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Unread 3 Nov 19, 02:22 AM  
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:) Going Out in a Blaze of Glory - Summer of Sorcery 2019 - DAY 3- MK, Epcot fun and Chefs De France.

Welcome back again - you made it...I hoped you would!

Today has an Extra Magic Morning in Magic Kingdom, a meet with friends who we met through The Dibb and some more time spent in Epcot.

If you missed Day 2 it can be read by clicking here.

If you would like locate the whole index, please click here to get back to the start of this whole trip.

Welcome to Day 3 -Friday 26th July 2019

We were prewarned !

It just comes to you when you try to sleep - the lights go out and then the question is asked
Are we at Magic kingdom in the morning ..?

Even going to sleep with the question we all knew the answer, the batting away, by saying we will see when we wake up, you know what the answer would be you just know dont you!

An early start with EMM in Magic Kingdom was our goal. In spite of our late to bed last night, we were all on the ball this morning, no napping, no turning over and no snoooooze button!

We were all up and were out of the room at 7-30, just like we all do on a school day at home!

The bus arrived within 5 minutes and as we then stopped-at the Beach Club to see a huge queue of people with the same idea!

I was thankful we were the first pick up point for the bus this morning. There were some Beach club guests forced to wait for the next bus.

Before our eyes another bus appeared to mop up those guests not able to get on this bus To see this in action was something else and certainly avoided anything happening in the congregation at the Beach Club.
It also served to reaffirm our long held thoughts about transportation being assigned to certain places! We had never seen this at AoA or POR nor particularly when we stayed at Saratoga Springs either ( just an observation )

We arrived at MK at 8-10.

We had no plan other than to just enjoy EMM hours and not waste the morning in a queue for the headline rides.

We started with Pooh, usually a good idea with a shower and shave but this morning it was a visit to a place we had neglected for a couple of years, a sign of children growing older and the fact this is a really poor ride, there I have said it I would possibly rank this below Peter Pan and that is saying something!

Despite my efforts, and despite the many years of trying, I was glad to get off and so were the boys too, they recognised why we had not done this for a while.

I attempted to strike quickly and so a walk on to Small World followed and I have to admit , there was a change in the whole atmosphere of us all this ride, no matter what it makes you feel about the music or indeed the animatronics has 100% more impact and purpose than Winnie and his mates.

For me, this is where it all started, for me it once again showed that true Disney Magic as Joe had his name on the exit farewell board along with Alison.

We exited and then felt that move down the hill , past Columbia Harbour House and to be honest on that little path further to the right that just means you have to ride Haunted Mansion next. You must!

By this time regular park opening happened. We had done well to fit so much in yet having had our first rubbish in ride photo taken aboard our Doombuggy.

An hour in and we reverted back to the traditional MK plan and that is to head to the back of the park.

Splash was 35 mins and queues outside so we decided to head to Pirates which was showing 55 mins but was actually just a 23 min wait!

The CM at the entrance assured it is was not this long a wait , they were just having technical issues I made a point of timing it though.

Instinct then took over. You sense when the park is busy and for us there was no need to fight it nor indeed join a big queue to take up a shed load of time.
For us, it was time for a coffee.

However, on our way to Starbucks we came across a brand new photo opportunity.

This was something so good and I hope that I can get the animated pic to show on here too.

To find new photo opportunities is something, but with a CM who was so much into it too made such a difference. She described the tech and also the photo that we were having taken.

This was a photopass from a distance, yet needed more effort from the CM in situ than a usual photograph.
Wonderful memory and, now we know it is there I hope we can make use of it again.

Our Coffee and other drinks were enjoyed with a Mickey cinnamon roll too!

We needed to move on and with Big Thunder showing a 120 min queue thankfully at our fast pass time!

The fast pass queue was a wait of just 12 mins despite being all the way to the scanning turnstiles.

From there we simply mooched, cant think of a better way to describe it we went back on ourselves and just went slowly to soak up everything that you miss when you rush from ride to ride.

Josh had his Country Bear moment.
As mentioned previously, this and Carousel of Progress is his Walt moment he loves both and for that I will always be in admiration of his love of the Country Bears.

Big Meet and greet to which Joe made himself scarce!

This whole mooching around MK is something else though, no photos no notes just a time to absorb where you are.

This does not appear in any plan, nor does it appear in any book, Vlog nor indeed list of things you need to do in Magic kingdom.

