and, as we were up that way, we went on the Pferdekarussell (Carousel), choosing the upstairs section…

Next was Wellenflug (Swings) – which was good fun, with the water fountains…

We went over to Africa next, which was our last section to explore - We had a look at Talycon (Huss top-spin). I’d never been on one of these so quite fancied it. Tom said definitely no and Rich said maybe later, so we left it for now...

Black Mamba (B&M inverted coaster) was a 10-minute wait so we did that next- it was very good ...

We headed back towards China. Colorado Adventure was a walk on – it was a really great mine train, fast and intense and we all really rated it.

It had started raining, so we went into Geister Rikschau (ghost train) to shelter - it's was ok, and the cars reminded me of the Doom Buggies on Haunted Mansion.

It was still raining when we came out, so we sheltered under the China food booth area looking at the map to decide what to do next...

We decided on the Jump show at 3:45pm. We had a bit of time before the show and Tom was a bit peckish so we got another Currywurst with a bread roll and a 5 nuggets meal to share (€10.40). The fries were different to the ones at lunch, but it was really nice again (sorry, no pic).

We headed up to the Silvarado Theatre – it was really warm in here, so we all took our wet shoes off to try to warm our feet up a bit, and Rich swapped socks with Tom as his weren’t as wet (we made a note to pack spare socks in our park bag for the rest of the week).

Jump was really good - 30 minutes of bike and trampoline stunts. Cameras weren’t allowed so I couldn’t take any pics of the show, but got one at the end as the performers were doing a meet and greet...

The rain had eased off by the time the show ended, so we headed back to Africa and rode Black Mamba twice in a row (both walk-ons) – We all agreed that it was a much better version of Nemesis at Alton Towers.

It was time for me to do Talycon next – the boys weren’t up for the spinning, so I went on solo. There were only about 3 of us riding. It was good, lots of hang-time and not too spinny. The fire effects were really good too .

We mooched back over to Berlin to do Das Verruckte Hotel Tartuff (fun house) – which was really good fun

It was 5:15pm now so we headed back to Taron – it was only a 5-minute queue and was even more awesome in the dusk, with all the purple lighting…

We headed straight back into the queue for a 5th ride of the day . I was up for ride #6, but the boys weren’t too bothered, so we had a final ride of the day on Mystery Castle – getting another a great drop sequence.

It was almost 6pm by now time to leave this excellent park – we paid €5 for the carpark, which we thought was good value.

As we’d been grazing throughout the day, we decided to just have picky picnic bits for tea, so we popped into Netto and got a baguette, some turkey, chicken, pate, pepperami-type things for Tom, crisps, pistachios and drinks – all for only €11ish

Once we were back in the hotel, we rang Mom and settled down to have our bed picnic - it's wasn’t even 7pm but we were all exhausted…

We worked out that we'd done 20 different rides / attractions today (27 including re-rides). We’d had a truly awesome day - Phantasialand is up there in our top theme parks, and Taron has just pipped Shambhala at PortAventura to our #1 coaster (it’s close though, like 50.001 to 49.999 as they are both outstanding coasters).

We talked about our plans for rest of the week and decided that we'd switch things around and do Toverland tomorrow instead of Movie Park Germany (as we weren’t overly bothered about the Halloween mazes), so we set our alarms for 5:30am as we wanted to be on the road by 7am.

We weren’t able to cancel the hotel that we had booked near Movie Park for tomorrow night, but I was feeling much more confident about driving and didn’t mind driving to The Netherlands and back on the same day.

I spent 30-minutes typing up some summary notes on my iPad for the trippie so far (I’d forgotten to bring a notebook).

Rich was asleep by 8:30pm and I sent think I was too far behind him .

Our step-count for the day was 22,830

Day 3 (Attractiepark Toverland) is here

Edited at 10:38 PM.
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Huxwolds 2020 - Part 1 (Germany)
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Old 23 Feb 19, 09:19 AM  
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We did Phantasialand last April and really enjoyed it, some fantastic theming and it’s a great park.

Taron is one amazing coaster, the second launch is the best. We thought that Hollywood ride was long overdue a rehaul, worth it for a laugh though!
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China & Hong Kong... hopefully.
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Old 26 Feb 19, 10:48 AM  
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Aw, I went to Phantasialand years ago. I'm talking around 30 years ago. I still remember it as being good. It was the first time I had ever been on an indoor coaster. I'm sure it was called Space Mountain or something though!

It was my favourite coaster of all time. Until the Hulk which is my favourite still.

Glad you had a good time. It's love to see it is just getting better and better.
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Old 24 Apr 19, 02:56 PM  
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The theming in the park looks fab!
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