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Unread 8 Jun 19, 06:24 PM  
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Solo from Southampton - day 6 Bergen

My plan to get up at the crack of dawn doesnt go right to plan this morning, and I dont drag myself out of bed until 8. Based on this I decide to skip breakfast and head straight off ship.

I do stop at Java though and pick up a takeaway coffee and grab a blueberry muffin to take in my bag.

I realise quickly we arent docked that near Bergen, this was a bit of a surprise to me and jump on the shuttle bus.

We get dropped out on the outskirts of town still but its a nice warm morning and I head towards the funicular railway. The streets are deserted and Im hopeful that at about 9am that I might be ok.

Im not, I turn the corner and the queue snakes all down the street, I book my ticket online and I am able to enter the queue about half way through. Well this is chaos, having been on a predominantly British boat you forget how rude other tourists can be, there is pushing and rucksacks in faces and my flip flopped toes get trampled a million times. I have mild claustrophobia, really just issues with people rather than spaces, I dont like strangers touching me or barging me about. Im therefore quite upset by the time I get on the funicular, and I cant see anything as they dont half shove people in. I get to the top, and the heavens open, there is thunder and lightening and the rain is so severe. I run to the entrance of the toilets, eat my muffin, snap the quickest couple of photos and get straight in the queue to come back down. This was a fair waste of 12 for me. If it hadnt been raining I was planning on walking down, but its raining a lot, and I have no coat as this wasnt forecast.

When I get to the bottom it has mostly stopped, so I go for a mooch. Bergen is also very pretty

I walk around the fish market and buy DH his main present of the trip, 4 different types of caviar, salmon, lumpfish and two varieties of stertlet caviar I think the lady says. These cost me about 35 but i know hell enjoy them.

I then continue walking, Im getting hungry as all I have eaten today is the mini muffin. I contemplate going into the prettiest Maccies in the world, but quickly discount this and start walking back to the ship.

I stop in a bigger supermarket again and spend the rest of my spends budget on chocolates for the kind parking fairy dibber, a tin of sardines in oil for the puppy and I pick up 2 more little cans of beer for DH, this comes to about 20.

Im near the shuttle bus to the boat now so I jump on. Lunch in the main restaurant isnt quite open yet, so I grab a cider in Brodies and write some notes.

I then head to Peninsular restaurant, its only 12.30 and dinner isnt til 6 so I push the boat out and get the cheeseburger as Im starving.

When I had heard that we were leaving Bergen today at 2.30pm I was a bit upset, as it would mean 2 days not speaking to DH, when I text him about it though he said he would get the shop covered at 1pm so we could have 15mins, Im very grateful; and plan round this.

We have a lovely chat back in Brodies, then I pop to my cabin to lose my big rucksack. I had booked onto a ladies pamper party at 3 so I shower to save time later, and then head up to the health spa.

This actually wasnt bad at all, they did a couple of sales pitches in it, but we basically all got a DIY facial with Elemis products, then then an application of a bronzer thing after. Quite handy as now all I need to do is straighten my hair and pop on some eye make up for formal night.

Its over 2 hours til my dinner reservation, and it will only take me 15 mins or so to get ready, so I go up to Planet bar to watch us leave the Fjords. This will be my last sighting as well be out to sea shortly.

I head down the stairs to my cabin to get ready, its black and white formal night tonight, then arrive at Sindhu at just a few minutes to 6.

I get seated and I get a dissolving hand towel, good job he said, I thought it was a mint. I also got mini poppadoms and 3 chutneys, and a pre starter of a chicken breast in mint yoghurt. All very very nice. I had to stop eating the poppadoms as they had given me the same amount as the couples.

They have some different wines by the glass in here and I try a British Bacchus then an Indian Sav blanc. I dont think British wine is overly for me, its a bit bland. But the Indian one was quite nice.

My main starter comes and its fried chicken with leaves and chilli yoghurt, this was really lovely too.

Im feeling very full already and need to watch out.

The main comes and its absolutely enormous. I have 3 curries, salmon tikka, lamb rogan Josh and a chicken korma, pilau and basmati rice, Bombay potato, lentil Dahl and 3 types of breads, naan, paratha and chapati.

I would have much rather ordering which sides I fancied, as its such a waste, who needs 2 types of rice. As it is I eat the salmon curry (amazing) the lamb curry (very nice) try the Korma (bit weird, tastes of mustard) and eat all the Bombay potato (my favourite) and dip the naan and the paratha in the salmon sauce. I dont touch the Dahl, either rice or the chapati, and already I cant move.

I decline the dessert, they always look so concerned when I do this, surely I cant be the only one who cant eat this much. The very kind waiter offers me a scoop of sorbet which is a nice touch so I say yes please. Its raspberry and nice and refreshing.

They also bring the petit fours which I leave in tact for them in case they can use it again, I cant bear the thought of me taking one sweet so the whole plate goes in the bin.

The food here is sublime, but for me, Id prefer a more relaxed approach, I was only in there a few minutes over an hour and I had 6 courses brought to me and one declined altogether, and 2 of these were enormous. Im no slouch when it comes to eating, thats why I have a few stone to lose; but a course every 10 minutes is a bit rapid for me. Still 20 very well spent, I love Indian food.

Its only 7.15, 90 mins pre footie so I decide to nip up the cabin to get out of my heels, effort made, I dont need heels for the footie.

This ends up working really well as there is a quiz at 8 in the pub and I get a great table right in front of the main screens for when the footie starts.

Unfortunately they cant get signal for the footie, so I decide to scoot into the playhouse to watch the last half of the juggler. He was very very good again.

I head back to Brodies to see if any luck on the football and no luck yet, but I decide to sit, and see if any success.

At half time the signal pops back on, so I stay and watch the second half, then it goes to extra time.

Unfortunately we lose. But its really late by this point, I head via the late night comedian but there isnt a seat to be had so I give up and head to bed.

Sea day tomorrow then home.

Edited at 06:28 PM.
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