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Rock(erfeller)ing Around The Xmas Tree - Day 3

Our old friend from last night, the fire alarm, went off again at 05:45 which was handy, as that was only an hour and a half before the time I had set my alarm for, so no need to bother with that!

Breakfast was decided upon as Tick Tock diner again. The hotel may have had free breakfast but it was rammed, and the food at Tick Tock surely better. And we didn't come on holiday to eat crappy food. We were seated immediately of course. Joe and I had Philly eggwiches which are basically Philly cheesesteaks with eggs in them too. They were amazing. Ele had french toast, Jess had pancakes and Jordan had the 34th Street Traffic Jam, which is basically sausage patties with cheese, eggs, homefries etc. Coffee and juice all around. It cost about the same as the day before, however much that was.

No food pics, sorry.

Our original plan had us heading to Tribeca to see the Ghostbusters firestation, then to Ground Zero, possibly up One World, then to Wall Street, then to the East river to get the ferry across to Dumbo. However, the weather forecast was for lots of rain later, and walking over the bridge at that time might not have been the best idea.

So, we decided to switch it around and do Brooklyn Bridge first. The Penn Station subway stop is opposite Tick Tock, so we headed in there and investigated the metro cards my brother had given me the day before we left (on Boxing Day) from his recent honeymoon trip in October. They had $8 each on them, which was almost enough. I topped up one by a couple of $ and we shared the cards. Annoyingly I know I had 2 cards with about $10 on them somewhere at home but couldn't find them. Think I must have thrown them away because I didn't immediately find them when we returned home after the holiday.

We boarded the Subway, with me still having in mind getting off at Fulton Street and walking to the ferry, but then realised the next stop was High Street Brooklyn which is right by Dumbo so we just got off there instead.

We walked down towards the river, calling in at a Starbucks that was conveniently there. For some reason Jordan got his name printed as "Julian", and I got mine as "Na", which was a first. Originally we had planned on going to the Shake Shack here, but obviously it was a bit early (and it wasn't even open yet...).

We explored Dumbo, taking pictures, of course:

We then headed for the bridge. It was busy, of course. Ele and Jess turned the entire thing into a photoshoot so I got bored of waiting for them - especially after we'd been on the bridge for 20 minutes and not even actually reached the water yet - and walked with Joe and Jordan. Joe wanted to do a timelapse of the whole bridge crossing. I do like walking over Brooklyn Bridge.

We decided to skip Wall Street and instead headed into a Duane Reade, as you do, for some drinks. Ele had only bought 4 woolly hats with her so clearly had to buy another one in here too. After that we went into Fulton Centre as I knew there was a Shake Shack there and we now wanted some lunch (hey, it had been at least 2 hours since the huge breakfast by this point!). We got the usual burgers and fries which were delicious of course.

Now, almost every time we come to NYC, Ele brings the wrong footwear. I told her, repeatedly, to bring her trainers with her as well this time, but she didn't. So the next stop was to Century 21 to buy her some trainers. I'm fairly sure she does this on purpose so she can get some new ones. The Century 21 near World Trade Centre is probably the best shop in the world. It's huge and sells everything. We didn't really have the time, patience, or luggage allowance to appreciate it fully, but she found some trainers, Jess bought the exact same pair, I found some Skechers with a memory foam sole that are super-comfy (although they don't support my dodgy foot/knee enough for long walks they're good to wear at work), Joe got some bright-red huarache Nikes and Jordan got some other fancy Nikes he wanted. We didn't do clothes shopping for the reasons mentioned above, but we did pick up some umbrellas for the incoming rain.

We headed down past the Occulus to Ground Zero and spent a few minutes there. Joe had never seen it before.

We looked into One World Observatory, but there was a bit of a queue and it was more than Jess wanted to spend (and me, to be honest) and there was quite a long wait so we skipped it and instead crossed over the road into the Brookfield Place mall, where we found some coffee and had a sit down for a bit. Remarkably, it was still only 13:30 by this point.

Jordan expressed a desire to visit the Palace shop, which has nothing to do with Crystal Palace FC, but is instead a sort of skateboard clothes shop for people who like to spend 200 on a hoodie. I always thought skateboarders were broke teenagers, or young adults who didn't have any money, but what do I know? It was up in Tribeca and quite near the Ghostbusters firehouse, so we headed off in that direction, calling in to bust some ghosts first:

Tribeca is quite cool in some ways a bit more hip and trendy compared to the likes of 5th Avenue. A bit more Carnaby Street than Regents Street. We found his expensive shop and went in. There didn't appear to actually be much merchandise for sale it was a large, mostly empty unit, playing rubbish music far too loudly (I'm turning into a right grumpy old git). Anyway Jess and Jordan liked it and he bought a hoodie and she bought him a top. It's a bit odd. They don't have the stuff out to buy, you just find one you like, then they go out back to get you one in your size, which is all vacuum-sealed. I didn't dare ask how much they spent on these things!

We walked up, heading towards Little Italy, calling in at a Levis on the way, where we picked up a few bits. It was about 5pm by now and we were heading for a pizza place called Pomodoro which is just outside Little Italy. Ele and I went there a couple of years ago and it was good and cheap. It was full when we got there, but they said the wait would only be about 4 minutes. Not 5 minutes, 4 minutes. Oddly specific. We were a bit wary after the extended wait yesterday, but it wasn't too bad - more like 7 minutes than 4 though. We were seated at a long table with some other people. Pizza came quickly. Jess and I had a lasagne pizza which is yummy. Joe did a build-your-own and used the "add all the meat on the menu" tactic. Jordan got one with jalapenos on it which were way too hot and he had to take them all off. I had a couple of well-earned beers. No idea how much it cost, this isn't investigative journalism you know.

We got an Uber back which cost about $35. See, I do know the prices of some things!
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Another busy day, thanks so much for sharing 😊
Dreams are forever - Tinkerbell
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Old 19 Feb 20, 10:34 AM  
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We stayed one year in the New Yorker and loved the Tick Tock diner for breakfast. Could eat one right now
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Got to love an American breakfast!

Another busy day! Hope you had plenty of space in your suitcase for all the purchases 🤣

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What a lovely day. Another great breakfast at the diner, I'm glad Ele had the life changing French Toast!

I love the walk from Brooklyn over the bridge, I too could take a thousand photos.

Haha, that old trick of 'forgetting' the trainers. At least you all managed to get some too.
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