Heathrow parking with hotel

  • 1 Oct 20, 12:51 AM
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  • Quote Elmhurst 5
    Agree with 2point. You just walk right next door to the Premier Inn from Purple Parking then back to purple parking to pick up their shuttle for your flight. So very easy and both economical.
    Apart from when you cant get out of the carpark on foot cos they have locked the gate and chained up the barriers next to the car entry and exit!

    Hope the guy sorts it for me to get back in at 4.30 this morning
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  • 1 Oct 20, 07:43 AM
    Elmhurst 5
    slightly serious Dibber
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  • When staying at P Inn bath Dr and car with P Parking for my ski trip this year, if you tell them you will be leaving your luggage in the car (for us skis etc) and collecting it in the morning for the shuttle they will park your car to be easily accessable to get your cases and walk back to reception. Our flights were at 7.40 am so we left the hotel at 4.45 no issues to walk to P Parking. Apart from Heathrow long stay (my personal preference) meant no driving in the morning and door to door. Great.
  • 1 Oct 20, 10:37 AM
    Excited about Disney
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  • Quote jim jehosofat
    We use the Thistle. The link to T5 is via the POD, more details here thistle/en/hotels/lo...hrow-pods.html
    Our flight is from T3.
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