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Huxwolds European Vacation - AKA Auf Wiedersehen Bab - Day 3 (Toverland)

Huxwolds European Vacation - AKA Auf Wiedersehen Bab (Oct 18)
Day 3 – Attractiepark Toverland (Weds 31st Oct)

The Index is here
Day 2 is here

We were up early at 5:45am as we were driving up into The Netherlands for our next park, Toverland.

Tom and I went down for breakfast at 6:25am (Rich wasn’t hungry) – we were a bit early for the 6:30am start, but were allowed to go in, along with one other guest. I had bacon, sausage and scrambled egg with toast, then yoghurt & fruit with a pot of tea…

Tom had sausage and bacon sandwiches and juice…

It really was a fantastic breakfast – one of the best we’ve had on holiday . We’d definitely recommend staying at the H+ if you are visiting Phantasialand, and we’ll be booking it again for our May trip.

We were all checked out and ready to go just after 7am. The 57-mile drive to Toverland was really easy, with no traffic on any of the Autobahns (despite it being “rush hour”).

We pulled into Toverland just after 9am and were the first car on the carpark...

The park didn’t open until 10am, so we mooched about and took some photos…

Troy looked good…

We’d parked at the old entrance end, so we walked up to the new entrance and waited for the gates to open – a bit of a crowd had gathered by the time it opened...

We paid on the gate - €96 + €10 to park - all 3 of us were included on the one ticket…

The (new) Port Laguna entrance area was lovely…

We had a quick loo stop, then headed over to the (also new) Avalon area, to ride Fenix (B&M wing coaster)….

We were on the 1st train of the day and, as there was hardly any queue, the operator let us ride 3 times in a row without having to go back around to the entrance . It was a fantastic ride and a brilliant start to the day.

We wandered around Avalon, and I took a lot of pics of and selfies with Fenix…

We walked around into Magische Vallei and started to queue for Dwervelwind (Mack spinner)…

But it was slow moving and we had a feeling it would be much quieter later, so we decided to leave it for now and we mooched around the fountain areas...

We saw that there was a Magic Fountain Show at 11am, so I went on the hunt of some drinks and ended up inside the indoor area which looked amazing.

I got a Cappuccino for me and a Coke for the boys to share but didn’t make a note of how much they cost...

I went back to the boys and we watched the Magic Fountain Show, which was nicely done…

It was a lovely, sunny day, and the park was really pretty...

We went into the indoor area next – it was fantastic

The boys went on the Giant Slides, and then said I should have a go – it was lots of fun, with rollers inside the slides which make them really bumpy and funny .

We went on the Expedition Zork (log flume) next...

I was surprised by the outdoor big drop (Rich knew about it) – we didn’t get too wet, and it was good fun.

Villa Fiasko (Fun House) was next, then we walked through to the 2nd part of the indoor area, via the walk through section. We mooched around taking a few pics...

Then went on Toos Express, which was quite fast for a kiddie coaster…

The big Dinghy-Water Slides, Drakenslangen, opened at 12pm, so we all had a go and managed to stay dry .

We got our lunch back in the first part of the indoor area, from 3 different counters - Tom queued for a Pizza (€7.90), Rich queued for a Chicken Burger meal plus some Fries for me (€13.05), and I queued for some Soup (€3) – we were advised there’d be a bit of a wait for Rich's as they had to get some chicken burgers from another part of the park and he was given a buzzer. Tom and I went upstairs to the lovely seating area to make a start whilst Rich waited…

After lunch, we headed back outside - waiting whilst Rich had a cigarette...

Booster Bikes (Vekoma) was a walk-on, so we rode twice…

Then it was time for Troy (GCI Woodie) – we took some photos with the Trojan Horse on the way…

Troy was pretty much a walk on and absolutely brilliant, so we all went straight back on . Then Tom and I went for a 3rd go whilst Rich had a cigarette – it’s an amazing Woodie, really fast and breath taking!

Back to Magische Vallei next, and the Djengu River (Rapids) – this had a lovely, whimsical queuing area, which made the 10 to 15-minute wait go fast…

It was a good rapids and we didn’t get too wet. I’d ridden with my coat around my waist so I wouldn't get a wet bum and, as I was putting my coat back on, I knocked Rich’s glasses out of his hand and straight down the middle of the raft .

I was madly trying to let the operator know what had happened before the raft went off the end of the platform and into the water – wiggling my own glasses and pointing to the middle where they had fallen. I thought they would stop the ride, but she just dived headfirst into the middle of the boat and fished them out. Thankfully they were intact.

