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Unread 9 Mar 19, 09:00 PM  
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Argentina: Summer In Winter - Spring 2019: Final Thoughts

Well, after 12 nights, 8 flights, 6 airports, 39 hours in the air, 32,500km and 5 hotels, I think I can say that it was an absolutely amazing trip that exceeded all my expectations!

Sharing the trip with O was fantastic. It was such a privilege to spend this time with him - especially as he will potentially be moving to the other side of the world in 5 months!

He really was an ideal travelling companion - he humoured my sometimes ad hoc planning and threw himself into everything we did with a big smile and an appreciation of how lucky we were to do this!

Considering we had 8 flights, I was amazed that they were all on time, none of our luggage got lost and we managed to get to and from the airports without any mishaps!

I can't say the flights were perfect (odd demand on the El Calafate-BA flight and the space invader on the BA- Frankfurt flight) but I really can't complain!

O would say that he really didn't like the light security measures in the Argentinian airports. He felt more at ease in Frankfurt!

The accommodation all worked out well! In total we paid about 630 euros for 10 nights which I think was really good value! It was nice to stay in different areas of BA - though I think my favourite one in BA was the second one. But they were all good!

Foodwise, you may have worked out that O is a creature of habit! I really didn't mind revisiting restaurants!

My favourite - either the cafe at Malba or Morrisons in El Calafate. O loved his salmon and chips at the last hotel in BA!

We did have a few dodgy meals - especially in the Iguazu Falls! But we survived and didn't starve! I have to say that we aren't particularly foodies so there was absolutely no planning involved in where we ate!

Iguazu Falls were amazing. The National Parks on both sides were brilliantly organised and whilst there were lots of people it didn't feel like it!

The boat ride was probably not something I would have done had I been on my own but I still enjoyed it and I know O did too!

The sounds and sights we saw here were not to be missed. I am so glad it made it on our to do list!

The Bird Aviary was a surprise hit! O loved the toucans and parrots! It was really well set out and well worth the visit!

I also have to add in here how amazing our Airbnb host was! He made the stay here so much easier and it was worth staying in the Airbnb just to have his help. I don't know how we could have done so much without him!

Buenos Aires - I am happy we visited but next time I would only pass through it! Staying in three separate areas helped us see quite a bit of it - though it was a shame we never made it to La Boca.

Probably the biggest highlight of the trip was the glacier. Truly awe inspiring. I am so happy we decided to do the ice trek - it really wad out of this world and the memories of the day will stay with me forever.

The Petrified Forest tour was an unexpected hit! I didn't really know what to expect but it was not only informative and interesting but the views were also spectacular.

O really enjoyed it too - in fact but the glacier and this tour gave him real insight into what he has bern studying in geology!

Highly recommended!

The zip lining was far better than I had feared - O obviously loved it! That was always a given!

I had only done this once before and didn't enjoy it but was willing to have another go. It was a much better experience and whilst I screamed like a girl, it was fun.

There weren't really any lows - we both just loved every minute and Argentina is certainly somewhere I would love to go back to. I would love to explore more of Patagonia (Ushuaia and Puerto Madryn) and also visit Salta.

What is next? I am off to Quebec City in less than 6 weeks' time! So far not much planned - just got my flights and an airbnb booked!

After that - no big summer trip as O is off to university and if all goes well he will leave mid August!

Thanks for reading along!


Index of my trip reports
2016 Quebec - Kuala Lumpar - New York City 2017 Dubai - Eurocamps France - Ontario and Quebec - So-Cal 2018 Montreal - Bangkok - New England 2019 Argentina - Quebec City - Hong Kong
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Visiting my boy in Hong Kong:
Unread 9 Mar 19, 09:46 PM  
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Location: South Wales
As I said before, its been very enjoyable reading along. Argentina has never entered my head as a holiday destination before but all of our family found your trip inspirational and it certainly has made us consider Argentina for a future destination for us. I am amazed at how reasonable your accommodation was for the trip too, so it doesnt seem ridiculously expensive as a holiday destination. Its wonderful that all your flights and connections worked well, gives me hope for our trip to Vietnam as we have a short transfer time in Bangkok and as it is our first time flying with connections I am stressing a little over it 😀. I just hope ours go as well as yours did.

It is lovely to have a mum and child trip together before they go to university. I know both Georgia and I felt our trip to Disney last year was very special too for that very reason. It was good to spend time with her as an adult and discover how much I like the way our child has grown and what a nice person she has become. Its obvious from your trip that you and O have that special relationship too, and he seems to be a young man you should be very proud of 😀.

Edited as you have now uploaded your pics of the glacier trip, which really was a highlight of reading along, it must have been an amazing sight. Great trip

Edited at 09:54 PM.
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Athens adventures
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Unread 9 Mar 19, 10:06 PM  
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Another fantastic and varied trip and loved reading along and seeing the sights with you through your gorgeous photos.
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Will we go back?
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Unread 9 Mar 19, 10:13 PM  
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New Photo Added by Melbatb - 9 Mar 19 9:13 PM.
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Unread 9 Mar 19, 10:27 PM  
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Loved reading your report,brought back memories of our trip in November where we visited BA and Iguazzu Falls.Your photos are amazing .
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Mini Road trip around Florida
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Unread 9 Mar 19, 10:44 PM  
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Serious Dibber
Join Date: Jul 15
Great trip report, thanks for sharing!
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Miami, Keys, Disney cruise, 2nd attempt.
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Unread 10 Mar 19, 09:36 AM  
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I am not a shopaholic

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What a great trip. Have thoroughly enjoyed seeing such different places and well done on all the planning that paid off perfectly !
All my trip reports are HERE

From the Bayou to the Beach - latest trip report index here
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Always dreaming ...
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Unread 13 Mar 19, 10:19 PM  
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It truly was a fantastic mother/son trip. Such a special time to spend with O before he goes to Uni. Not long till Quebec which along with Montreal is on our hit list for future Canadian trips. I would completely agree with our highlights, the glacier looks out of this world and the petrified forrest was so interesting. The photos of the toucans and parrots were beautiful.

Once again thank you so much for sharing Mel, your trip reports are some of my favourites.
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Family Trip to See Mickey
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