It is soooo good though, you just soak it up, nothing else. We even drifted through the Christmas shop and just kept walking. Then found a photopass photographer

Our love of Magic Kingdom is often hidden by the plan to do this that and the other, today we just walked and discussed the changes that we had all seen over the years we had visited, the redesign of The hub especially- possibly a good excuse to include this photo too, as so many of the trees that framed this no longer exist.

The fauna and natural beauty of this incredible place has been decimated over the past few years and that is such a sad thing.

We just took that moment to soak it all up we have a bit of family history here, and the most special thing was the boys were telling us about it.
Just loved that they had noticed.

It was fitting that we headed to eat in a place that my memory serves me as a stop off before our very last viewing of SpectroMagic in January 2010. Little did we know we would never see Spectro ever again.

Now, amidst all the fun of the dining plan and a bit of a wait until more fast passes, we decided on cashing in some counter service credits on lunch

$73 worth of lunch of hot dogs, fries and a coke each at Caseys Corner.

As delicious as it looked it was too much for all of us as we were aware of what lay ahead tonight.

I am still perturbed by the cost that it would have been if paying OOP. And that is possibly why we seldom seem to choose to eat here, paying out of pocket we tend to share and avoid the cost cant remember it ever being this much in the past though. (even last year, for the boys MNSSHP only non-chocolate food intake of the evening!)

The skies were filling with dark, menacing cloud and The Move it Shake it Street party did not even stop in the hub, it simply went back from where it came from at a pace, there was then a period of silence and then the stage show appeared on the castle stage, only for the rain to start and the show was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, more readily known as rain!

We headed to Space Mountain, which is a good place when the rain arrives and so agreed by the two hour stand by queue- our fast pass saw us nearly straight on. Thankfully!

An instant reminder of how good this ride is, was overshadowed by the giggles again - as we split into two photos , I was the one who ended up with a photo that was somewhat strange!

We took great care at the scanning wall, just to scan, go and say nothing. It was only when it appeared on the phone afterwards did the hilarity start, this became even greater once we got home and saw it on a bigger screen. Fashionistas I'm sure - but
well you can make your own mind up!

Carousel of Progress followed and we would have usually enjoyed the People Mover but the queue for this was huge. We agreed it could wait for another day.

We had one final fast pass today and with the weather looking more and more ominous, we took the chance of being allowed to ride 15 minutes early of our FP start time. The CM at the gate did us proud, as she allowed us through to enjoy our first 7 dwarfs ride of the holiday.

This meant we were exiting Magic Kingdom as it prepared for the parade, it was also when we saw the clouds rolling in even more quickly than before.
Not before a hat trying on session - we did not tempt fate and refused to buy the GCSE awaiting eldest DS a hat for which he may look mightily daft in when we get home ! No harm in trying it on though!

On passing the Fairways mini golf to see the courses empty, and by the time we got back to the Yacht Club, to see the pool closed- you sensed what was incoming, the sound of thunder in the distance told that story too.

Time for a change of plan!

We had been in touch with our good friends who have shared many a Disney day in the past and a quick text to Neil and Karen, who we knew were in Epcot today, simply asked the question, if they fancied a pint?

We all made it just in time, no sooner had they joined us then the skies opened.

Having met in Manchester for the Christmas market last Winter, this time we had less to catch up on since our previous Orlando meet up.

Nevertheless, those couple of hours whizzed by so quickly for both adults and off-springs!

The off- springs had been on an Epcot ride quest, which would usually involve Test Track , it was closed- so they headed to The Land and nearly everywhere else too!

A couple of hours of catching up and we both needed to be mindful of our evening dining reservations- we ended up having to contact our children to drag themselves away from Mission Space. No photos either which shows just how quick the time went for all of us.

As the Reetsers got an Uber back to Port Orleans, we raced back to The Yacht Club and changed, just in time for the next part of the day.

The Yacht club pool very definitely on a day for the ducks

and a picture over the wall to see what was being build at International gateway

After that quick change and we were back into Epcot for a return to a place we first visited just last year, surely it could not be as good again?

Dinner at Chefs De France

We were greeted at the podium by the most French looking CM I can ever recall, she simply oozed French charm.

No, Im not being sarcastic the very fact she is in the notes was testament to just how much her persona came across to us. I stopped short of asking for a photo though!

We were seated in a wonderful window table that allowed for us to watch the world pass us by.

Best seat in the whole place and one which Im sure was just one of those moments in life when everything aligned for us it allowed for people watching, for people to watch us too, this was the table I had always felt would allow such a true Impression De France well at least the French Pavilion. It was simply stunning.

