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Unread 8 Feb 10, 10:49 PM  
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The Big UK DIBB Meet

Just a month to go now before the Big UK DIBB Meet, organised by DIBB member 'Bats'

The Big UK DIBB Meet is taking place on the weekend of 19 - 22 March 2010, in Cleethorpes Lincolnshire.

Bats (joa) has the following to say about the meet

With only just over a month to go now, the Big UK Dibb Meet is gathering steam faster than I could ever have hoped for, so I thought I’d put pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard and survey what’s been going on!

Rewind back to April 2009 and another localised Dibb Meet was being organised. Someone who lived too far away from that area bemoaned the fact that they couldn’t go and wished that we could have a big meet up in a more centralised place. Thus The Big UK Dibb Meet was born.

I come from a family of planners and list makers, so I took it upon myself to ask the necessary questions of the many Dibbers hailing a centralised Meet as a good idea. We started with ‘what kind of event did people want’, with the choices being one evening in a hotel or similar with a disco/buffet .. more like your corporate function, or a whole weekend in a Haven type park with activities organised throughout the weekend.

The weekend venue ran out the easy winner with 80 votes to 41, with 50 people voting for either. Quite a resounding win so now we’d all chosen what kind of venue we’d like, it was off to research locations.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually really hard to pinpoint the middle of our country. I needed to find somewhere that had good transport links, a fair few holiday park choices and be central enough for everyone to be able to join in. Difficult wasn’t the word … amazing how you forget about other countries when a situation like this arises … Manchester or Birmingham are certainly not central if you live in Scotland, but they were in my head as first choices! A quick reassessment was done and I decided to go for a location on both the north-east and north-west coasts, trying to appeal to everyone (not possible as I’ve found out).

So, the choices were Blackpool on the west and Cleethorpes on the east. Both had fabulous Haven sites which could offer us suitable accommodation in large numbers for a small amount of money. They would put their own entertainment on and we would be free to enjoy this, while also meeting up with our fellow Dibbers. It was a much tighter vote with Cleethorpes winning marginally by 58 to 56 votes with only 4 people voting either.

We now had everything in place, but would people actually go for it? I wavered for a while thinking I would be devastated if I booked up but then nobody joined me, but I needn’t have worried of course as once the info was fully available, the bookings slowly came in. I started with a target of 10 caravans, but soon I realised I should raise that to 15, to 20, to 25 and now … 52 caravans and about 120-130 people! We have people coming from Glasgow (290 miles), Margate (260 miles) and Weston Super Mare (250 miles) so a fair amount of driving will be done on the 19th March!

Over the weekend, we have a free raffle with goods donated by Dibbers (and the Dibb owners of course), we have a charity free draw too with a lovely Help the Heroes watch on offer, we have exclusively designed posters and t-shirt prints for people to use, pin trading, secret Easter santa presents, sports on the beach, a Florida planning and assistance session, not to mention a cocktail crawl and the official Meet. I won’t name people individually who have helped for fear of missing someone off, but a big thank you to everyone who has both offered their help and those who have been roped in to help .. you know who you all are so THANK YOU! One person I must mention though is my partner Mick who has listened to my concerns, put up with my constant chatter, ideas and updates for Cleethorpes without once telling me to button it!

I’m scared it will all go wrong of course, who wouldn’t be? But I’m excited that so many people have booked and all I can do is hope and pray that everyone has a safe journey and a very enjoyable weekend meeting up with their fellow Dibbers.
Who’d have thought that from that little complaint of not being able to get to a Meet, this would have happened?!
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Unread 8 Feb 10, 10:58 PM  
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maggie b
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Wooohoooo not long now we have an 8 hour drive well i don't nurseshortie & debs do. Can't wait to meet every one Joa i think it will be a great success see you all in 38 day's

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Need my Disney fix 1 last time
Unread 8 Feb 10, 11:32 PM  
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Not long at all can't wait!

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Dream, WDW and Universal Trip
Unread 8 Feb 10, 11:41 PM  
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even though the journey is going to be an absolute nightmare were going by train wsm-bristol-sheffield-cleethorps and then returning cleethorps-sheffield-birmingham-bristol-wsm

but we are really looking forward to it, i organised a dibb meet whilst we in wdw in sept and i have to say there is so much organising etc and that joa and her helpers have done an amazing job in organising this mammoth event.
i am looking forward to not having to rush around like a headless chicken this time .

see you all there

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returning to the magic again
Unread 9 Feb 10, 12:22 AM  
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VIP Dibber

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Thanks to Joa for organising this, your a star! Were really looking forward to putting faces to names! See you all soon xx

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Booked:-) Cabana Bay first time
Unread 9 Feb 10, 12:35 AM  
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Melvin Pearce

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Sorry we can't be with you Joa & Mick, but we wish everyone a brilliant weekend.

It was lovely meeting everyone including Steve and Tracey at the September Meet in DTD.

Melvin, Lesley, Simon and Carole
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Back to our Sunshine Haven
Unread 9 Feb 10, 01:06 AM  
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Well done Joa & Mick as well,Is that all it is for me 260 miles!

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Unread 9 Feb 10, 05:32 AM  
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purple myra
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Only 294 miles and 5hours 11 minutes non stop for Me and Jake... We are planning on taking the whole day to come down though, I'm sure a tetley or two will be consumed en route!

Well done to Bats and all her little helpers for organising the FIRST of many Big Dibb Meets
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Thelma & Louise Wild West Road Trip
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