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Special Needs questions & advice relating to people with special needs
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Unread 25 Jun 19, 10:04 AM  
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Originally Posted by Lemmonie View Post
Lanyards exist to promote consideration, explanation and understanding why someone who "looks normal" might be acting weird, moving slow, talking ≈≈≈≈≈, suddenly needing to sit down or rush to a loo or whatever else would be considered "abnormal" for the majority of us.

If you need special assistance like a wheelchair, help through security, boarding first/last, a buggy etc then you must still ask for it from the airport and from the airline.

No one NEEDs a lanyard for anything. So if you cant get one, dont fret just be sure to ask for the help you need and you will get it no problem at all.

as a side note, if anyone has ever actually taught their ASD kid a coping strategy that they themselves have witnessed the child using then please tell em the secret! hehe I cant teach my 11 year old ASD to brush his teeth every day let alone the 5 point scale or how to know he is anxious! lol
Yep the 5 point scale just went totally over my now 14 year olds head in fact he chewed it up literally and said that's how I feel!
! We have tried so many of these type of things and not found one that he uses yet so you are not alone.my 7 year old ds also with asd has had some success with the thrive programme at school although yes teeth brushing still a major issue for both despite angled brushes and flavourless toothpaste!
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Unread 25 Jun 19, 10:37 AM  
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Originally Posted by TeeKayDawn View Post
Autism is a lifelong condition where coping mechanisms can be learned depending on severity. Unfortunately there are a lot of parents who allow children a 'meltdown' rather than working with the child to develop coping mechanisms to deal with certain situations.
I think this paragraph was the problem with your post that upset some people.

As someone who has a DGS with Autism I have to be honest that it made me 'take a breath'.

I know that your whole post was meant to help and you have some sympathy and understanding and definitely didn't mean to be offensive.

However, I really feel the need to point out that the majority of parents don't 'allow' a meltdown but it is sometimes unavoidable. My DGS was diagnosed and statemented very early and we feel very lucky that this happened. However, even now at nearly 10 years old some things will trigger a meltdown that we never saw coming. Hindsight is a wonderful thing

To get back to the OP, I think in your circumstances that, even though a lanyard could have been helpful and avoid lengthy conversations with officials then it's not vital if you made the airline aware of your needs. Hopefully, as advised, you have done this for your return flight.

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Unread 4 Jul 19, 08:47 AM  
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Battery Chicken
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No real problem here imo. If someone needs a laynard they get it to help them out. If you have a disability and you need help you should get it in accordance with your needs.

Shouldn't be made into a debate over which disability deserves what. Surely all people in need should be helped.
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