I have to admit we were instantly disappointed that the Dom Perignon was not on the Dining Plan!
Although I do wonder how many of these they sell at this price!

As for the food, we were still shrugging off the lunch we had struggled with and the thought of even more food was not as appetising as it should have been, but we managed it well!

For everyone whose trip reports I have read and made the lame excuse that we just dont do DDP to the max as we cant eat two meals in a day, this was our Armageddon moment
Even after a couple of beers too!

The food was excellent again with steaks being the order of the day, in a variety of guises, the Kir imperial was welcomed again too - although the repeated refresh of water still adds to the fun too!

Lack of veg with the Steak and chips was noted as was the solo addition of a tomato Why? maybe just to add colour to food photos!

Dessert was a struggle for Alison and I, so the boys really did make the most of the opportunity to hoover up a double helping! Whilst we had a glass of wine!

As we finished the choice was simple, stay for Illuminations that was about to start in 10 minutes or head back we chose the latter.

We bode farewell to the lovely CM at the podium.

As we reached The Yacht Club, Alison and Joe headed to the room as Josh and I headed to the boat dock for Illuminations- Josh found just enough WiFi to stream the music in the exact time we were watching!

Not the same and I have to say the bridge between the Beach Club and Boardwalk is a better view from outside the park still not the same as being inside though.

Having been up so early this morning there was just one thing for it- no not sleep- but a late night pool time, the slide was enjoyed by three of us and the hot tub by all of us.

It was only 9-30 after all! This really was the beauty of staying so close to the park and making the most of everything, although we decided against the late night Beaches and Cream offerings and decided we would head to the room around 10-40.

On typing up the notes the rest of the family checked their phones for the key info of the day.

Total distance covered today was 14 km

We knew it had been a long day but this brought it home to us just how much we had done!

As a Blaze of Glory moment - it was so special today to remember how Magic kingdom has changed so much, for us to meet with a family who have shared our Disney passion since 2008 and who always know that every time we meet time seems to accelerate and we just lose ourselves in The Magic.

What a fab day from waking up until going to bed - special memories.

Lie in needed in the morning!

Thanks for reading and hope you leave a message- I do reply too them all

Hope you will join us for Day 4 - Just click here to continue reading
I'm a Great British Mickey Waffle Podcast Presenter-hope you are a listener

Going out in a Blaze of Glory- Our Summer of Sorcery 2019 - click here to read a trip report in progress

All of our previous Trip reports can be read here.

Edited at 01:03 AM.
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Going out in a Blaze of Glory.
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Unread 3 Nov 19, 09:02 AM  
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Thanks for taking the time, once again, to do a trippie. One quick question, where did Josh find the illuminations music that he could stream? This is a genius idea which I may well use when we are there over Christmas

Our magic moment as Grand Marshall's in 2013
WL August 2014 The solo(ish) trip - August 2014
BC August 2016 If it ain't broke, don't fix it - August 2016
Villa 2018 - A change of scene - August 2018
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Unread 3 Nov 19, 11:50 AM  
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Dancing with Tink'
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Loving the TR!

Where did you go to get the zoomed out shot in MK? I can see where you are standing but don't know where the CM is who would 'activate' it? Thanks!
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Unread 3 Nov 19, 12:52 PM  
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A brilliant day very long with lots done including meeting up with friends and a lovely evening meal, your table looks to be in a great position

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Unread 3 Nov 19, 05:23 PM  
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I just love your trip reports and am so sad that this is the last one (or is it...? Any chance you have changed your minds...?).
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Our second 'once in a lifetime' trip...
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Unread 3 Nov 19, 09:48 PM  
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I so enjoy reading your reports. Wow what an amazing day! You got so much done and 14km! We too are having our last blaze of glory next year with our 2 teenage daughters. I am so gutted already and thinking it cant be the last time surely! We will see!
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The 40th birthday trip!
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Unread 3 Nov 19, 11:20 PM  
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Really enjoyed this entertaining read! I love the zoomed out photo shot ... is there a way of finding out exactly where the different magic shots are taken or is it a bit of pot luck / hearsay?!
Really helpful to see receipt for what you would have paid too, thank you for taking the time to share this.
How lovely to have a picture of your boys from then and now ... I love this idea and will definitely be contriving a couple of photos to re-enact with dd next year
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CBR here we come :0)
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Unread 4 Nov 19, 12:24 AM  
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Swimming at the All Star Resort
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Another fabulous day! You always pack so much in.
I love the old and new photos of the boys.
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