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Unread 27 Apr 19, 12:17 AM  
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It's A Long Way To Itinerary Day 8 Page

Day 8

I was awake early so decided to get my ates over with before anybody else awoke.

It was a mistake only having the one bathroom between four, but we just had to get on with it.

Once again, I did the clearing up as the place resembled Primark on a Boxing day sale.

Breakfast was a scratch affair

Our first stop was the Horse shoe pass we found the car park and were lucky to bag a space. Everybody was heading up a hill, so we followed. At the top we realised how far we would have to walk and not only that walk back.

Waaay too much exercise.

There was a board with a beautiful picture of the horse shoe pass so we took a photograph of what we would have seen had we decided to risk a bout of vertigo, unexplained knee swellings and an onset of sciatica.

Back at the car there were so many cars driving aimlessly around I reckon we could have auctioned our space.

I did make Alan wait a few moments until somebody drove around that I liked the look of.

A Spanish couple with two teenage boys won.

We then carried on to Lees Ferry.

We drove to the end of the road and there was literally no-one there.

The river is mellow there and I could see where it would be a good spot to ferry people across like they did years ago.

For lunch, we called to the Marble Canyon motel. We were the only ones in there.

The two waitresses were Navajo, possibly sisters and they had a right set to as to which of them was going to serve us they were proper shouting at each other.

I have a feeling they had just finished a busy breakfast service and were about to have a break.

They were both enormous and clearly needed a sit down.

None of this detracted from how pleasant they were to us though.

The food was spot on and only came to 85 dollars including the tip.

We set off to find the Vermillion cliffs you just drive by them, but they are red and huge, and go for miles and are awesome - oh, and they are free.
Almost deserted, very underrated. they were stunning and almost devoid from people.

We stopped at the Navaho visitors centre, admired the bridge and bought the fridge magnets.

I had occasion to use the loo.

I thought the loo looked weird and whilst performing I felt this draught of cold air it was quite a pleasant feeling really,

I did think about resting awhile but then realised I couldnt hear a tinkle, I had a look and there was just a black tunnel.

It also dawned on me there was no flush.


What about the tissue?

Is that what the cold air was about was I supposed to drip dry?

Ladies reading this will know exactly what Im on about. Blokes would be ok they just jiggle it and jog.

Im pretty sure I had just had a wee directly into the Colorado.
Jeez anything could have crawled up there and bit my rrse.

Once again dinner was a problem, so we bought a chicken and made up salads from yes, youve guessed it Safeways.

We also stocked up once again on the barefoot stuff just in case they didnt have any in Zion

Tonights forecast is a 95% chance of a Beano on the Pinot.
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cant wait for this date
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Unread 30 Apr 19, 09:33 PM  
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Gill H
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Stunning landscapes but that loo is scary!

Beano on the Pinot, love it.
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DLP for lions, jungles and food, oh my!
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Unread 13 Jul 19, 02:47 PM  
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We took a photo of what we would have seen - loved that!

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Back to our second home!
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