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Kissimmee Swamp Tours
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Unread 11 Jun 15, 01:13 PM  
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Two parents no kids travel day

On travel day we were both up for 5am, too excited to sleep, I jumped in the shower,
we set off to Manchester airport at 6am phoned up airport to ask for help over to terminal 2 from meet and Greet car park, we got help as we had 3 cases and 2 hand luggage, once over to terminal once checked in we had to go through customs, what a palava, was asked did I have anything electrical like hairdryer or straighteners I said no, was told put everything in the trays to go through x ray, paul was told to go through metal detector, as I was in my wheelchair I was frisked, nothing to bad next, when paul went to collect bags, they had found the battery block in my luggage and it had to go though its by itself, next injections were found with frozen blocks as they have to be kept cool normaly they are in the fridge at home the frozen block are classed as liquid as when its defrosted its liquid, once finally through we had a cup of tea and a piece of toast as neither of us had eaten any breakfast, when finished we decided to sit at the gate to wait to board, we were only waiting about an hour before boarding, once on board we were offered a drink, Paul had an orange juice I had a small glass of sparkling wine, once everyone else were on board an airline stewards came around with a tray of more drinks I asked could I have another one so had another small glass of wine, oh dear I was a little bit tipsy, this is why ordinerely I dont drink, but needs must I was so relaxed during take off and the landing it was a very smooth flight, what helped a lot.
when we got to the immigration hall we've never seen it so busy, we had to go to special assistance normally we are through in about 15 minutes but this time we took about 30 minutes to go through when we got to the carousels, an airport worker had got our cases of the carousel For us, next he took the cases up stairs to monorail with Paul he took me up in a lift, soon we were all on the monorail, with our cases, once off he asked did we have a car hired, as I'd checked in on line and done by pass the counter, we could go straight to the car we chose the car but I could not get in the passenger side the seat was too high, got Alamo worked over to see if the seat could be lowered, no it could not, he asked for all the paperwork and asked if we wanted on upgrade we said no its the seat I cant get in to so upgrade would make the seat even higher, so we had to downgrade to a smaller compact car so i could get into the passanger seat with Pauls help he'd lift my left leg for me, but as I had paid in full in September last year, he could not give us a refund as we had nothing to pay a refund of 0 is 0, he mentioned I'd gone to the wrong website, but all my paperwork it had the Alamo logo, I felt like he was being a bit patronising telling me I'd gone to the wrong website, so he talked to his Manager and he could offer us a sat nav and tank of fuel for free, it couldn't have worked out any better for us, next after putting villa address into the sat nav, only one little teenie weenie problem it kept taking us through toll roads, we must have gone throughabout 4, plus we came at the indian creek estate from a different angle from our previous drives, but we were on holiday who cares? If we came at it differently thats why we went through so many tolls, Paul checked the seting on the sat nav hes taken off going though anymore tolls
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Our next trip is on its way.
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Unread 17 Jun 15, 06:53 PM  
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Good start, I'm enjoying your trip report, more please.
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New york new york, it's a wonderful life
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