Rich wasn’t very impressed with me for knocking them out of his hand, but I reminded him that if I’d got my glasses out of my pocket before we were safely off a ride, he’d have said I was in the wrong – so he didn’t stay mad for too long

We went back to Dweverlwind – the queue was just a few minutes now. It was really good (better than Spinball Whizzer at Alton Towers), so we went straight back around for another ride .

We all fancied a snack, so went back into the indoor section – I had a slice of Apple Pie with a Cappuccino and the boys had a Muffin each and shared a Coke (€12ish)…

There was a little show going on, with the Toverland characters...

Maximus’ Blitz Bahn had had a queue all day – it was still 35-minutes but didn’t look like it was going to get any better so we joined the queue. It was a fab swiss inventors’ house themed queuing area, so it went quite fast…

The ride was great – Rich and I went together, and Tom followed on his own.

Tom had another go on the Big Slides. Then at approx. 4pm, we went outside and had a play on the Trampolines (which adults are allowed on) – I think Rich enjoyed them

Next, we went on Scorpios (Pirate Ship), which was good, before having another go on Troy...

We headed over to Port Laguna and mooched around the gift shop. You could buy wands that interacted with the window displays, just like in the Wizarding Worlds – there was also an Ollivander’s type experience, but it was in Dutch, so we gave it a miss…

We went back to Avalon - Tom got a pressed penny...

And we had 2 dusky rides on Fenix - just like this morning, the operator let us re-ride...…

Time was ticking on, so we skipped Merlin’s Quest, thinking that it was just a boat ride. I’ve since found out that it has an indoor dark-ride section, so it’s one to look forward to for next time.

Port Laguna looked really pretty in the dark…

Our final ride of the day had to be Troy in the dark – and it was the best one yet. What a superb coaster! Definitely my favourite Woodie .

We popped back into the gift shop on the way out to buy an Avalon magnet, as they didn’t have one with just the Toverland logo (approx. €5)…

Toverland is a little gem of a park, and really surpassed our expectations. Troy and Fenix are both fantastic rides (and both in our top 10 coasters), and the park has some fantastic areas and theming. We can't wait to see how it evolves even more over the next few years, and are really looking forward to our next visit as part of our road-rip in May .

We left at about 5:45pm, driving approx. 45 miles to Gelsenkirchen in Germany, where our next hotel was booked. It was another straightforward drive and we got to the city by 8pm.

We spotted a Maccy D’s so stopped for some tea – it was really busy, as they were giving away free Happy Meals to kids in Halloween costumes, plus we chose the wrong queue, with some complaining customers that took ages. Eventually, we switched queues and when the Supervisor heard our English accents, she came over to help the cashier to understand us, which was a nice touch .

We all ordered large Hamburger Royal Kase (Quarter Pounder with Cheese) meals. The boys had cokes and I had a chocolate shake, plus we got a Blueberry Cheesecake Pie as Rich was intrigued to see what it was like (approx €26).

It was nice, standard Maccy’s, and the pie was good .

Our hotel, Courtyard by Marriott, was just a few minutes away and we arrived at 8:45pm. On check in, we found out that there was a €20 extra charge for Tom's rollaway bed, plus it would be another €12 to pay for parking in the morning – not great ! The receptionist also tried twice to upsell me breakfast - not for €46 thank you very much!

The room was nice, but we didn’t really rate it for the overall cost (we’d already paid £104 for the night), so when we found out that it was another €2.50 for WiFi, we chose not to have it out of principle and put the telly onto the only English-speaking channel we could find - BBC News...

Before we checked in, we had been pondering extending our booking at the Marriott to two nights, but decided it wasn't worth the money and looked on our phones for somewhere else - we found Hotel Monopol, which looked nice and was in Kelsenkirchen city centre. It was €99, pay on arrival, so we made the reservation though Hotels.com

We also booked our tickets for Movie Park tomorrow (€35 each, a €6 saving on the gate price) - I had to download the app to activate the e-tickets.

I spent a few minutes mucking about with the Halloween Snap Chat filters - Frohliches Halloween...

I tried watching a bit of BBC News, but it wasn't helping me to sleep, so a put a Themeparkworldwide Vlog on my phone and fell asleep watching it .

Our step count for today was 24,722

Day 4 (Movie Park Germany) is here...

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Huxwolds 2020 - Part 1 (Germany)
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Great day in another lovely looking park!
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